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Less is More with Banana Boat Simply Protect Sport Sunscreen Spray - Outside The Box

Less is More with Banana Boat Simply Protect Sport Sunscreen Spray

Less is More with Banana Boat Simply Protect Sport Sunscreen Spray

This post was sponsored by Banana Boat. All opinions expressed in the post are 100% my own.

Summer Fun in the Sun

We’ve been told we are in for along hot summer and so far that prediction looks as if it will hold true. We’ve already had some sweltering days and there are plenty more yet to come. But I’m not going to complain, as long as we get some rain along the way. Summer time goes by so fast and before you know it we will be putting on our boots to go out an shovel snow. No, I’m not going to complain at all!

We spend as much time as we possibly can outside in the summer. Since the campground is our “summer home” we can always find something fun to do outside. Fishing, swimming, cycling, kayaking – there are just so many great ways to enjoy the outdoors this time of year. Safety is so important when we are getting out and enjoying all of our outdoor summer activities. We wear life jackets on the kayak and helmets on the bikes. And sun safety is always a priority as well. I am a fair skinned, freckled, red head – sun safety is a MUST for me. My daughter didn’t inherit my red hair but she did get my complexion. So we are a family that takes sun protection seriously! We always wear hats, try to avoid doing a lot of outdoor things in the middle of the day when the sun is the strongest and we ALWAYS put on our sunscreen. It’s not hard to be sun safe. It just takes a little bit of thinking ahead and some good sunscreen. Actually that is often the toughest part for some people – choosing a sunscreen. There are just so many to pick from!

So how do you pick a sunscreen? Well I can tell you how I do. First, I look for a brand that I know and trust. When I’m starting down that sunscreen section I always look for logos I know. Besides going for that name I trust, the other important factors in a sunscreen for me are that it offer broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection, that it be a minimum of 30 SPF, and because we are so active it needs to be water resistant. Sometimes what’s not in your sunscreen is just as important as what is in it. I am extremely sensitive to fragrance so I need a sunscreen that doesn’t add any.  So, with all these requirements which sunscreen am I reaching for this summer?

Banana Boat Simply Protect Sport Sunscreen Spray

The new Banana Boat Simply Protect Sport Sunscreen Spray covers all the bases for me. Banana Boat is definitely a name I know and trust. In fact, I’ve been using it for years and it’s the name I trust to protect my daughter too.

NEW Banana Boat® Simply Protect™ Sport delivers sport-strength protection with fewer ingredients to stand up to all your outdoor activities.

I don’t know if you’ve ever taken a look at the ingredient list on a bottle of sunscreen but it tends to be long. And that’s understandable – a lot goes into sunscreen, especially when we expect it to do all the things we do. But I do like that Banana Boat has been able to pare that list down, getting rid of some things we don’t really need, while still offering the same level of sun protection.

Features of Banana Boat Simply Protect Sport:

  • Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB protection with 25% fewer ingredients*
  • Offers 50+ SPF
  • Made without oxybenzone
  • No added oils and fragrances
  • Lightweight, easy to rub in
  • Water and sweat resistant formula (up to 80 minutes)

On paper (or a computer screen)  this all looks good right? But we all know that “real world” experience is what matters. So, let me share mine with you. I’ve been trying out this sunscreen lotion for a few weeks now in the real world. In the real hot and sunny world. And my experience has been really positive. I find the Simply Protect Sport goes on really nicely (the spray is so quick and easy) it’s not greasy and it does absorb quite easily. It does not irritate my skin which is big since I have really sensitive skin. The smell (I say smell because there is no added fragrance) is very mild and also doesn’t bother me at all. And it works. I have put its sun blocking capabilities to the test a lot over the past little while and it has not let me down. Of course, since it’s Banana Boat, I knew it wouldn’t. Funny enough, I almost always give myself a bit of a burn early in the summer each year before I remember that my skin can’t handle the sun, but because I was tasked to review this sunscreen I actually managed to avoid that first summer burn this year!

I know you have a lot of choices when it comes to sun protection so if I can help make that decision a little easier, so you can just get sprayed  up and outside having fun then that’s great! I trust Banana Boat Simply Protect Sport on my sensitive, fair skin and on my daughter’s as well. And since I take sun protection so seriously that means a lot!

You can find out more about Banana Boat Simply Protect Kids as well as the Banana Boat’s full line up of sun protection products on their website.



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