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Get Connected With Best Buy This Father's Day #BestDadBestBuy - Outside The Box

Get Connected With Best Buy This Father’s Day #BestDadBestBuy

  • 15th June 2016

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Get Connected With Best Buy This Father’s Day #BestDadBestBuy

It’s June so that means two things are right around the corner. The official start of summer and Father’s Day. For us these two things go hand in hand as we almost always celebrate Father’s Day at the camp ground. To be perfectly honest, the first year we booked a camping trip on Father’s Day I don’t think it was on purpose. We always book our camping expeditions in March or April as soon as the Provincial Park reservation system opens up. But since that first accidental overlap we’ve actually made it a tradition. Camping time is family time and seems like the perfect way to celebrate Father’s Day. Yes my husband has to park the trailer (if you’ve done it you know it’s not a privilege) and yes he chops the fire wood (although in all fairness he does that because he likes it). His daddy duties don’t get set aside when we camp, even if it is “his day” but that doesn’t mean my daughter and I don’t try to make it special for him. Nothing beats a campfire meal and a cold beverage in the great outdoors. And we always have a special gift or two packed away in the trailer for him. And that is the hard part – finding the perfect Father’s Day gift. There are only so many ties, t-shirts and socks a dad needs. I’ll be honest, not only is finding that perfect Father’s Day gift a challenge because I just don’t know what to get each year but June is always a crazy busy month for us and finding the time to shop around can be a struggle too. So finding a store with a really good selection of things for all kinds of dads is a huge help. And this year we found that store.


Now my husband is not a huge gamer, electronic loving dad. So Best Buy hasn’t always been the first place that pops into my head when shopping for him (expect when we actually do need electronics, then it is first). But boy I didn’t know what I was missing. Best Buy is not just TVs, sound systems and computers. There is so much more in store – and online! So this year Molly and I headed over to Best Buy in search of the perfect thing for Father’s Day this year. But now I had a new problem. With so many things to pick from where do I start?

Well the obvious answer it TVs! I mean we all know that Best Buy has an awesome selection of the newest and best televisions and when you walk into the store you just can’t help but be drawn to the bright and bold images alive dancing on the screens. Do we need a new TV? Probably not. But ours is about ten years old and the technology has changed so much since we bought our first flat screen. We have to look.

Best Buy TVs

Clearly Molly is mesmerised by the new 4K Ultra HD TVs. I can’t say I blame her. The colour and definition on these are a stark contrast to what she sees on our 10 year old flat screen.  Could this be a possible Father’s Day gift?


By the way did you know that Best Buy Geek Squad will come out and calibrate your new TV? Yeah, that’s a thing they do! You may not think that’s a big deal but when you see two TV side by side and one has been calibrated and the other hasn’t the difference is pretty clear.

Harmony Remote

Ok we are ready to move on from the TV section but just one quick little stop before we do because I just have to stop and give a plug for the Logitech Harmony remote controls. Universal remotes are awesome and the Harmony line really is the cream of the crop. No more fumbling around with multiple remotes to watch TV or control your home stereo. One Harmony does it all.

Our next stop in Best Buy was the “toy” section. I’m not talking about match box cars and Barbie dolls here. I’m talking about toys that dads will love.

Best Buy Drones

Drones are the hottest thing right now. And that’s not surprising. Just look at this bad boy. Now this particular drone is a pretty sophisticated model, equipped with Ultra HD photo and video capabilities. But at Best Buy you can find a model that fits every budget and interest. From full on high quality video drones to smaller (yet just as fun) hobby drones.

star wars droid

Maybe the dad in your life isn’t into drones. How about a droid? Meet BB-8. This Star Wars inspired droid is a whole lot of fun.  Based on your interactions, BB-8 will show a range of expressions and perk up when you give voice commands. Watch your droid explore autonomously, guide BB-8 yourself, or create and view holographic recordings.

Best Buy RC Cars

Now you can’t really talk about grown up toys without mentioning remote control vehicles, which Molly spotted and had to investigate. Best Buy has a great selection of RC trucks, cars, boats and choppers. We actually do have an off road RC truck that is a whole lot of fun to play with at the camp ground.

wearable tech

Time to talk wearable tech. Fitness trackers are immensely popular right now. I remember when fitness trackers were simply called pedometers. But now these devices do that plus a million other things. They can measure your heart rate, tell you about your sleep patterns, track your running route via GPS and answer your phone. Again Best Buy has just the right tracker for every need and budget.

head phones

Along with all the wearable tech gadgets, any fitness buff knows a good set of head phones is a must have. Wireless headphones, thankfully, have come along way in recent years. I remember when I was searching for a set of blue tooth headphones a couple of years ago, the choices were pretty limited. Now there is a really good selection of wireless headphones that actually sound great and don’t need to be charged after one workout.

Let’s talk mobile for a minute. Did you know that you can go into your local Best Buy and purchase a phone on just about every major network?  This makes choosing which phone and which network to go with so much easier! You can compare right on the spot without having to go from store to store. You can also go online and compare all of your local plans ahead of time at My husband has a newish phone, complete with a new screen because a couple of weeks ago he dropped it face first and smashed it to pieces. Thankfully he was able to get it fixed and now he’s keenly aware of how important a good case is, especially for someone like him – a carpenter. I personally love my Otter Box so I think that might be a great choice for him. Talking about protection, when my husband had his screen replaced recently he got one of those plastic screen protectors put on. Have you ever tried putting one of those on your phone? They aren’t the easiest things in the world to apply. I’ve seen in the most experienced techies try to put them on and fail miserably. But Best Buy has something better.

best buy clearplex

This cool machine is what the Geek Quad use to custom cut ClearPlex Ultra Film sheets for your device. They tell me this stuff is made of the same material used on race car windshields. No matter what make and model of phone or tablet you have they can cut a protector for you. It only takes a minute to cut and they expertly apply it to your device. It’s that simple. I was lucky enough to get a demonstration when I visited my local store.

We saw a lot more on our visit to Best Buy. Far too much to write about here. So, what did we end up getting for a Father’s Day gift? Well, actually what we ended up getting was not in store but through They have a massive selection of products online. Seriously huge. And I had a my eye on a few outdoorsy/camping items that I know my husband will love so we ordered them.

Best Buy Camping

Impressive looking gear isn’t it? I can’t wait to try out the Meade Polaris 127mm Reflecting Telescope. We’ve talked about getting a telescope for some time now and I was really impressed with the selection of quality telescopes I found online at Best Buy.  Now you may be wondering what those other two crazy looking items are. I know they caught my eye the first time I saw them. The top right picture is of the Biolite CampStove Wood/Biomass Charging Stove and FlexLight. That’s a mouth full I know. This little camp stove is so cool. It does everything from boiling water and cooking meal to charging your mobile phone. And you need to feed it is small twigs and sticks. And the other item is the accessory grill that connect to the Biolite CampStove. This means no more having to wait for the big camp fire to get hot enough just to boil some water for coffee. No more need to light the propane stove when the weather isn’t cooperating enough to get a good fire going. This is just a small sample of all the neat camping and outdoor things you can find online at Best Buy for Father’s Day.

geek squad

I know I’ve mentioned the Geek Squad a couple of times throughout this post but they really do deserve their own section. So what is this Geek Squad? Guys, they fix all the things. Is your computer running slow or did you lose some data? They can help with that. Do you need your home network set up? They can do that. Do you need your home theatre system set up? They can do that too. Whatever you need done, just call the Geek Squad and let them take care of it.

And if you happen to be a forward thinker you can go ahead and buy a Geek Squad Membership with your new Best Buy purchase. You can get all the details of what a Queek Squad Membership can do for you here – or ask about it in store!


My husband and I normally work pretty well together. Normally. But I remember the day we came home with our first big screen TV and home theatre system and attempted to put it all together. We are both reasonably tech savvy, or so we thought. I tell you that event, trying to connect all of those things, in a way that actually worked, was a true test of our relationship. And we came very close to failing. In the end we managed to get it all together and didn’t have to call the divorce lawyer but I’d rather not ever do that again. Next time we will be calling in the Geek Squad. Here’s what David, our really helpful and knowledgable Best Buy geek had to say when I asked him a little bit about what the Geek Squad can do:


Wishing you all a wonderful Father’s Day, full of love, laughter and just maybe the perfect gift too!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Best Buy. All opinions are my own.

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  1. My son has the Stars Sphero on his wish list and my husband has the drone. I could spend the whole day in there.

    I like that they offer start to finish service. There is so much to know nowadays and it's hard to keep up.

    Besos Sarah.
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