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Picture Perfect Photo Gifts with LDPhotolab

Picture Perfect Gifts With LDPhotolab

  • 29th November 2017

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Picture Perfect Gifts With LDPhotolab

How’s your holiday shopping going? Are you a list maker or do hit the stores and let the gifts come to you? I tend to do a little bit of both myself. I always have a list of things I’ve noted over the year that I think my family will love but when it comes to things like stocking stuffers I enjoy browsing and seeing what cool things grab my attention. But, no matter what kind of shopper you are, I bet there is at least one person on your list that you struggle with. They have everything. They need nothing (at least nothing on your budget!). So what do you do? Well, this might be the perfect time to pull some of those favourite pictures off your phone or computer and bring them to life – so to speak. Photo gifts can be the perfect item for those hard to shop for people on your list, or really for anybody on your list.

Still time to order your photo gifts from the LDPhotolab

I want to tell you all about the cool photo gifts from London Drug. But first I want to tell you why you should order your photo gifts  (or prints for that matter) from the LDPhotolab. There are a few reasons actually, but the number one reason that I use London Drugs, and that I recommend it to everyone, is quality. You have a lot of options these days for ordering photos and gifts but you would be hard pressed to match the quality that London Drugs offers, and at really reasonable prices. I know, as a photographer, when I give clients digital copies of their photos that it’s very important to me that the print quality reflects the actual quality of my work and I always feel confident recommending they have them printed using the LDPhotolab.

I know Christmas is right around the corner, so you need to get ordering! The question is what are you going to order? With so many unique photo gift ideas deciding which ones to get might be the hardest part. The good news is you still have time to get those orders in. Let’s dive into what gifts are available and when you need to get that order in.

Photo Calendars – order by December 17

london drugs photo calendar

This is actually something I keep meaning to order every year and I think this might be the year. I think it would be really cool for every household to have one so we can include all those important family dates like birthdays and anniversaries. You can chose from traditional hanging wall calendars, coil bound calendars (top or middle), desktop calendars, or even a larger single page full year calendar. Visit the LDPhotolab to see their full calendar selection.

Photobooks – Order by December 17

london drugs photo book

I LOVE photobooks. They are such a great way to organize and display your printed photos. And it’s really easy to get creative with them too. The LDPhotolab has plenty of great photobook options to fit every need and budget and you just can’t beat the quality. They have a variety of sizes and cover options to suit every need. You will always find lots of themes and layout options that make it easy for you to create a professional looking book.

Greeting Cards – Order by December 17

photo cards

Haven’t sent out your holiday cards yet? There’s still time to order customized photo cards to send to your family and friends. I know I love getting these from my loved ones, especially the ones that I don’t get to see all the time. Just like the photo books, you will find a great selection of themes and layouts to help you make that perfect card. You can do a traditional folded greeting card or (my favorite) a holiday postcard!

Crystals – order by December 17

photo crystals

If you’re looking for something extra unique and special then photo crystals might be the answer. These pretty crystals come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and you can choose from standing crystals or beautiful crystal ornaments you can hang on your tree or even hang in a window as a sun catcher.

london drugs ornaments

That’s a face that just belongs on a crystal don’t you think? And you can even personalize them further with text with options for placement, colour, size and font. And this took me about 30 seconds.

More Creative Gifts – Order by December 17

london drugs photo gifts

We’ve covered some pretty cool photo gifts so far. But, wait there’s more! So much more – like water bottles, coffee mugs, coin banks, blankets even playing cards (I’m sure you know someone who needs to be dealt with!). Head over to the LDPhotolab to see the full selection!

Wrap it up

I know there is at least one person on your list that would love one of these photo gifts. There’s nothing more personal than a photo and when you gift one of these items you know it’s not just going to go into a drawer never to be seen again. Whether it’s something practical like a coffee mug, fun like a deck of playing cards, or a lovely display piece like a crystal – these gifts are meant to be seen! So, remember get your order in by December 17th and you will be guaranteed to have it in plenty of time for Christmas. And if you happen to forget and miss the deadline the good news is there are a few last minute photo gifts that you can order in store – like prints, canvas gallery wraps, express books, top bound calendars and mugs. Give your nearest London Drugs a call to see what they can do for you!


This post was brought you in partnership with London Drugs. All opinions are sincere and 100% my own.



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