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Things this redhead is tired of hearing - Outside The Box

Things this redhead is tired of hearing

  • 29th April 2018

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Things this redhead is tired of hearing

Being a redhead is, well, strange. When I was a kid my red hair seemed like a good reason for some kids to make fun of me. “Carrot Top” they liked to call me. Seriously? How original. Then there were the adults. I don’t recall an adult ever teasing me about my hair but they certainly liked to point it out and ask me where it came from. And as an adopted kid let me assure you that was bloody awkward. Because of all this, I HATED my red hair growing up. It was just a thing that made me stand out when I didn’t want to stand out. As I grew up I slowly started to go from not hating this thick mop of red hair to actually liking it. I was older and more confident and didn’t mind having this “something” that made me a little different than most people. But what I don’t like is the way people seem to enjoy stereotyping, and even objectifying, redheads. Why do you think that’s ok? It’s not. And 99.9% of the time your assumptions about redheads are just plain wrong. So I think it’s time we get a few things clear.

Redheads have tempers – like everyone else

Look, I have a temper. We ALL have tempers. Blondes, brunettes and, yes, redheads. If you think every redhead you’ve ever met has a fiery temper then maybe the problem is you.

Stay out of my genes

Look, I know, I’m a curiosity to you. And you just HAVE to know where I got my red hair. Just like I need to know where you got that receding hairline. See, that wasn’t nice was it?

I’m not Irish

Yes Irish has one of the highest population of red heads. But Scotland, Wales and England are right up there too.

Yes we can get grey hair

I didn’t even know this myth existed until recently but apparently people believe that redheads do not get grey hair – only white. Well I can tell you with 100% certainty that is complete hogwash. I can prove it if I have to.

My carpet is none of your business

Honestly. Why do people constantly ask redheads if they colour their hair? I mean look at me. The pale skin, the freckles. I am pretty clearly a natural redhead. And the whole drapes/carpet thing – just grow up already.

Between the sheets

Since we are talking about carpet we might as well tackle this one next. I’ve never actually had “relations” with one of my kind so I can’t personally tell you if what was any better but all I can say is that my skills in the bedroom are in no way connected to the colour of my hair.

We aren’t going anywhere

And finally, no, red heads are not going the way of the dinosaurs. We can breath easy knowing that the world will continue to be populated by at least some percentage of redheads until the sun burns out.

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  1. I have a red haired sister but her’s is more a watered down version compared to my sons. His is the flaming red. My hubby had red hair as a child (his side IS Irish) My side is Scottish. No one on my moms side has red hair (She is an immigrant from Germany) I also have a blonde sister. As babies the blonde was the ugly one because she looked bald, the red head in the hospital was the one that everyone talked about (back in the day you could view them all from a widow in the hallway and people oohhhed about the red head baby all the time) My son and sister are close but they are also close in age (actually they both share the same bday lol) My kids spent quite a lot of time going to aunties house and enjoying summers as I had to work for a living.

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