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Oreck Venture Vacuums - Power and Performance - Outside The Box

Oreck Venture Vacuums – Power and Performance

Oreck Venture Vacuums – Power and Performance

I bought my first house about 12 years ago. It was a cute little 1960s era bungalow that I purchased from the original owner. The house was maintained very well but had few updates since it was built 40 years earlier. One of the few “updates” that had been done to the house was the installation of wall to wall carpeting. And when I say wall to wall I mean it. Every square foot of the main floor was covered in carpet, including the kitchen and the bathroom. Besides the complete ick factor of having carpet in a place like a bathroom, it was a nightmare for someone like me with allergies. So I ended up taking almost all of the carpet out (except the bedrooms) and replacing it with laminate and tile.

The house I have now with my family has no carpet. At all. It’s all hardwood and tile. With the exception of this awesome area rug in my daughter’s bedroom. We bought this rug seven years ago when I was pregnant and it’s been in her room every since. It’s bright and colorful and white. It’s held up really, really well over the years but I have to vacuum it at least once a week. And if I don’t it looks like this.

oreck vacuum

Every single little thing shows on this rug. Every speck of dirt. Every thread. Every stray hair from our black cat. I promise you I didn’t go throw on some extra dirt just to take these photographs. Nor did I leave the rug a long time without being vacuumed. This is simply a week’s worth of normal dirtiness.

We have a central vacuum system in our house and there are things I like about it. But there are things I don’t. If I’m settling in to do a big vacuum of the whole house getting out the central vac is awesome. But many times I just need to do one room or area or vacuum up a little dry spill. That’s when pulling out the big hose is really inconvenient. So it’s nice to have a smaller tool around that doesn’t make these jobs seems like such a big chore. That’s where the Oreck Venture comes in.

orek vacuum

I’ve honestly gone so long without a portable vacuum that I had no idea how much I’d love having one around. And maybe that’s due in part to the fact that my last vacuum sucked, but not in the way a vacuum should suck. The first job I gave the Oreck was cleaning up the rug in my daughter’s room. And the Oreck sucked in all the right ways.


I was legitimately surprised how clean the Oreck Venture got this rug. Because it hasn’t been this clean in years. Despite the fact that I vacuum it regularly with the central vac.  All this time I thought it looked pretty good but it’s clear now that it could have been better. And now it is. I was really amazed how powerful this relatively small and light weight vacuum is. It pulled out stuff from this rug I didn’t even know was in there. And powerful is what you want in a vacuum – unless you don’t. Have you ever tried to vacuum something like curtains with a powerful vacuum? That can be a bit tricky. But the Oreck Venture actually makes it really easy.

oreck power control

What you are looking at is the 5 speed variable control on the Venture vacuum. And it’s awesome. With a simple touch of the control buttons you can lower the speed on the vacuum to do those special jobs where full power just isn’t what you need. And when you add in the 30 inch telescopic wand, vacuuming curtains just got a whole lot easier. And when you have allergies like I do, being able to easily vacuum the drapes between washes is really important.

vacuum curtains

The convenience factor is pretty high with the Oreck Venture canister vacuum with nice touches like this automatic cord rewind.

oreck vacuum

And the onboard storage for the crevice and dusting/upholstery tools.

oreck vaccum

The easy to remove HEPA media bags (that trap 99.97% of dust and pollens). It also has an indicator light on the outside of the vacuum to let you know when the bag is full.

oreck vacuum

Weighing only 13 pounds and equipped with a 22 foot cord, vacuuming stairs is a breeze.

oreck vacuum

It doesn’t matter if you have wall to wall carpet or your house is entirely hard floors. The Oreck Venture Bagged canister vacuum is up for every job. If you do have a lot of carpet in your home then the Venture Pro model might be the right one for you. It has all the same features but also comes with a multi-floor powered nozzle that give you excellent performance on both carpets and hard floors. Both models are available now at Canadian Tire.


I received a complimentary Venture in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are completely my own.

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  1. With a house full of carpet, remnants of three dogs a cat and two kids, our current vaccum (not this make or model) is not cutting it. It's time…

    Besos Sarah.

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