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Camp Style with Church and Dwight - Outside The Box

Camp Style with Church and Dwight

Camp Style with Church and Dwight
It’s camping season, finally! I can’t even begin to tell you how happy this makes me. We are most definitely a camping family. Last summer we spent every weekend we could manage at the campground and this year we got very lucky and managed to snag a seasonal spot. We’ve already been out every weekend since the season opened and I don’t imagine we will miss many.
The camping lifestyle is a little different for everybody. Some people love to tent, others have massive trailers with every luxury they have at home. We are somewhere in the middle. We have a smallish trailer with pop out tent beds. For us it’s the perfect “in between” between roughing it and full on glamping.
camping trailer
And that “in between” spot is how I approach my own personal style while camping. If you know me you know I love to dress up. I live in heels and pretty dresses and rarely leave the house with out a bit of makeup on and my hair done. It’s just who I am.  Obviously I’m not wearing stilettos and gowns when I’m at the campground but I don’t completely give up my everyday personal style while we are out there. And luckily there are some simple tools and tricks to help me do that!

Camping Hair

I happen to have very thick, naturally curly hair. It can be a challenge at the best of time, even at home when I have all my tools, lotions and potions to keep it under control. What I tend to do when we are camping is straighten it the day, or the day before, we go out. And then I make sure that my Batiste Dry Shampoo is packed in my camping bag. If you haven’t heard of dry shampoo, I suggest you run, not walk, to pick up a can of Batiste. It works to instantly revive oily hair, leaving it looking and smelling clean and fresh. No wet washing required and most importantly no blow drying (all things that are a pain to do when camping). You just spray it, massage it in and then brush. Batiste comes in a variety of fragrances – New Batiste Dry Shampoo Cherry is perfect for summer with top notes of pear, melon, kiwi and wildberry!

The Other Hair

It’s summer at the lake. That means shorts and bathing suits. And, for me, that means having nice smooth legs.  I could go the “traditional” route for hair removal and break out the razor and shaving gel but that’s not ideal when camping.
 I’m trading my razor this summer for the new Nair Nourish Crème for Legs & Body. A hair remover cream with Grape Seed Oil plus Antioxidant Rich Resveratrol, it removes hair in as little as three minutes (yes, three minutes) while moisturizing to restore skin’s youthful glow leaving you with smooth skin for days longer than shaving*. All it takes to remove is a quick rinse or even a damp cloth. That means I don’t have to try and cram myself in the tiny trailer shower or take forever in the campground shower while a dozen people are lined up to use it.

Healthy Looks Good Too

Summer is super busy. I know that camping is about relaxing but it’s still busy, especially when you work all week and then cram in as much “relaxing” (fishing, hiking, biking, swimming, etc.) in as you can on the weekends. It’s easy to let healthy eating slip by the wayside. To ensure my body gets the nutrients it needs I tend to pack a multivitman in my camping bag too. A complete multivitamin such as the Vitafusion Women’s Complete Multivitamin is my favorite. It’s specially formulated to meet my needs and comes in an easy-to-take, delicious gummy. It includes Biotin and helps maintain hair, skin and nail health – ensuring I glow from the inside out this summer!
Now your turn. What are some of your favourite camping and/or time-saving beauty products?

This is a sponsored post but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. Yeah I’m a camper type person , not a tent camper..tried the tent camping and its just not for me. With your camper is your bed hard as a rock? We just got a new one and this bed is horrid (next trip we’re just taking the memory foam off the bed and tossing it in to use lol)

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