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On the (bumpy) Road with Hankook Tire

On the (bumpy) Road with Hankook Tire

On the (bumpy) Road with Hankook Tire

Land of the Living Skies. And Potholes.

Here in Saskatchewan we are known for (among other things) our wide open spaces. Our ever changing skies. Our breathtaking sunsets. Our potholes. So many potholes. We have a lot of good stuff going on in this province, but our highways are not one of them. How bad are they? Well when I was doing research for this post this happened:

Did you know that Saskatchewan accounts for only 2% of Canada’s population but contains 20% of Canadian roads?   With so many roads,  extreme weather,  declining rail lines, a huge agriculture sector and an ever increasing amount of mining and other heavy road use pursuits, mixed with an ever shrinking budget (and apparently huge dear), it’s no wonder our roads aren’t in the best shape. But it’s just life here. Because we are such a big province with a huge rural population driving is a huge part of our life and you quickly learn how to dodge those potholes.

We have been having a fabulous summer in Saskatchewan (and fall is looking great too). We definitely could have used more rain, a lot more rain. But I think most of us have taken full advantage of the warm sunny days. I know my family did. We spent literally every weekend of the summer at the lake. And that meant driving down a couple of not so great secondary highways every weekend. I’m thankful that we had a seasonal spot this year and didn’t have to haul our trailer over those roads every time we went, it’s hard enough on a vehicle.

It’s all About that Base.

I think we all know how important having good tires on your vehicle is. Right? They are what connects you to the road. And having a good quality tire, that’s in good shape, is essential not only to your safety but also for your comfort. And, to be honest, I really underestimated the comfort factor a good tire offers until recently when I had the chance to install the Hankook Kinergy GT all-season tires on my SUV.  Now, the tires I previously had on were fine. They were safe and always inspected and maintained.  Which is maybe why I was surprised at the difference I felt when I had the Hankook tires put on. I noticed it right away, even just driving from the shop back to my office. I thought maybe I was just having a little tire “placebo” effect. But when I took the car out on the highway, heading to the lake, it became clear that the ride was different now. It was smoother. And quieter. I would almost call it luxurious. And the way these tires handle those bumpy, pot hole ridden, roads is amazing. Although given Hankook’s history with motorsports it shouldn’t be surprising that they know how to make a tire that handles!

Hankook Kinergy GT Features:

  • Enhanced sidewall stiffness to deliver optimal steering ability
  • A wide tread profile that provides stability and uniformity delivering outstanding handing and improved tread life
  • Wide contact area that maximizes steering responses and stability
  • Wide lateral grooves that provide excellent snow grip and enhances snow traction
  • Made with high grip silica compound which results in higher performance in winter conditions by promoting better grip and traction
  • Wide steel belt layer that gives improves tread stiffness for better handling and braking performance
  • Strong jointless bead wire for a stiffer sidewall and improved steering performance

Now I’m not going to pretend that I know what all of those technical tire terms mean.  I have no idea what a bead wire is. But I do understand things like optimal steering ability, improved tread life and enhanced snow traction. And they are definitely qualities that I want in a tire. And I was also happy to swap out my regular summer tires for all-season tires. Because not only do I often find myself driving down roads that aren’t in great shape, I’m frequently doing that in snow. We have a solid 5 months of winter driving here in Saskatchewan, and often the season is longer than that. Having tires that I can depend on the entire year is important. And not having to switch over to my ugly black winter rims is a nice bonus too. Because I do appreciate driving in style.

hankook all season tires

Whether you drive a sleek sports car, a pick up truck or a soccer mom van/suv like I do, your tires are a critical part of the safety and performance of your vehicle. And Hankook has exactly the right tire for you. Be sure to visit their website to find the one you need.

I am pleased to bring you this post in partnership with Hankook Tire Canada Corporation. All opinions expressed in this post are strictly my own.


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  1. We live on a gravel road and have had record rains this year (I’m in Ontario) so that means record potholes too. It would be interesting to see how my car handled with a set of Hankook Tires. We’re in the market for new tires so I’ll add them to my list of companies to research. Thanks for sharing.

  2. yeah I’ve traveled some seriously bad roads in SK, I don’t travel as much now as I used to.

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