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Gifts that New Parents and Baby Really Need

Gifts that New Parents and Baby Really Need

  • 14th October 2016

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Gifts that New Parents and Baby Really Need

When my daughter was born my close friends and family were excited to throw us a baby shower. I had made the decision to wait until after she was born to have the shower for a couple of reasons. First, my husband and I had decided not to find out ahead of time the sex of our little bundle of joy so I thought it might be best to wait until we had that little tidbit of information before the shower. And I also liked the idea of having the shower after she was born so the people close to me could actually meet her. Obviously this new mom and being the guest of honour at a baby shower thing was totally new to me. I thought the smart thing to do was to make a gift registry. So that’s what I did. Do you know how many guests actually bought a gift from my registry? One. That’s right. One person used the registry. I didn’t complain then and I’m not really going to complain now. A baby shower isn’t really about the gifts. But I did learn from that experience and now I always buy gifts from a baby registry (if there is one) when I go to a shower.

So a registry is a great idea but if you are a new parent to be I know how hard it can be to figure out exactly what to put on that list. Or if you are a loved one buying a gift for a new baby you might struggle to figure out that perfect gift. And in my opinion that perfect gift is something that is actually going to be useful. Having a newborn is a lot of work. And any little thing that can make that job easier is a great thing. So, what is that perfect gift for baby? Well everyone has their own thoughts about this but as both an experienced child care provider and a mom here are my top picks:

Baby bottles

I am so glad I had these on hand when my baby was born. Even though my little one was exclusively fed breast milk when I first brought her home I was really grateful that she had no problem going from the bottle to the breast so I was able to pump and go enjoy a hot bath while daddy gave her a bottle. Our bottle of choice was the Playtex Ventaire and I know other moms who really like the Nursers with Drop-Ins Liners bottles because it means less bottle washing. And if you are giving baby bottles don’t forget to pick up extra nipples and liners!

Receiving blankets

This is one of those things you just can’t have enough of with a new baby. Whether it’s for swaddling, tummy time or just slinging over your shoulder to catch whatever comes out when you burp baby, it’s nice to have plenty of fresh clean blankets on hand. And they get dirty fast so the more the better.

Diapers (and wipes)

Whether parents are using cloth or disposable diapers the cost does add up fast so diapers are a really great gift choice for a new baby. Just be sure to check in with mom or dad (or check the registry if they have one) so you make sure you pick up the brand/size they prefer. Because there are a lot of options!

Gift Cards

Now I know some people find giving gift cards a little impersonal but this mom loves them. And I especially loved them when I was a brand new mom and didn’t even know right away what I needed! When I did figure it out I was really grateful to have gift cards on hand so I could just pick up or order (thank goodness you can order just about everything online) what I needed. Check out the details below about how you can get a bonus $10 Babies “R” Us gift card when you spend $40 or more on PlaytexBaby™ at Babies “R” Us.


This is another one of those essentials that you almost can’t have enough of. Between spit ups and blow outs, it’s not unusual to go through several onesies in a day. These are a great, affordable gift that every new parent needs.


An easy to read, accurate thermometer if an essential for every parent. You can only rely on the lips to forehead test so much before you have to bring out the thermometer and get a real reading!

What do other moms think?

So those are a few of my “must have” ideas but what do other mother’s have on their list? Well here’s what recent research from TripleScoop Premium Market Research tells us about what Canadian moms think:

  • 6 in 10 consider gift cards useful gifts
  • 70% think diapers are a useful gift
  • 63% appreciate onesies
  • 57% are happy to receive other baby clothes, baby toys or books
  • Just over 50% are grateful for bedding and blankets
  • 42% think car seats are a great gift
  • 40% love strollers as a gift

And one last stat – close to half of gift givers are unaware that they may actually be gifting something completely impractical. And practical is so important! The last thing new parents need or want is to receive gifts that are just going to collect dust or that they need to make a trip to return to the store.

gifts for baby

So here is some good news – Babies“R”Us and PlaytexBaby™ have teamed up to inspire and provide a one-stop-shop where parents and gift givers alike can stock up on the perfect baby essentials that both parents and baby will love and actually need in those busy first few months. For a limited time*, they are offering a BONUS $10 Babies“R”Us gift card when you spend $40 or more (before tax) on select PlaytexBaby™ products (excluding Diaper Genie products). Use it as an extra gift for the new parents, or keep it for yourself for your baby’s needs (it would make a great stocking stuffer too!). This is a great opportunity to pick up gifts you know new parents will love and I love that the offer is available both in store and online. You can get all the details of this offer at the Babies “R” Us website.

Now I want to know – what are some of you must have gift ideas for new parents?

This post is sponsored by Playtex but all opinions are 100% my own.


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  1. ARGHH!!! I hear you. Why do people resist the registries? I think they are getting better but that's just my opinion. I wished that moe people went in together on big ticket items. I ended up with a zillion pink dresses for baby and a billion pink blankets which are all lovely but a few less dresses would heave been fine too.
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    • I had so many clothes that Molly never even had a chance to wear because they grow so fast! I guess the trade off was I did make a few bucks selling them at a consignment sale…

  2. Onesies (that do up the front), face clothes, diaper mats and gift cards were on my want list.

    Besos Sarah.

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