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Relive the Magic with Disney Beauty and the Beast from Toys "R" Us {coupon code inside}

Relive The Magic With Disney Beauty and the Beast from Toys “R” Us {coupon code inside}

  • 11th April 2017

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Relive The Magic With Disney Beauty and the Beast from Toys “R” Us {coupon code inside}

I have a confession to make. Up until last night I had never seen Beauty and the Beast. Any version. I grew up in the days of two television channels and DVDs were not a thing let alone streaming video. I was a teenager when we finally got a VHS machine. So, basically, if a movie wasn’t on one of our two channels I didn’t see it. I have a daughter myself now. And we’ve made our way through plenty of Disney movies. But almost seven years in and we still had not seen Beauty and the Beast. Until last week when my daughter came home from school informing me that they had seen the animated version and she loved it and now she really wants to see the new version.

So last night we went to Beauty and the Beast. It was a great movie. I love that Disney is now doing live action remakes of the classics. It’s a brilliant marketing move and it’s really fun to watch characters you know (except in this case for me) come to life. And now that I’ve finally seen Beauty and the Beast so many things make sense. Like the rose under the glass. Even though I’ve long had a basic understanding of the movie plot I didn’t know the specifics. I didn’t know what that rose meant. I didn’t understand why the movie was full of talking household objects or even how or why the Beast was a beast.

With the success of the new Beauty and the Beast movie you just know what the hot toys of the season are going to be. And, as always, the best place to go to pick up what’s hot is Toys”R”Us.  They have an amazing selection of toys and figures from the new movie. I’m thrilled to not only be able to share these cool new toys with you but also to offer my readers a code for 15% off their online purchase of any these items! Keep reading for details!

Belle’s Ball Gown

beauty and the beast gown

Any Belle fan is going to adore this beautiful yellow and gold gown straight out of the ballroom dance scene. The gown has a bit of stretch to it and is size 4-6X. As you can see my almost 7 year old has no problem fitting into it. You can find the gown online here.

Belle Dress Up Accessories

beauty and the beast set

You know what happens when you give a girl a gown? She’s going to want accessories! And this set, inspired by fashion for the movie is the perfect set for any mini Belle. This set includes: two feather hair combs with jeweled details, a pair of rose earrings and the iconic tree of life pendant necklace. You can find the accessory set here.

Grand Romance Set

beauty and the beast set

This set includes Belle, in a removable dress inspired by her ball gown and a intricate replica of the Beast. This magical set let’s little Beauty and Beast fans out this classic love story – it’s also a great gift for collectors! You can find the Grand Romance set online here.

Baby Belle

beauty and the beast doll

This adorable little doll comes in a pint size dress inspired by Belle’s classic yellow gown and includes a sweet little rose rattle just like the one Belle finds when the Beast takes her back to her childhood attic home in Paris. This doll is suitable for kid as kids as young as two so even the littlest Beauty and the Beast fans can have a doll of their own. You can find Baby Belle online here.

Enchanted Rose Jewelry Box

beauty and the beast jewelry box

Molly is completely in love with this jewelry box. And I don’t blame here. I would have adored this when I was a little girl!

beauty and the beast rose

Not only is it a pretty little jewelry box but when you open the drawer or push the button on the front the rose comes to life! The petals on the rose lights up and it plays the classic Beauty and the Beast song.

It also comes with a golden feather ring that (I know now since I’ve seen the movie) is inspired by the feather hair decoration Belle wears with her yellow gown.

beauty and the beast toys

You can find the Enchanted Rose Jewelry Box online here.

The Enchanted Rose Scene Set and the Castle Friends Collection

beauty and the beast toys

This Enchanted Rose Scene set includes Belle, Beast, the enchanted rose, and more! All elements are inspired by the live-action movie, Beauty and the Beast. Collectors and fans of the timeless classic will love reenacting unforgettable movie moments and creating their own magical stories. You can find Enchanted Rose Scene online here.

The Castle Friend Collection is a great set all on its own but also makes a great addition to the Enchanted Rose Scene. The collection features some of the most memorable characters from the movie including Chip, Mrs. Potts, Cogsworth, Lumiere, and Plumette.  You can find the collection here.

Bell Doll in Red Dress and Cape

belle doll

My daughter has been carrying this doll around with her from the moment she opened it. Belle goes everywhere with her. To the movie, playing in the back yard and even to bed.

beauty and the beast doll

This beautiful 14 inch doll comes complete with a removable dress, cape and shoes. Molly also discovered that the ring that came with the jewelry box fits Belle perfectly as a bracelet! You can find the Belle Red Dress doll online here.

Belle and Philippe

belle doll

It might be farm girl in me but this is one of my favourite sets in the new Beauty and the Beast line up. Belle’s trusty horse Philippe played such and important role in her life and in the movie and I love that as Belle slowly fell in love with the Beast Philippe was able to warm up to him as well. This Belle doll is about 15 inches is tall and is articulated so she can actually “ride” her horse. You can find the Belle and Philippe set online here.


Now that you’ve had a chance to check out the awesome Beauty and the Beast toys available at Toys”R”Us I’m thrilled to be able to offer my readers a special code for 15% off to purchase any of them online! Just use the code  BATB10 at checkout to get your savings from now until April 30th.



Disclosure: This post have been sponsored by Toys”R”Us Canada. All opinions are my own. 



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  1. I haven’t seen Beauty and the Beast before either. I’ve heard such great things about the latest movie that I might need to! My daughter would love the doll. Besos Sarah.

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