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7 Awesome Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

7 Awesome Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

7 Awesome Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Spring is in the air and Easter is right around the corner. I have to tell you that colouring Easter eggs is something that I have always loved. Even when I didn’t have a kid at home I did them every year. When I was a kid we did our eggs the same way every single year. Dipped in your standard food colouring and vinegar mixture. It works great, it’s easy, and most people already have what they need at home to do them. But there are also some other really creative and pretty ideas out there to take your eggs to the next level. Here are a few that caught my eye:


Colour Block Easter Eggs

Like Elizabeth over at Frugal Mom Eh, I adore the colour block trend. I have several fashion pieces in colour block and the idea works really well on these eggs! Get the instructions here. 

Silk Tie Easter Eggs

silk tie easter eggs

Inspired by Martha Stewart we actually tried out this method a couple of weeks ago and love he results. It’s pretty simple to do, and not messy at all. Just make sure you use 100% silk! Get the instructions here.

Chalkboard Paint Eggs

I love, love, love these eggs from Yee Little Things. I think they would be awesome for a little perfectionist like I have at home that can’t stand mistakes. Just wipe it off and start again! Get the instructions here.


These pretty eggs from the DIY Dreamer are a great way to enjoy the lovely colour of brown eggs with just a few delicate embellishments. Get the instructions here.

Baking Soda Easter Eggs

I’ve done a lot of dough ornaments for Christmas in the past but I’ve never thought to do them for Easter. But I adore the pastel colors the DIY Dreamer has used on these cute cut out ornaments. Get the instructions here. 

Reverse Sticker Easter Eggs

I’ve bought several kits in the past that come with stickers to decorate eggs but they rarely stick well. So I though what if you put them on before you colour the eggs and then take them off? Well it worked wonderfully! Get the instructions here.

Feather Easter Eggs

Another cool idea from Frugal Mom Eh. I love the organic feel of these pretty feather eggs (these would look awesome on brown eggs too) and they are super easy and fun for even the little ones to do. Get the instructions here.

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