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How to be a Mommy Blogger. 11 Essential Questions Answered.

How to be a Mommy Blogger. 11 Essential Questions Answered.

How to be a Mommy Blogger. 11 Essential Questions Answered.

The other day a blogging friend posted a picture of a book he found at at thrift store called Mom Blogging for Dummies. Now in all fairness I haven’t read the book and the truth is I actually have used and enjoyed a few of the other Dummies books in the past. But this definitely made me chuckle. As a blogger, and especially a blogger that can be loosely categorized as a “mommy blogger” I get asked a lot of questions about what I do. Some of them are good questions from people that legitimately are interested in what I do and how I do it. But sometimes the questions range from being silly to out right insulting.

So you want to be a mom blogger? Here are some of the burning questions that you may be asking and some helpful answers to get you started on your mommy blogger journey!


1. Do I have to have a kid to be a mommy blogger?

No! If you really want to be a mommy blogger but have no other need for a kid then by all means just fake it. If you have friends or family that can lend you a kid for a photo shoot or just to help you get your “mom” on then go ahead and take advantage of that. I mean come on most of us actual moms are just winging it most of the time anyways so I’m sure nobody will have a clue you are totally faking it.

2. Do you get a lot of free stuff because you’re a mommy blogger?

Hell yes! Seriously I haven’t bought anything but wine since 2011. Every day the delivery guy comes to my door with boxes and boxes of free stuff. In fact I spend most of my day just opening packages and making forts with my kid with all of the empty boxes.

3. How do you get all that free stuff?

It’s really, really easy. You just go online and tweet and stuff about the free things you want. And then you wait by your computer for companies to start flooding your inbox with requests to send you that free stuff.

4. How do you get brands to pay you to write about them?

This really is a no brainer. You just contact a brand and tell them how much you love their product and or service. You then wait for them to offer to send you money to write about their product or service. Here’s a little pointer – if the brand does not reply or replies saying they aren’t interested you just tell them you will never use/buy their product or service again if they don’t work with you. Brands love that. It shows them you take your work seriously and they sure don’t want to lose someone like you as a customer.

5. I’ve never really been a great writer. Does that matter?

Don’t ever let lack of talent stop you from making your dreams come true! Really, that’s what spell check is for right? Like every great star you just need to fake it until you make it. I mean look at Shakespeare – I heard a bunch of monkeys on typewriters could do what he did.

6. Can you share your contacts with me?

Sure why not! Why on earth should you be expected to work for that information when I can just shoot it all off in an email to you? Sharing is caring after all!

7. When you write reviews are you always honest?

Honest is subjective isn’t it? I’m not going to jeopardize my relationship with a brand and the chance to get more free stuff and/or money by posting anything but rave reviews. Let’s get real, my readers are really only interested in winning stuff anyways, they don’t care if what they are entering to win actually works. Free is free.

8. I hear bloggers get a lot of free swag at blogging conferences. Is that true?

Oh my word yes! Free swag is the number one reason that bloggers go to conferences (well that and the chance to get our wine on with other mommy bloggers). We get so much stuff that it’s like they are paying us to be there! I’m pretty sure it almost covers the expense of the conference tickets, flights and accommodations.

9. It must be nice to be able to stay at home and play on the computer all day.

Oh I’m sure it is. I actually go to an office and work fulltime during the week (you know just for fun money) but I’ve heard from my friends that blog fulltime that it’s like heaven. I mean you don’t even need to get dressed. And writing with kid around, come one that’s no big deal. Just stick a soother in their mouth or plop them in front of the TV and it’s like they aren’t even there.

10. My son really wants a certain toy. Can you get the brand to send one for free and give it to me?

Absolutely. What kind of a friend would I be if I didn’t use my social influence to get free stuff for the people I sort of maybe know a bit? Here’s a secret – brands have HUGE stashes of inventory set aside for that very purpose. They know if they want to keep bloggers happy they need to keep their friends happy too.

11. I’ve been blogger for like three months now and I don’t get the opps that some other mommy bloggers are getting. It’s really frustrating. What gives?

I feel your pain. You’ve been busting your butt churning out like one mediocre post a week and tweeting like once a day kissing brands’ butts and nothing! It’s not fair. I know. Just because you’re new and only have 150 social media followers doesn’t mean you won’t do a great job. Let’s face it, these other mommy bloggers are just greedy and I’m willing to bet they are talking about you behind your back. I mean why else would brands not being falling all over you yet? You’ve got a pretty blog template, a cutsie cartoon avatar of yourself and have done everything the big bloggers have done. You know what? It’s not you. It’s them. It’s always them.




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  1. Omg, this was awesome! 🙂 xo
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  2. Holy shit, this is the conversation I have in my head every day. I love when other bloggers PM me on Facebook to say "OMG, hi, how are you? And, by the way, even though we have absolutely no friendship outside of this conversation, can you share with me your contact from XXX?"
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  3. Oh my goodness! I love this post!!

  4. Haha! Too funny!

  5. Love love love. It sounds exactly right. 

  6. I'm so happy that you have opened up this dialogue because I noticed that you posted about Kelloggs recently and my family and I eat their Rice Krispies Since you offered, could you please pass on your contact name. You can send me a PM because we wouldn't want all those "other Mommy bloggers" to get it for free. I mean, we all know that nothing in life is free… Thanks!

    Besos Sarah
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  7. Totally was in tears by number two, I love it!!!

  8. LMAO! You are seriously the best, now get on those free stuff and contacts for me. 🙂 You know I only emailed you like fifty times! hahahahaha

  9. ROFL!! This was hilarious! Awesome post!!!
    Being an older 'mommy blogger' – actually I'm done being a mommy blogger.. just a blogger now ;-), I've seen blogging change like crazy through the years!!
    Great job! Totally sharing this!
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