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Let Crayola Inspire You This Holiday Season #Giveaway (CAN 11/30) - Outside The Box

Let Crayola Inspire You This Holiday Season #Giveaway (CAN 11/30)

Let Crayola Inspire You This Holiday Season #Giveaway (CAN 11/30)

Mommy can we do crafts? This is my life right now. We have school (half days), daycare, cheer leading and swimming lessons – all of which Molly enjoys but her passion is creating. It’s awesome, it really is, but a crafty mom I am not. I can cook you up a cake so pretty you hate to cut into it but outside of the kitchen my artistic skills fall flat. And this is why I am eternally grateful for brands like Crayola that help me step up my kid friendly creative game.

We recently had the opportunity to try out some fun new items from Crayola and my five year old was absolutely in her glory. We’ve always loved Crayola for the tried and true basics like crayons and markers, you just can’t beat the quality, but they’ve also got some really innovative toys out there now that step up the game.

Crayon Carver

Crayola Crayon Carver

Oh my word this is so much fun to use! It sounds complicated but the Crayon Carver is surprisingly easy and so cool. The kit comes with letters and fun symbols and shapes that kids can carve right into their crayons. I was prepared to do most of the work here but soon discovered that Molly could handle this quite well on her own. You simply pick out the letters/symbols you want to carve, place them in the tile holder, load a crayon and trace the tiles.

crayola crayon carver

crayola crayon carver

This would be a really neat way to create custom crayons for birthday loots bags or other special kid occasions. The carver works with both standard and jumbo crayons and comes with a little tool that makes stripping the paper wrapping off the crayon a breeze.

Cling Creator

Crayola Cling Creator


This was another one that Molly was excited to try out and it didn’t disappoint. This was a great combination of craft and science lab that was a big draw. Again I assumed I would have to help more than I did but the Cling Creator wasn’t hard to use at all.

Crayola Cling Creator

All you do is mix the cling solution and the color(s) of your choice in the little premarked containers, shake well or put them in the cute “shaker maker” to mix, pour the solution into a mold and let sit for 15-20 minutes.

Crayola Cling MakerThen you carefully lift the cling out and stick it where you want.

Crayola Cling Creator

Those are the basics but you can even get more creative than that with this toy. You can make custom molds (it comes with clay to make them), experiment with mixing and swirling colours or add embellishments like glitter. And when you run out of solution refill packs are available.

Crayola Thread Wrapper


One of the things Molly loves doing right now is designing and creating anything fashion related. The Thread Wrapper gives her the opportunity to add her own custom flair to things she already has like head bands, sunglasses and even pencils (basically anything longish that will fit inside the wrapper. When I first opened the package and started assembling it I has visions of trying to learn how to thread a new sewing machine (if you sew you know what I’m saying here) but loading the thread was a breeze and only took a minute.

Crayola Thread Wrapper


The kit comes with six full spools of thread and two empty ones so you can use whatever thread you like. It also comes with a fabric marker so you can actually colour your own thread if you want. You can use up to three colours at a time to wrap your project. When you’re ready you just put the object you are wrapping in the machine, press the wrap button and slowly move the object back and forth until it’s wrapped.

Crayola Thread Wrapper

Easy Animation Studio

Crayola Animation Studio

The Easy Animation Studio  is different than anything we’ve used before. How it works – you download the free app to your mobile device, then create your character using the book provided.

Crayola Animation Studio

Once you’ve designed your character, both front and back, your take a picture with your mobile device and it uploads to the app. This is where it gets cool – you place your mannequin in front of your mobile device and move it into different poses. The app captures those movements and created a custom animation. You can then pick the background you want to see your character on and record your own voice over or narration.

Color Wonder Light Up Stamper

Colour Wonder Stamper

We’ve used Crayola Color Wonder products in the past and loved them. They are great for little artists, easy to use and literally mess free. The new Light-Up Stamper brings a whole new level of fun to the Color Wonder collection. The kit comes with 10 ocean themed stamps, a 12 page drawing pad and color wonder markers.  You just load up the stamp you want to use, press it into whichever color you want and stamp away on the magic paper. And when you press the stamp into the magic color “ink” pad it lights up to show you which color you have loaded.

crayola light up stamper

You can also use the color wonder markers to fill in your designs or add embellishments.

Crayola Color Wonder

Color Alive

crayola colour alive

Imagine your drawings coming to life. That is exactly what happens with Crayola Colour Alive. The process of bringing your drawings to life is actually pretty easy but the results are incredible!

You just color a page from one of the Colour Alive books, take a picture and upload it to your phone in the Colour Alive app and watch it come to life and even interact with you!

Of course Crayola has a ton of products for every age group and every kid on your gift list this year. From crayons to animation studios and everything in between.

crayola crayons


Enter to Win!

I’m thrilled to give one lucky reader the chance to try out a couple of these new Crayola toys for themselves. One of you will get to take home 2 great prizes – the Crayon Carver and the Easy Animation Studio.

Crayola Crayon Carver


Crayola Animation StudioGiveaway is open to Canadian residents (except Quebec) age 18 and over. Enter using the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck!


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  1. My most recent craft was making soldier hats,   Cereal boxes and hot glue.  Next step it to add the fabric and the eleastic.  🙂   My children are all very crafty working hard on many things.

  2. We've been glittering old Christmas ornaments. They've been turning out great!

  3. We made a Christmas stocking, and it turned out fairly well. 

  4. We made poppies for Remembrance Day and they turned out really well.

  5. We made bugs with the crayola crayon melter with the molds, my son also made rings for all the kids in his class

  6. Working on a Christmas Wreath… so far, so good!

  7. We made snowmen decorations!

  8. I tried to make catnip pillows and they turned out pretty good.

  9. My kids decided to make a "fire" and cut up 1,987,345,324 little pieces of construction paper as wood. It was a success in their minds so I guess that's what counts.

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo
    My recent post WIN at the Canadian-Friendly Giveaway Linky! Ends December 31, 2015 #canwin #giveaway

  10. We recently painted spooky scenes on large rocks for Halloween and they turned out quite well.


  11. Knitting a scarf and yes it turned out well.

  12. My recent craft was crocheting a pair of slippers, almost done. 

  13. The most recent craft I did with my grandkids was making leaf stamps!

    Rafflecopter Name is Anne Taylor

  14. My son and I made egg shell snowmen the other day! 🙂

  15. My youngest son and I are making  box cars out of  tissue boxes and bottle lids.  So far it's going well, we have to decorate them. These Crayola kits would be a great help! He wants to give them for Christmas  gifts 🙂 

  16. We made some Christmas snowflake ornaments, they turned out greatn

  17. We are starting Christmas ornements for My little girl tree 🙂

  18. We love to colour and bake – we'll be doing a lot of it in the coming month!

  19. Painted plant pot and it's lovely

  20. I attempted a home made snow globe, notice that I said attempted! loL 🙂


  22. Our most recent craft we attempted was a huge birthday card and have the whole fasmily sign it for the grandkids grandma (my Mom) 90th BD,…he was a hit!

  23. Attempted scrapbooking and I have a long way to go….I want to be as good as my mom.

  24. My daughter and I painted! She loves to paint

  25. we made poppies as a craft for my nieces birthday

  26. The kids and I actually made candycanes out of beads and pipecleaners the other day. They are going to give them to their teachers for Christmas. They turned out great. 

  27. We decided to paint a small canvas and it turned out pretty good

  28. made bute foam halloween crafts..turned out super cute

  29. The most recent would be doing some beading. It turned out great.

  30. We made mouse pin cushions and they look ok!

  31. we just made a leave collage

  32. we've been making Christmas ornaments…. they've been messy

  33. I recently tried to cut out snowflakes but failed miserablt 

  34. my son made an indoor garden in a foil baking pan with grass and a bean plant, the decorated it as if it were an outdoor garden with fences and signs. I thought it was very cute

  35. we have made large christmas ornaments (3) 

  36. I just painted a canvas for my daughter for Christmas with the "you are my sunshine" poem on it.  It didn't turn out how I wanted but it's full of mom's love

  37. My kids LOVE to pain and draw.

  38. We attempted to make snow flakes

  39. i finished a christmas stocking, came out great

  40. We did crafts for Halloween and they turned out great. 

  41. My daughter and I made some pieces to our halloween costumes this year and they turned out great with a lot of effort.

  42. grandaughter made turkey hand name plates for the table, very cute.

  43. I recently made salt dough ornaments with my kids. They decorated with markers and it turned out quite well.

  44. We made a halloween wreath with bats we had cut out and colored. It looked great!

  45. I knit quite a bit latest project was some character hats, they turned out ok

  46. Attempted to create a Minion. It worked! 

  47. My daughter and I made a paper sheep yesterday. It had googly eyes and was awesome.

  48. We made a Christmas calendar countdown with paint and a small chalkboard section to write in the day! 

  49. I made a Christmas stocking for my niece. It turned out good.

  50. I am working on Candy Cane felt horses for our girls to take to there classmates. The kids just love them each year 🙂 

  51. I saw an image of crayons lined up and melted to create a cool-looking art piece. I tried it and it didn’t look nearly as cool. But I am going to try again since last time I rushed it.

  52. I've been working on a crocheted afghan for like two years, so still going on that

  53. We made homemade flubber and it turned out perfect! We even sent some to school for my sons class to enjoy

  54. Mine was making a wreath for christmas, it looks good

  55. Last weekend my grand kids had a sleepover & we made the snow globes with mason jars with water,oil and sparkles. I printed off pictures of them and picked up tiny trees and ribbon at the Dollar store and we made the shakers! They all turned out great

  56. i tried to make construction paper turkey hats for thanksgiving, i think they turned out. the key is to keep the expectations really low rafflecopter charityk

  57. a craft making a dinosaur at nanas house. it was funny. nana got out glue, paper, pens and oregano. yes, oregano… to colour in the dinosaur. 

  58. We just made some birthday cards!

  59. Last craft was making some ghost's for Halloween and they turned out pretty good and easy too!!

  60. I recently made a necklace and earrings and they turned out good.

  61. I used feather dusters to layer paint onto my kitchen cupboards. They turned out gorgeous. 

  62. Myself and Sophie made ghosts on haloween using construction paper, glue, and cotton balls and It worked out pretty well.

  63. I tried to make a Halloween costume and it turned out okay.

  64. we made popies they turned out really good 

  65. A made a link costume for my boy

  66. We made a finger puppets yesterday. It turned out great.

  67. a minion pumpkin it turned out good

  68. The most recent craft we made was a cardboard robot head yesterday . Toddler is having hours of fun with it . 

  69. I made a 3d snowflake  and it turned  out to work  out really  well  

  70. We made candles for a present. They are adorable, but all the words are backwards LOL. 

  71. We hand painted paper masks. It was a lot of fun and next i think we'll paper mache out own. 

    – Amber y

  72. We made a Chanukah menorah and it came out great!

  73. I just made ugly sweaters from the dollar store with a co-worker for our Christmas party.. their awesome

  74. billiondollarprincesss
    Sunday 22 November 2015, 12:20 am

    I am putting together gift baskets for Christmas…so far so good. Last year i ran out of cellophane and had to improvise.

  75. my daughter is always creating something, last week we made foam Christmas trees, it turned out pretty good. She loves to colour and has been doing up some nice drawings on the tablet.
    My recent post Christmas Crafts – 3 in 1 Santa Craft – w/linky

  76. My daughter and I made caterpillars with empty egg cartons and they looked awesome!

  77. Made felt ornaments and it is turning out great.

  78. Our latest craft was a simple one. We made crowns out of construction paper, glitter, and craft jewels. They turned out well.

  79. We made people out of toilet paper tubes – not exactly high craftsmanship, but my toddler loved it.

  80. I crocheted a scarf and it turned out well.

  81. I crocheted a lovely scarf! 

  82. made a sunburst mirror and it turned out great!

  83. Tried to decorate my own stocking. Now I need a new one lol.

  84. My recent crafts were making lanterns from recycled jars. It turned out great!

  85. We painted small items and pretended we owned the store. My granddaughter made money from grandpa and auntie lol.

  86. we tried making homemade Christmas ornaments using play dough didn't work out that well

  87. We made some garland wreaths and they look so festive

  88. we made owls out of toilet paper rolls

  89. Painting has always been fun with the kids!

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