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The Perfect Fashionista Gift - Gel-a-Peel

The perfect fashionista gift – Gel-a-Peel

The perfect fashionista gift – Gel-a-Peel

Crafts and fashion. These are two of my kid’s passions right now. She’s also a talented little artist so “creating” things is what she wants to do all of the time. Some days, when she’s been inspired, she can sit with a sketch pad and a pencil and spend hours bringing her ideas to life in her drawings. And other days that’s not enough. She wants colour and sparkle and the ability to show off her work. Making jewelry is the perfect outlet for that and something we do a lot of in our home. I have a craft drawer with enough beads to go right across the country I’m sure. And creating fashion with beads is great but it can get a bit tedious, and boring, after a while. So we keep our eye out for other ideas all the time.


When I first saw the Gel-a-Peel kits, and I’m going to be totally honest here, I wasn’t too excited. The first thing you see when you look at the kits is bottles and bottles of of something that looks like it’s going to be messy. And I’m tired of cleaning up glitter and run away beads and just everything. But this is life with an artist and who am I to stifle creativity?

gel a peel

Molly had her eye on this particular kit from the moment she saw it because – sparkles! We cleared off the table and I was ready for a messy afternoon of goop and sparkles all in the name of fashion an art. Guys, I was wrong. This was actually one of the least messy projects we’ve done in a while, even with tubes of coloured “goop”!

gel a peel

The idea behind Gel-a-Peel is pretty simple – you use the tubes of coloured gel to traces (or you can come up with your own) designs, in this case jewelry, let them dry, peel them off and then wear your creations. And it really is as easy as that.

jewelry craft kt

This kit comes with 5 bottles of coloured gel (two of them with glitter) several designs to trace and a special piece of plastic to trace your designs on to and let your creations dry on.

gel a peel

We started with this cute flower bracelet in a blue sparkle gel. A note that we found the glitter gel to have the odd clump in it which really wasn’t a big deal for me but my six year old struggled a bit getting things smooth with those little clumps. However she had no problems at all with the regular coloured gel. It flowed really nice.

gel a peel

gel a peel

Another note, the bracelet templates in this kit were far too big for my both my daughter and my wrists. I would probably make it about 1/3 smaller for older kids/adults and closer to half for smaller kids. This actually isn’t hard to fix. If you find your bracelet is too big after it’s dried you can just cut off what you need, trace a new closure on the end you cut off and let it dry again.

So once you’ve traced your design you simply set it aside and let it dry. This does take a while so be patient. Our bracelets took a solid 5 hours to dry. Once they are dry you just gently peel them from the plastic.

gel a peel

gel a peel

And then put your jewelry on and show it off!

jewelry crafts

So pretty! And there was virtually no mess to clean up. The kit comes with various tips, sort of like icing tips, and to clean them you simply let the gel dry and it peels right off. DO NOT try and clean the tips with water! Yes I tried that before I read the directions about clean up. And if you need to clean up and gel while you’re working simply use a paper towel.

This kit was an absolute hit and both Molly and I are looking forward to making our next creation. You can get various kits, small starters ones to larger deluxe kits and make a variety of creations – bracelets, necklaces, earrings, headbands,  key chains and even cell phone covers. The age recommendation for Gel-a-Peel is age 8 and up which seems about right without guidance but my 6 year old just need a bit of help to get going so if you are willing to help a lttle this is totally suitable for the slightly younger than 8 year old age group.

jewelry craft kit

You can find Gel-a-Peel at Toys ‘R Us , Amazon, Chapters, and Mastermind Toys

Disclaimer: We received product in order to bring you this review but all opinions are completely our own.

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  1. This would be so much fun for my niece. She enjoys doing crafts and would be delighted to have this for Christmas. A great gift idea!

  2. I can see my daughter doing this for hours, she is so much into art and crafts and this is the first time I have seen Gel A Peel. look like so much fun.

  3. What a nice idea for a gift. My granddaughter would love this.

  4. My girls love making bracelets. They would have a lot of fun with this.

  5. This kit is fantastic! What a great idea!

  6. These are so neat, and I'm glad it's not super messy.

  7. This is the coolest thing! man I wish they had things like this when I was young. That is awesome you can make your own jewelry. What fun and something you can be proud of because you made it 🙂

  8. This is neat, I am sure my niece would have a lot of fun with one of these kits! Thinking one is going to have to go under the tree!

  9. I think this is the most exciting gift of the season!

  10. These are so cool, I know of a few girls that would just love to have this!!!

  11. My daughter would've loved this set when she was younger! But I do have a niece who loves all things crafts & jewelry so this is a win-win Christmas gift for her!

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