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Avoid the Rag Bag with Oxi Clean. - Outside The Box

Avoid the Rag Bag with Oxi Clean.

  • 20th April 2016

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Avoid the Rag Bag with Oxi Clean.

Sigh, I love the dress (and the matching shoes) Molly is wearing in that picture. And so does she. But it’s time to put in it the “too small bag” and find it a new home. When she was born I had drawers full of cute little clothes for her. Some of them were outfits I had bought and many were given to us as baby gifts. We had so many adorable things for her to wear. But in the end she really only wore a small fraction of them. Because babies and kids grow so fast! My daughter is almost 6 now and she still grows out of things long before they are worn out. It can be a little frustrating. But it also has a silver lining. Because as fast as my daughter outgrows her clothes, so does nearly every other kid. Which means I can hit the thrift stores and swap meets and get some really great deals on clothes the next size up that have hardly been worn too. And, of course, it also means I can pass her barely worn clothes on for other kids to enjoy. What do you do with the clothes your little ones out grow? Here are a few of the ways we deal with too small clothes:

Sell them and support local

I haven’t done this as much since my daughter is a little older and I have a better sense of how many clothes she actually needs but when she was a baby and we had way more clothes than she ever wore I would watch for used kids clothing sales hosted by community groups or churches. It was a great way to get a few bucks back and support some local groups. Since they are generally ran like a consignment sale it was win win for everyone.

Donate them

These days I donate almost all of Molly’s used clothing (that are still in good shape) to local second hand stores that are in place to benefit our community. I also buy a lot of her clothes from these same shops.

Pass them down

I would do this – if we had someone to pass them down too. There are no little sisters or brothers in Molly’s future and she doesn’t have any younger cousins either so I really have nobody in the family to save them for.

Host a clothing swap

If you happen to have a circle of friends, family and/or neighbours that have kids of various ages this can be a great way to refresh your kid’s wardrobe and get a little grown up socializing in too!

Upcycle them

One of the ways we deal with old clothes that maybe have a little stain that won’t come our or a tear on them is to turn them into something else. Right now making clothes for Molly’s dolls is one of our favourite ways to upcycle old clothes that can’t be passed on. I’ve also seen some creative people make patchwork quilts out of their little one’s clothes. What a great keepsake!

Make rags

The last resort and generally reserved for the clothes that come home from daycare with things like bingo dabber on them. Cut them up and thrown them in the rag bag. It’s not like they won’t be put to good use!



No matter what you end up doing with those too small clothes you will probably want to keep them looking their best, especially if you want to sell them or hand them down. And kids are messy. So very messy. How do you keep those clothes looking their best? Well thankfully we have the technology! Combine today’s awesome washing machines (although sometimes a good old hand wash is exactly what you need) with the stain fighting power of OxiClean and you can keep clothes looking like new. OxiCleanTM Foam Pre-treat rids your children’s clothes of tough dried on stains – even grease (full disclosure NOTHING gets out dried in bingo dabber). My daughter also loves to make a fashion statement in bright coloured clothes so even if she’s not getting them stained I need to make sure they stay vibrant and bright.  Luckily I can give those clothes a high definition clean with OxiCleanTM HDTMLaundry Detergent (available in liquid and paks) and keep them from being destined for the rag bag!


Disclosure: this post was brought to you in partnership with Church and Dwight

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  1. So many great ideas for things to do with loved but no longer needed clothing. I just "donated" a tshirt to the rag bag this week but I didn't try OxiCleanTM Foam Pre-treat. I'm definitely going to add it to my cleaning arsenal. Thanks for sharing.

    Besos Sarah.
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