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Science and Style Connect With Project Mc2 - Outside The Box

Science and Style Connect With Project Mc2

Science and Style Connect With Project Mc2

I use to be able to keep my daughter occupied with simple crafts that involved things like pipe cleaners and glitter. But now that she’s seven the bar has been set higher and I’m constantly needing to come up with “crafty” like projects that are a little more challenging and stimulating. Molly and I both have a love of science, we’ve even started a Science Sunday section on the blog. With this fascination about how things work it’s no wonder that we both love Project Mc2.

Just in case you aren’t familiar with Project Mc2, here’s the low down –  Project Mc2 is a really cool Netflix series that stars four high school girls that have a passion for science and are recruited by a super secret spy agency to basically save the world. Through their top secret missions the girls introduce us to the world of STEAM.

Project Mc2 is on an important mission to help advance girls in the areas of S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math). Project Mc2 is loved by both girls and adults for the fun experiment sets, fashionable real-girl inspired dolls and Emmy nominated Netflix original series. Seasons 1, 2, and 3 are streaming now on Netflix. Project Mc2 also empowers girls to explore S.T.E.A.M related themes in a way that’s relatable and engaging to them. The Project Mc2 brand believes “Smart is the new Cool” – and we want girls everywhere to celebrate it!

Molly and I have had the opportunity to try out and tell you about some really cool Mc2 dolls and projects in the past – like the Ultimate Spy Bag and McKeyla’s Invisible Ink. We’ve had so much fun with these dolls and experiments and Molly couldn’t wait to try out the latest from Project Mc2.

H2O Nail Science Kit

Project Mc2 H2O Nail Science Kit

Molly was invited to a birthday party recently for one of her grade one friends and she insisted that we give her this kit as a birthday present. Molly told me this little girls always comes to school with her nails done so she would love the H20 Nail Science Kit.  I have to admit I was looking forward to trying this one out but it does make a perfect birthday gift and I love that even though Molly was anxious to try this out herself that giving that perfect gift to her friend was far more important.

The H20 Nail Science Kit allows you to create one of a kind nail designs using hydrographic printing. You can apply the designs to your own nails or to the press on nails included in the kit. All you need is some water and your favorite nail polishes from home. It even comes with a built in nail dryer!

Crayon Makeup Science Kit

Project Mc2 Crayon Makeup Science Kit

When I was a kid I distinctly remember having a make your own makeup kit when I was a kid but for the life of me I can’t remember what those kits were called. I do, however, remember that they were messy and difficult and that my kit mysteriously disappeared… The Project Mc2 Crayon Makeup Science Kit is much different, and much better, than what I had has a kid. I have to admit there was not as much actual science involved in this kit as some of the others but it was still a lot of fun and there were steps like mixing, pouring and cooling so it sort of felt like you were doing science.

The kit comes with a palette of six crayon colours, two empty lipstick tubes and a lipstick mold as well as a compact with six compartments.

mc2 makeup kit

The colours are really vibrant and pretty.

project mc2 experiments

You will need a few things from home but chances are good that you have everything you need – an oven, oven mitts, a spoon, a small oven safe dish (or two or three) and some coconut oil.

mc2 project

We started my making lipstick. The process is really easy and the instructions that come with the project are straightforward. You are simply melting the wax crayon colours with some coconut oil and then pouring it into molds.

We started with the lipstick molds.

project mc2 experiments

project mc2 experiments

mc2 projects

project mc2 experiments

Molly loved being able to make her own lipstick! She wanted to do a “marble” one so we melted both some blue and pink wax to pour into the tube. Once you’ve poured it in you just put it in the fridge for 10 minutes, open the mold and put the lipstick in the tube. The colour is subtle (which if perfect for kids) and because it contains coconut oil it feels great on your lips.

The compact works the same way – melt the wax with some coconut oil, pour into the compact and chill. Kids can use the colours on their lips or cheeks.

project mc2 experiments

project mc2 experiments

This kit was definitely a winner. Especially for a kid who loves makeup AND science! I loved that it was easy to do, didn’t take much time and that the finished product gives her makeup with a noticeable but very subtle colour. I’d have no problem with her wearing the lipstick to school because it really looks like a tinted lip balm.

project mc2 experiments

If you want to learn more about the show, the kits, the dolls, or even find some other cool experiments to try out at home make sure you visit the Project Mc² website. You can find the dolls and kits at Toys R Us, Walmart, Amazon and Loblaws.


Disclaimer:  We received product in order to bring you this review. All opinions are 100% our own.

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  1. I have three nieces under the age of 5. They would LOOOVE this.

  2. Wow, what a great kit! I have a niece that would love this, I am definitely going to pick it up for her birthday!

  3. My niece would love the nail art kit!

  4. This is so awesome, my granddaughters love to wear makeup, and for them to make their own and with ingredients that are safe for them is a plus in my books!! love this!!

  5. We just recently started watching Project MC and my daughter is fascinated with the show. she is very much like Molly and asks many questions about how things are made and done. She loved when we went to the Science Rendezvous in Toronto and was able to do an experiment with Banana DNA.

  6. My daughter loves making her own “products” so she would have a lot of fun with this.

  7. This looks like a fun craft to do. My girl would love to try it.

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