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L.O.L. Surprise Dolls - Layers of Fun! - Outside The Box

L.O.L. Surprise Dolls – Layers of Fun!

L.O.L. Surprise Dolls – Layers of Fun!

When I first laid eyes on these bright coloured spheres I admit I had no idea what they were. And neither did my daughter. But she was pretty excited to find out more. Before she started to unpeel her first one I did a bit of reading so we at least had some idea of what we were getting into and she could give you a bit of a narrative while we filmed the “unboxing”. Take a look:

Molly loves collectibles, especially surprise ones, so these little cuties have been a big hit with her. She loves “unzipping” the layers and, unlike most toy packaging these days, these are actually pretty easy for little hands to manage without a struggle.

lol dolls

The little clues and surprises along the way add to the anticipation of finally revealing what’s inside. And even after you are done unwrapping the layers and get to your treasure there are still more secrets to discover. Each doll will either cry, wee, spit or change color when put into ice cold water (some even do more than one). Take a look at the changes on these little babies after Molly plunged them into cold water.

lol dolls

lol dolls

And don’t toss out that sphere when you’re done! It can be used as a stand for your dolls or they can hang out inside. It even comes with a little handle you can attach to carry it around.

lol dolls

Each one also comes with a collector’s guide so you can keep track as you add to your collection. There is also a little space where you can add the appropriate sticker that indicates what little trick each dolls performs. Queen Bee is a spitter so she got the spit sticker.

lol dolls

What I really love about these dolls is that after the fun of opening them is over they actually get played with! Surprises are great but the fact that these dolls keeps kids playing and engaged is even better. Molly loves dressing them up in their outfits and using her imagination to have the dolls interact (lots of mom/child roll playing with the babies).  These were such a hit that I think I’m going to pick up some more to give out in lieu of goodie bags at her upcoming birthday party.

lol dolls

There are over 45 dolls in series 1 and you can find the L.O.L. Surprise dolls at Toys “R” Us, Mastermind Toys, Showcase and Chapters Indigo.


Disclaimer: This post if part of the Spring ToyBox review program with MGA Entertainment. We received products in order to bring you this review. All opinions are completely our own.



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  1. These look so fun, I love the layers, I know my granddaughter would love these!!

  2. Still love these the most, they are so cute!!

  3. These are too cute and would make for fun stocking stuffers.

  4. Aw these are so cute to collect!

  5. These are a new one for me, I think my kiddo would really enjoy LOL surprise dolls. I’ll be keeping an eye out for these in-store!

  6. Nice write up, these are a lot of fun to open and collect. I have 19 so far, just 6 away from completing season 1

  7. OMG! You guys got the lol surprise Queen Bee. She is my Favorite!

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