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I took the Power of OxiClean Challenge and you can too! (Review and Giveaway) - Outside The Box

I took the Power of OxiClean Challenge and you can too! (Review and Giveaway)

I took the Power of OxiClean Challenge and you can too! (Review and Giveaway)

Then and now

I use to have a clean house. And a white leather sofa. I could leave the house without having to do a “sticker check” to ensure none were stuck to the seat of my pants. If you happened to spot glitter in my house then we must have had quite a party the night before. Doing laundry was easy. Separate the lights, whites and dark coloured clothes and throw them in the machine. Most days I even got them out of the dryer before they wrinkled.

Things are different now. My white leather sofa is long gone and replaced with a far more practical grey tweed from Ikea. With reversible cushions and replaceable covers. I have stickers EVERYWHERE. On my purse, on my pants, just everywhere. And the glitter. Oh the glitter. Whoever came up with the idea of packaging glitter for children’s craft was an evil, evil genius. And then there is the laundry. It’s not so simple anymore. I went from the occasional red wine mishap (there would have been more but I prefer white) to frequently wondering “what the heck IS that?” when sorting the laundry. Dirt? Chocolate? Paint? Do I even want to know?

Kids are messy. That’s just life and you get use to it after a while. We do our best to keep an handle on the messes so the house isn’t overflowing with errant craft project messes and the dishes at least make it to the dishwasher. I can handle messes – to a point. We all have our limits, but overall messes aren’t that big of a deal. You get out the vacuum, the mop, etc and you just deal with it. No white couches, no carpet, easy peasy. Except, of course, for the laundry. That is a whole other ballgame. When my daughter was a toddler I was sure this would get better. Surely she would get less messy as she got older. Fewer spills. Less sticky messes and random unidentifiable stains. Boy was I wrong. She’s seven now and it’s not any better. It might, in fact be worse. Now we have grass stains, ground in dirt, the occasional blood stain (she’s a bit of a dare devil) and lipstick, just to name a few. And she is still the messiest eater I’ve even known.

The right tools for the job

So laundry is a job. One I’m not all that crazy about. But the one thing experience has taught me is that having the right tools for the job makes things much, much easier. So my toolbox is full. And these are the power tools of the laundry world. Yes, I’m talking about OxiClean – the #1 stain fighter brand in Canada. There’s a reason it’s number one. And I took the Power of OxiClean Challenge to prove just how good it works.

It’s summer time so, for my family, that means spending every weekend and day off work at the campground. It is definitely our happy place. And let me tell you, camping is messy. We’ve got a seven year old who just learned to ride without her training wheels, which means lots of tumbles and ground in dirt. With the heat we’ve been having we also like to have water balloon fight – which doesn’t sound messy. I mean it’s just water right? But you know what happens when those balloons hit the dirt right in front of you – a big dirty splash. There’s also soccer in the grass and fishing, sticky, gooey campfire marshmallows and all sort of dirty camping fun. And, of course, no washing machine. With a kid who insists on wearing white…


I don’t know how she got started on this white trend. Maybe because it’s summer and white tends to be a little cooler. Or maybe she just likes to make me work harder.

oxi clean

oxi cleanoxi clean

So what do you do when you’re at the campground with no washing machine and have stains like this? And, no I am not spending my precious lake time hand washing clothes. There are fish to catch! Luckily, I’m prepared.

oxi clean

My first line of defence against stubborn camping stains is OxiClean MaxForce Foam Laundry Pre-Treater and OxiClean Maxforce Spray. These are so handy to have on hand when we are out at the lake because I can pre-treat the stains and not have to worry about washing them until we get back home.

oxi clean

oxi clean

Once I get home and actually get around to doing laundry it’s time to break out another favorite OxiClean product.

oxi clean

OxiClean White Revive is the cream of the crop when it comes to getting out stains and keep your whites white. I use to rely on chlorine bleach to keep my whites looking bright, and it works fairly well but it is just so tough on fabric. There is a better way, and this is it. OxiClean White Revive whitens with three powerful whitening and brightening agents what won’t damage your clothes.  It uses the power of oxygen instead of chlorine bleach and deep cleans with enzymes and surfactants as well as despoits optical brighteners. Sounds impressive doesn’t it? Let’s find out.

oxi clean

I added a scoop of OxiClean White Revive to the machine with my favorite laundry detergent (which happens to be OxiClean HD) and tossed in my already pretreated whites.

oxi clean

I set my machine to Bright Whites – which on my machine will wash in hot water. Always check the label on the clothing you are washing to see what temperature you can safely use. The load I was doing was all ok with hot water.

And the verdict?

oxi clean

oxi clean

oxi clean

Quite honestly, amazing. My daughter’s white clothing, all of which had various spills, stains and ground in dirt, came out clean and bright. So this was definitely a win with the white clothes but what about colours?

oxi clean

This is my daughter’s favourite dress. It’s my favourite too. The colours are so bright and beautiful and look amazing on Molly. She’s been pretty good and not getting nasty stains on this dress but it does get worn a lot and that mean it gets washed a lot. But despite the numerous washings I’ve managed to keep this lovely dress looking bright throughout the OxiClean Challenge. oxi clean

OxiClean Colour Shield Laundry Stain Remover combines tough stain fighters with colour safe brighteners. It gets tough stains out the first time while protecting colours. It delivers 50% more brightening power versus using the leading value detergent alone.

oxi clean

I’m not sure how many washes later this is – a dozen, maybe more. Look at how well those colours are holding up. And the fabric isn’t piling at all. Despite wearing this dress all summer long its looking like it will still be “school worthy” come September. And I love that. With this kid growing like a weed I’m already spending a small fortune on clothing because she outgrows it so fast. So it’s extra frustrating when the clothes I do buy already looked old and dingy after a few washes.

So it’s fair to say the OxiClean challenge was a success in our house. We threw plenty of challenges at OxiClean and it delivered. Just to recap, here are the tools in my OxiClean arsenal:


  • OxiClean MaxForce Foam Laundry Pre-Treater – with added grease dissolving power, it deeply penetrates fibers and dissolved stains.
  • OxiClean MaxForce Spray – combines 5 types of stain fighters to help you get out more of our toughest dried-in stains the first time.
  • OxiClean Colour Shield Laundry Stain Remover – combines tough stain fighters with colour safe brighteners to keep your colours looking new and radiant longer.
  • OxiClean White Revive – specially formulated with new WOW White Technology that maintains whites to help keep them looking new for longer

You can find the complete OxiClean line up at drug and grocery stores across Canada.

Ready to take the challenge?

I’m so confident that you are going to love OxiClean as much as I do that I wan to give one of my readers the chance to take the challenge too! One lucky person will win a  $30 Loblaws gift card so they can pick up the OxiClean products and test them out too.  The giveaway is open to Canadian residents (except Quebec) age 18 and over. Enter using the form below.

Disclosure: As part of the OxiClean Challenge I received products so I could demonstrate how they work. All opinions expressed in this post are honest and my own.


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  1. My moms best tip is a small load everyday to keep on top of your laundry.

  2. My best tip is to make sure to separate the darks from the lights and to use the different functions on your machine, they are there to help you

  3. My mom tip is to always keep your laundry needs stocked up . keep ontop of your laundry we laways have a load going all day with a big family if we stopped it’s hard to keep up. For baby clothes oxy clean makes a really good baby stain remover spray one of our faves.

  4. The worst laundry stains for me are grass stains on my child’s shorts! Can’t seem to get those out. Will try Oxiclean on them!

  5. I try to pre-soak my stains so that they will actually come out. I try to do a small load each day (on off-peak hours) so that it not such a bad chore on the weekends (where you have to spend the day in laundry hell).

  6. I’ve JUST spilled most of my coffee down my front (I’m wearing a brand new soft pink linen dress). And I’m at work so the most I’ve been able to do is swab it a bit. So I suspect I’m currently wearing my worst stain story. But I do have OxiClean at home. So all is not lost :0

  7. I always handle stains as soon as possible even if it means using a baby wipe first to remove some of the stain.

  8. My tip is to address stains as early as possible!

  9. WORST stain. Baby puke. Forgot about a pile once. OMG it stinked the whole house out and was so hard to get out!

  10. My best laundry tip is to deal with stains right away! Never let them sit or they may be there forever!

  11. My worst laundry stain story was last summer when we took our 2 year old to a wedding in a beautiful white puffy dress with purple embroidery – very fancy dress, perfect for the backyard wedding. Instead of a traditional wedding cake they served an assortment of homemade pies for dessert. Of course our daughter picked blueberry as her choice, and proceeded to get it ALL over her dress – not only the front, but the back too because she dropped some pie, stood up, then fell onto the piece on the grass then tried to crawl away from it so it was top to bottom, front and back… It was such a hot day, the filling ended up very soft, and the crust ended up very moist and crumbly, so it was just very hard for her to eat without making a mess and she was at the stage of insisting on feeding herself. Oh well, at least the stains kind of matched the purple embroidery!!

  12. Make sure that you always pre-treat stains on clothing!

  13. My laundry tip is to make your laundry room/area nice so you don’t mind spending time there

  14. I hate the grease stains that my husband can obtain while he is bbqing!

  15. My best laundry tip is too presoak stains!

  16. It’s good to presoak stains! Sometimes I have a hard time getting certain stains out!

  17. Christine Murray
    Friday 28 July 2017, 5:31 pm

    In a family of 6 I always try and wash laundry as soon as I have a load ready to go. It is a disaster if I let it pile up. Also I always make sure I have all my laundry soaps/stain removers on hand. I always have an extra for when I use up what is opened and immediately go out and replace the extra once I start using it.

  18. My worst stain was probably a bottle of liquid paper that i spilled on oneof my favourite tops. I tried very hard but, even after trying all my stain fighting tactics, I couldn’t get it all out :(. Maybe, if these OxiClean products had been available…

  19. Definitely my worst stain was when I fell in mud. My pants were covered with mud and it never came off

  20. Pre-treat a stain right away while it is still fresh and not wait until it has settled to the cloth.

  21. Add about 1/2 cup baking soda in addition to your laundry detergent to help white clothes look whiter.

  22. If you have a stubborn stains, especially on white, launder then put it out in the sun. Like magic it will be gone.

  23. Florence Cochrane
    Friday 28 July 2017, 9:11 pm

    My tip is to pretreat a stain before putting it in the laundry basket. It really works.

  24. I once washed a white crochet sweater with something blue (bad idea, I know!). The sweater came out blue but thankfully because the sweater was suppose to be white, I could just bleach it out. Good as new!

  25. My worst laundry stain story was when my son decided to rub his fried fish all over his shirt because it fell on the ground and he wanted to ‘clean’ it so he can eat it. It was so hard to get the grease stain off his shirt!

  26. My laundry tip is to add a cup of vinegar to the washing machine when washing stinky gym clothing – it really helps to cut the odor that sets in!

  27. best laundry tip…..probably to pretreat. Once my kiddo has made a mess on her clothes, I’d make a little paste with oxiclean and apply. Hasn’t failed me yet!

  28. I like to add Arm & Hammer baking soda to my loads of laundry to deodorize them!

  29. The kids are constantly getting chocolate pudding, grass stains, and you name it on clothes – I use OxiClean all the time!

  30. Dandelion stains are the bane of my laundry every summer. I can get the yellow out but those little circles from the stems… one day I hope to find something that removes those!

    My best tip would be to keep caught up on laundry so you’re always dealing with stains the day they happen rather than letting them sit too long. And also, follow the instructions on stain removers…some really only work with hot water, some can’t sit on the fabric too long, while others need the time to soak in to the fabric. Not all stain removers are made for the same types of stains!

  31. Grease stains are the worst.

  32. Don’t get me started on glitter.

    I was just saying this week that I can’t seem to keep my whites white so I’ll have to give this product a try.

    Besos Sarah.

  33. My best tip is to treat stains as soon as possible.

  34. Baking soda tends to take out stains like blueberry. The sooner you apply the paste the better the results.

  35. my worst stain is for sure grease…I love juicy burgers and it always seem to end up on the white shirt I’m wearing

  36. Best tips is to immediately treat stains if you can before they have the chance to set in.

  37. My tip is to treat stain as soon as possible.

  38. I like to add vinegar to the rinse cycle, it leaves my clothes soft and sparkling fresh.

  39. I have had better luck when I pre soak stains.

  40. Holly MacRitchie
    Sunday 30 July 2017, 8:12 pm

    Right now I am having the toughest time getting food stains from my baby daughter’s clothes!!

  41. One of the worse stains was when my son sent a blue highlighter through the wash.

  42. I have a 7 year old in daycare and the clothes come home very dirty. As if she uses them to clean the floor..

  43. My best laundry tip is to put Oxiclean and boiling water into a large container (one that can withstand boiling water) and add in your most heavily soiled items. Let it sit for about half hour to an hour and then transfer everything to the washer to finish. I find it gets out almost every stain this way.

  44. my bes tip is to wash in cold water to save on energy, most detergents are made for cold water, I only wash my towels/bedding on hot

  45. best laundry tip I have is adding a lil vinegar to every load to help reduce lint and soften the clothes , it also helps with smells in the washer

  46. Pre-treat stubborn stains if you want them to come out. And one time my daughter left a tube of lipstick in her pocket and it went through the wash. I took some of the blame because it was my responsibility to check the pockets before washing. But she should have known better.

  47. My best laundry tip is to pretreat stains as soon as possible.

  48. i need to wear a bib when i eat. i always spill something. the worst is oil stains i dont know how to get rid of them

  49. I soak my stained clothes over night 

  50. Keep a bottle of oxi clean foam in your bathroom for when you spill anything on your clothes.

  51. I put the Oxiclean directly on the dirt on the clothes and then wash normally 

  52. My best laundry tip is to not let those stains set in. Get to them as fast as you can.

  53. soak stains as soon as possible

  54. I’m having issues with my daughters laundry. Recently at the tender age of 9, she started her period. She just doesn’t understand the whole process yet and has many leaks and stained clothes. 

  55. My worst stain ever was red wine all over a beige blazer. My hubby got it out cause he is magic like that. I thought it would be ruined forever ..

  56. My tip is to pre-soak any clothing with stains on it.

  57. My worst laundry stain this year is getting ice cream out of my daughters work shirt. Dried on ice cream is hard to get out.

  58. I use OxiClean to launder my moms clothes and it does remove difficult stains like chocolate & coffee

  59. my best laundry tip is to use the cold wash setting, to save energy!

  60. pre soaking those stains helps a lot.

  61. I hate that every time I wear white, I tend to get a stain on myself and it looks ugly.

  62. My best laundry tip is to put socks into a mesh bag when you do a load of laundry to keep individual socks from going missing.

  63. I have a long haired cat that pukes a lot…just did so recently if you want to glance at my instagram account (I Suggest NOT), yeah, squirty thing is what I have. Also,I’m known to eat pickled beets, which stain, unless you have oxy

  64. My best laundry tip is to use baking soda when washing towels to remove that heavy smell

  65. my best tip is vinegar for smells that don’t want to come out A quarter cup added to the load does wonders and getting out those lingering smells

  66. My tip is to work on stains as early as possible

  67. Sun bleaching does wonders in the summer, just leave it out for two days and you’ll see that ol’ stain fade.

  68. treat stains as soon as you can !

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