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Stocking Stuffer Ideas for 6 Year Olds

Stocking Stuffers for 6 year olds

Stocking Stuffers for 6 year olds

I love stockings! I love getting them and I really love stuffing them for other people. It’s so much fun. My daughter is six now and she’s at a really great age that gives me – ummm Santa –  lots of really cool options for filling her stocking. Here are some of the goodies she is most likely going to find this Christmas morning:


stocking stuffers for 6 year olds

These are a perfect stocking stuffer. Shopkins are more than just toys, they are collectables and getting kids into collecting is a really great thing. There are so many benefits to collecting. It can teach them valuable lessons in patience as they build their collection, organizations skills, social skills and relationship building (since there is often a trading aspect to collecting) and it can also be a great way to teach youngsters the value of money as they save up to add that special piece to their collection.

Num Noms

num noms season 2

These are another cute collection that my daughter loves and will most likely find in her stocking this year. Num Noms are sweet smelling little treats that you can stack and I love that you can get them in “mystery packs” so the suspense lingers until you get them open!


stocking stuffers for 6 year olds

My first grader is turning into an awesome little reader and this is the perfect way to indulge her need to read. A few of our favourites:

Bookstore gift cards

Because so many kids just can’t get enough reading at this age a gift card to their favorite bookstore makes a great stocking stuffer. Because you can generally pick up at least one book for under $10 (or even $5) you don’t have to spend a lot. And it’s so fun for kids to pick out a book on their own. Heading to the bookstore during the Christmas break is a great way to spend some quality family time too.

Make up/Nail polish

stocking stuffers for 6 year olds

If you don’t mind your little one playing make up or getting their nails polished then this makes a great stocking stuffer too. A nice shiny but subtle lip gloss or blush is perfect for play or special occasions (like Christmas dinner). There are also tons of kid friendly nail polish brands out there so they can glam up their nails for the holidays too!

A special holiday ornament

There is just something really special about decorating the tree each year and pulling out all of the ornaments you have collected over the years and going back in time to relive special moments of holidays gone by. I have some from when I was just a kid and they are very special to me. You can help your little one collect those memories too by putting a special ornament in their stocking every year.

Sugar free gum

stocking stuffers for 6 year olds

I wasn’t allowed to chew gum often as a kid because my mother was crazy about not letting us have sugar and there wasn’t much available for sugar free gum back then (yes I’m ageing myself) but today there are tons of brands and flavours and not only is it not bad for your teeth there is some evidence that chewing sugar free gum can actually have some positive dental health benefits. And it just tastes awesome!

Flying screaming monkey

stocking stuffers for six year olds

Yep you read that right! A flying, screaming monkey. My daughter got one of these last year and after we both got over the initial scare (nobody warned me the things screamed) we grew to love this screeching primate. You might be able to find this in a local toy store or you can order them on Amazon as well.

McDonalds Gift Cards

At six my kiddo still loves a Happy Meal (it’s all about the toy although she does love her nuggets) and a $10 gift cards gets her two Happy Meals. She loves pulling out her card to pay for her own meal too, makes her feel very grown up!

Notepads, pencils and erasers

stocking stuffers for 6 year olds

My daughter loves to draw. And she’s really, really good at it. She most certainly does not get that talent from me! She’s pretty much past the phase of wanting to colour in colouring books and would much rather sit and sketch her own creations. And nothing is better for sketching than a good old pencil. And a decent eraser is a must for every budding artist. A pocket sized note pad is perfect for her to take along in the car of out for dinner.

Socks (of course)

stocking stuffers for 6 year olds

I don’t know about you but putting socks in stockings has been a tradition in my family, my husband’s family and now our family forever! Even the dollar store has some super cute socks you can pick up!


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