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Num Noms Series 2 is Here! #NumNoms

Num Noms Series 2 is here!

Num Noms Series 2 is here!

A few months ago Molly got her first taste of some adorable little collectable toys called Num Noms. And she was instantly hooked. That was no surprise. These sweet smelling little critters are pretty hard to resist. And the whole collecting side of Num Noms is something that a lot of kids really love. Collecting is fun and it teaches skills like patience and organization. If you haven’t come across Num Noms yet, check out our first post to get the deets on what exactly they are.

Another great thing about getting into collectables is the anticipation and excitement that comes when they finally release something new to add to your collection. And the new Nun Noms – Series 2 – did not disappoint! It’s full of awesome new scents and sweet treats. Join Molly as she unboxes some Num Noms Series 2 Mystery Packs!

They changed things up a bit with Series 2, which is really fun. In the first series of Num Noms the Nums were all cupcakes or ice cream scoops but in the new series there is a lot more variety. Of course Molly just happened to get three identical Nums in her mystery packs (I happen to love Mint Berry) but keep reading and we will introduce you to a few of the new ones later in this post.

num noms season 2

The stamp Nom is also new this series and a great addition.

num noms stamp

Now for something completely different! Check out the Series 2 Brunch Bunch. This starter pack comes with three brunch inspired Nums, one motorized Nom and a couple of brunch accessories. Watch as Molly introduces you to these yummy brunch treats:

How cute are these guys? And I have to tell you they smell awesome – the Strawberry FroYo is my favorite!

Num Noms Brunch

So we’re done brunch and ready to move on to dinner! The Diner Food Deluxe pack  in Series 2 contains 6 diner themed nums (one of them in a mystery pack), two motorized noms and a couple of accessories. Molly loves the packs that have a mystery num in them. Any guesses which one she found in this pack? I can tell you I was surprised!

That’s right – the mystery food was sushi. That one had me confused for a bit because I couldn’t quite figure it out by looking or by the smell but once we realized it was sushi it seemed so obvious.

This is just a sampling of what you can expect in Series 2 of the Num Noms. In this new line you will also find:

  • Jelly Beans
  • Fair Food
  • Pizza
  • Freezie Pops
  • Ice Cream

I see the potential to stack some really cool food creations here (I’m thinking jelly beans and ice cream). Num Noms are available at Loblaws, Showcase, Amazon and Toys R Us. Molly can’t wait to pick up more Series 2 Num Noms and I’m already looking forward to what surprises they will come up with for the next series!

Disclaimer:  We received a sampling of these toys in order to facilitate the review. All opinions expressed are 100% our own.





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  1. Oh my goodness – these totally remind me of the smelly stickers we had as a kid – just a whole lot better
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  2. These are so adorable! Sushi smell… they think of everything.

  3. These are great! I know my one niece loves them, she is into anything she can collect these days. Fun that they are scented.

  4. EEEE these are so awesome!!! My daughter would love them and they would come in handy for her ABA therapy sessions too

  5. These are so cute. What a great idea.

  6. I have heard so much about Num Noms and this they sound fabulous.

  7. These are so cute for kids to collect!

  8. We have some of the series 2 num noms and they are just the cutest things ever. And the smell is so addicting! lol My son likes to collect them, he has special needs & loves miniature toys.

  9. These are very cute my granddaughter has some of these now!!

  10. Ah, these are sweet. I like that you can stack him.

  11. These are really adorable, my daughter would love them. I never knew about thse and w/her being so difficult to buy for these are great!

  12. They are so cute! And smaller toys, I found, are much easier to keep contained.

  13. I think they are so cute! My daughters love them

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