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12 Reasons Why Peanut Free Schools are Not Ok? I Only Need 1 to Say They Are. - Outside The Box

12 Reasons Why Peanut Free Schools are Not Ok? I Only Need 1 to Say They Are.

12 Reasons Why Peanut Free Schools are Not Ok? I Only Need 1 to Say They Are.

I don’t know what his name is. Maybe it’s Peter or Jake or Brandon. It’s his first day of school. And the excitement is radiating out of him. He has been waiting for this day for as long as he can remember. For years he was watched his old sister get on the school bus and head off to adventures he can only dream of. But today is his big day. He’s ready. Dressed in his new favorite shirt, jeans and some awesome new sneakers, he’s got this! There is a tinge of nervousness there. Of course there is. This is all so unknown. But today the anticipation of what lays ahead as he walks into that school for the first day is predominately joy and pride. He’s a big boy now.

I don’t know what her name is. Maybe it’s Karen or Cathy or Sandra. It’s her little boy’s first day of school. And she is excited for him. She knows how long he’s been waiting for this day. To follow in his big sister’s footsteps and head off on that school bus into a new and exciting world. He’s ready. She knows he is. He’s bright and kind and she is confident that he will excel. He was beaming this morning as he put on his new favorite shirt and jeans and the sneakers that he fell in love with at the store and just had to have for school. She is full of joy and pride. He’s a big boy now. But her excitement is overshadowed by fear.

She didn’t have this fear when her older child started school. She didn’t need it. You see her little man, the one so excited to start school today has a very real and very serious peanut allergy. It’s not a sensitivity. It’s not a mild reaction. It is a life threatening allergy that could easily and swiftly take her little boy’s life. Just like that. She has prepared him as best she can. He understands his allergy. He knows, as best he can, what to avoid. But he’s five remember. And sometimes these things aren’t obvious. All it takes is one small mistake, one high five from a kid that just ate a peanut butter sandwich. One child at the lunch table with a chocolate chip cookie that sat next to a peanut butter cookie in the bakery. One little thing.

This is the one and only reason you need to realize that yes peanut free schools (especially in the lower grades) are ok. This little boy. He is the only reason any of us need. Period.  I’m going to stand by my 1 reason being much more important than your 12. I’m pretty sure Karen or Cathy or Sandra would agree.


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  1. I agree 100%. Your 1 reason is the only reason that matters. Thank you.
    My recent post This Is Nuts! Where Has Our Common Sense Gone?

  2. Oh my gosh – I am in complete agreement with you, and I cannot even wrap my head around the other post…I really have no words. 

  3. Completely agree. Rights are irrelevant when lives are at stake. This is not a rights issue, or a special needs issue. This is a life-saving measure, which might be an inconvenience for some, but which could save a child’s life. That’s all the reason you need. 

  4. I read the other article (12 Reasons Why Peanut Free Schools Are Not OK) and was sickened by that author's selfishness and outright willful ignorance. As the daughter of two (one Type I Diabetic and the other Blind) I cannot begin to say how much those two conditions are exactly NOT like a life-threatening food allergy. Thankfully my children don't have food allergies but I totally, 100%, agree with this article. One person's rights end where another's begins and a right to putting peanuts in a lunch bag are most definitely trumped by another's right to life!

  5. Great post. It's a part of life for many. 

  6. I haven't read the other article, but I do think the whole peanut-free school concept is fear based, not fact based. The world is not peanut-free, it is full of kids (and adults) that have eaten peanut butter at home, and didn't wash their hands very well. Most restaurants have nuts in them, or fish, or other items that someone would be allergic to. If your child has been to the playground, movie theater, mall, restaurant or any other public place without having a reaction, then why expect that to happen at school? Sure, there are concerns with small kids lunch swapping, but the solution is to deal with the issue and prevent swapping (and ask people not to send food for sharing that contains allergens applicable to kids in their particular class). Many experts feel that peanut-free schools are a poor idea because they give people a false sense of security. A better approach is to plan to deal with an issue rather than assuming the problem isn't present.

  7. I would agree, BUT if you all did your research…nut allergies are cureable from Naturopathic Doctors. YES even the life threatening allergies. Spend the money to possibly save your childs life!

    • Pam do you have a link to back up this claim? I know plenty of parents of kids with allergies that actually do work with NDs and as of yet I haven't heard of any of them being cured. And just to be clear – an ND saved my daughter's life so I certainly have respect for the profession.

  8. I only need ONE to say they are NOT. The ONE reason is: there are just too many food allergies. Some kids are allergic to milk, would you ban milk as well?! Some kids are allergic to eggs, would you ban eggs?! Some kids are allergic to seafood, would you ban seafood?! All these allergies can be life-threatening as well. Would you ban all foods altogether?!

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