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Where to dine in Regina with kids (and still love your meal)

Where to dine in Regina with kids (and love your meal).

Where to dine in Regina with kids (and love your meal).

My husband and I have always enjoyed dining out. Yes I do love to cook and most of our meals are at home but going out for diner is an experience and one we love. When we had our daughter we didn’t want that to change. And it hasn’t. Certainly when she was very young we aimed for more “family friendly” restaurants to get her use to the idea that this is a thing we do. But honestly it didn’t take long for our little foodie to discover that she too loves the restaurant experience. So we were able to make that transition from typical “family” restaurants to destinations that were at least bit more refined quite easily. Here are some of our picks for dining out with kids in Regina and still loving your meal (FYI our daughter is six).

The Keg

We’ve always had really great luck taking our daughter to the Keg. I think she was probably around 3 when put it in our regular rotation of places to take her for dinner. The wait staff are generally pretty good with kids. It’s the little touches like not putting burning hot food in front of small kids and bringing them a little plate of veggies and fruit that stand out. They also have a decent kid’s menu that includes steak which gives it a huge thumbs up for Molly.

Earls – South Albert

Earls is currently Molly’s favorite place to go out to. I think it’s the garlic fries to be honest. They don’t have a kid’s menu specifically but they have a decent selection of items on their regular menu that most kids can find something they enjoy (their chicken tenders are yummy). Earl’s – at least the two in Regina – are wide open and a bit on the noisy side which can be a good for most kids. It’s not that dark, intimate, atmosphere where you feel like you have to talk in a hushed voice the whole time.

Chop Steakhouse

Chop is relatively new in Regina and our couple of experiences there with Molly have been good. They do have a kid’s menu (although Molly loves their appetizers so she orders them – tempura veggies, crab cakes and the steak bites are a hit) and on our last visit they also brought her out a little plate of fruits and veggies. She also loves the fresh bread that every table gets.


Another favourite of Molly’s (this time it’s the pot stickers). They also have a decent kid’s menu. We find Moxies and Earls to be pretty similiar, both with food quality and the slightly louder atmosphere. Molly also gets a kick out of vanity stations in the lady’s washroom at Moxies.


This is actually one of my husband’s favorite places but Molly quite likes it too. The pizza is yummy, the atmosphere is bright and light and they always bring kids out a plate of dough to play with before dinner. That’s a real hit with my little chef/artist.  They also have a kid’s menu.

More traditional “family” restaurants

These are some solid picks for families looking for maybe something a little more casual but you can still get a decent meal (and maybe a glass of wine if you enjoy that sort of thing). They all have kid’s menus and high chairs, etc and cater to families quite readily.

Boston Pizza

A family standard with an extensive kid’s menu (bugs ‘n cheese are always a hit) and a large menu for the adults.

Western Pizza – Albert South

I know there are other Western Pizza locations in the city and they might be great too but the one on Albert St South is the one that we visit. The staff are great with kids and the food is consistently good.

Houston Pizza – Quance

Houston Pizza is a Regina staple. Although they all serve the same food we enjoy taking Molly to the one on Quance because it’s bigger and brighter then the other smaller locations.


Now there are plenty more dining establishments in Regina, and many of them are really, really good. The ones I highlighted in this post are the ones that we have found are just great choices to take kids out to that don’t have Happy Meals and and playland. The service (especially with kids) has been consistently good as has the food. If you have some other family friendly dining favorites in Regina I would love to hear them!


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