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Easy DIY Christmas Wreath

Easy DIY Christmas Wreath

Easy DIY Christmas Wreath

My six year old daughter is all about crafting right now. And crafting is so not my thing. It’s not that I don’t like it (much) but it can just be so tedious and time consuming. Or, when you are trying to find crafts to do with six year olds they are often creations you know are just going to end up in the garbage in a few days or weeks. But every one in a while you can actually find a project that is simple enough that it doesn’t take you 12 hours and that your little one can actually help out wit, that you don’t have to let sit for 8 hours to dry, and that is NICE. Really nice. This is one of those crafts.

Easy DIY Christmas Wreath

What you need:

  • a wire coat hanger
  • needle nose pliers or whatever tool you might have handy to bend the hanger
  • round christmas ornaments of various sizes and colors (unless you just want one color) – I bought all mine from the dollar store
  • a hot glue gun
  • a bow or ribbon to tie a bow for the final touch


I highly recommend taking a hot glue gun and reinforcing the the little do hickies on the ornaments with hot glue.

diy christmas wreath

Now take all of your ornaments and place them in a large bowl or basket so you can grab them in a somewhat random fashion.

east diy christmas wreath

Now you want to make your coat hanger wreath shaped – you know, round. If you have wire cutters I suggest cutting the curved and twisted part of the hanger right off.

easy christmas wreath

If you don’t have cutters then get out your pliers and bend that hanger into submission.  Once you have it in a roundish shape just make a little hook shape on one end so your ornaments don’t slide off as you put them on.

Now just randomly start sliding your ornaments onto the hanger.

christmas wreath tutorial

Just keep placing the ornaments on the wire, varying the color and shape until it’s full. As you go you can flip the ornaments around on the wire to fill in gaps and create a nice full wreath.

Once your wreath is full create another hook on the other end of the hanger and hook them together. If you’d like you can finish with a bow. I used a nice sparkly one from the dollar store and just hot glued it to the front of a couple of the ornaments on the bottom of the wreath.

There you go. It doesn’t get much easier than this and look how pretty that wreath is! And I love that we will be able to store it away with our other seasonal stuff and use it again next year.


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  1. That is so smart and easy to do. Well at least you make it look easy.

    I take pictures of most of my kids creations and then recycle them deep in the bin so that they don't find them (been known to happen). Yes, I'm one of those Moms.

    I say that we bring back the use of the term "do hickies".

    Besos Sarah.
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