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Num Noms - A cupful of cuteness and a spoonful of surprise! #MGACanada - Outside The Box

Num Noms – A cupful of cuteness and a spoonful of surprise! #MGACanada

Num Noms – A cupful of cuteness and a spoonful of surprise! #MGACanada

Did you collect anything when you were a kid? For me, and many of my generation, the hot collectibles were Smurfs, stickers (especially scratch and sniff ones), any toy that came out of a cereal box (when did they stop doing that??), jelly bracelets and Lip Smackers lip balm, or, for the more sophisticated girls it was Maybelline Kissing Potion. We all took such pride in our collections, often saving our allowance to purchase that new pack of stickers or new flavour of lip balm. There are a lot of really positive things kid can get from collecting. It can teach them valuable lessons in patience as they build their collection, organizations skills, social skills and relationship building (since there is often a trading aspect to collecting) and it can also be a great way to teach youngsters the value of money as they save up to add that special piece to their collection.

Yes things have changed a lot since I was a kid, many, many years ago. But somethings do stay the same. Because kids still like to collect things. And they have some pretty cool things to collect these days! One of my daughter’s favorite collections is her Num Noms. Just in case you have yet to be introduced to the world of Num Noms here’s what you need to know.

Num Noms are the latest and greatest collectible for kids. They have, as the name implies, two parts:

num noms

Both the Num and Nom come in a wide variety of characters that you can mix and match. Not only are they adorable but they are also scented! You’ll find a huge selection of sweet (and sometimes savoury) Nums and Noms.  Num Noms are now in series 4 and each new series not only brings new scents and adorable character but some really cool Noms too! In series 1-3 we saw lip gloss, stamps, erasers, light up Noms and even motorized Noms! Num Noms come in single mystery packs (Molly’s favourite), starter and mega multi packs and there are even a few really fun interactive activity sets (keep reading to find out about the latest one!).

Num Noms Series 4

Series 4 is the latest and greatest from Num Noms. Let’s just dive right in and follow along as Molly unboxes a mystery pack!

Let’s take a closer look at the Num Noms featured in the video. Here is the pack with the sparkly lip gloss. Molly mentioned in the video that the Nom smelled like chocolate. His name is actually Cookie S’mores and, in my opinion, he really does smell like a smore.

num noms lip gloss

And here’s a look at the nail polish pack. I adore both of these characters. Who doesn’t like cherry pie? We did test out the nail polish after we shot the video. It goes on fairly easily, it has a sticky finish at first but eventually it does dry so it’s not tacky. This isn’t nail salon polish. It’s definitely geared towards kids which means it peels or washes off fairly easily.

num noms nail polish

Nail Polish Maker

num noms nail polish maker

Molly could not wait to open this kit up and make her very own nail polish. Let’s take a look:

That was so much fun and other than a couple of really minor technical issues the nail polish maker was pretty easy to use.

num noms nail polish

There are a few adorable multi packs in Series 4 too like this Dessert Tray. It contains 10 scented Nums and two glitter lipgloss Noms.

The Snack Break pack comes with three Nums, one glitter lipgloss Nom and accessories.

You can find Num Noms at Toys R UsShowcaseWalmartChapters, Amazon  and Loblaws. The mystery packs make awesome stocking stuffers and I know a few kids that would love to see that nail polish maker kit under the tree!

Make sure you check back in the next few weeks as Molly and I bring you some more reviews from MGA Entertainment and cap it off with an awesome t Toy Box giveaway!

Disclaimer:  We received a sampling of these toys in order to facilitate the review. All opinions expressed are 100% our own.

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  1. These are so awesome and my oldest granddaughter just loves them she has quite a few!!

  2. Hi there! 

    I’m searching desperately for Cherry Polish-It for my daughter for Christmas. That is the only num nom she has requested. I’ve checked eBay regularly and am not having any luck. Any chance you could direct me on how to find one? I appreciate your time!

    • I wish I could point you in the right direction! We did get a cherry polish in the mystery pack that we opened so it was just by chance.

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