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Eco-Friendly Cleaning For Kids & A Giveaway (CAN 08/10) - Outside The Box

Eco-Friendly Cleaning For Kids & A Giveaway (CAN 08/10)

Eco-Friendly Cleaning For Kids & A Giveaway (CAN 08/10)

Kids are dirty. That’s just life and the truth is most of the time the dirtier a kid is the more fun she’s had. Getting dirty is part of growing up – although getting messy is not reserved for kids!

We’ve learned to embrace the dirt in our home. Now, that doesn’t mean we walk around dirty, or in a dirty house, but having a five year old in the family we just know it comes with the territory. And having products at hand that are effective and kid friendly makes cleaning up easy, and even fun. I’ve been a fan of Live Clean products for quite some time. I used their baby products when Molly was little and I frequently use some of their hair products myself (I’m currently in love with the coconut line). More recently I discovered the Live Clean kids line of products and they have also become a favorite in our home.

Live Clean Soap

Molly loves foaming hand soap. The truth is I do too. Not only is it easy for kids to use but I find you use less water since you don’t require any to make the soap foamy and effective. The Live Clean kids soap comes in two yummy smelling varieties – Mix Berry and Tropical. It works great, is gentle on the hands and rinses away easily. The foaming soap retails for $4.99 and is currently available at Walmart and will soon be available at Loblaws stores as well.

Live Clean kids body wash


The Live Clean Body and Hair Wash also comes in Mixed Berry and Tropical formulas. They come in kid size bottles that are designed to fit easily in little hands. Again, we love the fruity scents of these hair and body washes and find that they foam easily and rinse away well. You can also find this product at Walmart (and soon at Loblaws) for a retail price of $6.99.

Besides the fact that the Live Clean kids products are fun AND effective, another reason we love them is because of the eco-friendly, plant dervied ingredients used to make them. All of the kids products are free of SLS/sulfate, petroleum and dye. They don’t use any harsh cleansing agents, additives or preservatives either. I also love that the products are made in Canada.

Enter to Win!

I’m excited to be able to offer my readers a chance to win their own set of Live Clean kids cleaning products – Two bottles of the Foaming Hand Soap and two bottles of the Body and Hair Wash. The giveaway is open to Canadian residents age 18 and over. Enter using the Rafflecopter form below.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Every time it rains seems to be a messy time in our house. The kids go out and ride their bikes through the puddles. The dogs go and play in the mud. 

  2. My toddler liked to “wash his hair” at the dinner table every time we gave him mashed potatoes!

  3. It's always messy when my granddaughter she gets covered in food, I can't believe she actually gets any in her mouth

  4. Messiest moment I can recall is shaking the ketchup bottle and the top came off and the kitchen and myself got covered

  5. 2 huskies and a toddler means dinner time is always messy…  

  6. Finger painting is always so much fun, but also very messy in our home!!

  7. Messy moment? More like messy time continuum! I have a 7 year old son who is obsessed with bugs and digging in the dirt, a husband who makes stuff for a living, and two cats who hack and shed. Throw in my absolute clumsiness, and you have a lot of spot cleans in one day.

  8. Agh! With two toddlers in the house, my entire life is a bit messy lol, the worst was when my son decided to coat himself and his room in diaper cream. That stuff has some staying power! 

  9. Probably the time that The Kids jumped in puddles that were higher than their rainboots. They love the foaming hand wash and I like anything that makes them cleaner!

    Besos Sarah.
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  10. My son dropped  a 4L milk container, there was milk everywhere in the kitchen.

  11. Meal time with my grandkids is always messy time!  When I bake with the grandkids they tend to get really messy as well!

  12. My son bumped me the other day and a whole cup of coffee went flying down the basement stairs. What a mess!

  13. I don't know when it isn't a messy moment in our house.  With three kids and a dog and cat — every day is an adventure.  Even baking pancakes for breakfast yesterday resulted in batter splattered all over the walls, counters and on the dog.
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  14. Stephanie LaPlante
    Monday 27 July 2015, 2:54 pm

    Making candy apples and finding it on the walls of every room!

  15. When my kids brush their teeth by themselves it usually gets messy

  16. Any time we paint…it seems to get all over the kids!

  17. With four very busy kids at our house, there is always a messy moment on the go, like the time my girls decided to bake a cake on their own…I'm still finding tiny remnants six months later.

  18. A jar of pasta sauce that got knocked off the counter and went EVERYWHERE!  I still find specks of it months later. I agree that a dirty kid often means that they have had lots of fun!

  19. the kids drawing all over themselves with marker

  20. Sophie's spagetti slipped off her plate while she was walking to her spot at the table. She slipped in it splashed the sauce everywhere and then her JJ tripped on her arm and spilled his chocolate milk all over the wall.

  21. Spring is messy in my house…cats and kids trekking in a lot of mud.

  22. Feeding a toddler spaghetti.

  23. My daughter is proudly writing her name everywhere…with markers…from on the furniture to inside reading books! I just hope she doesnt decide to label her kitten! Gotta love those messy moments!

  24. The kitchen during the holidays!

  25. The day my son squirt a whole bottle of ketchup around the kitchen! OMG!!! It was so hard to clean up!

  26. We are always making messes! Lots of spills and crumbs!

  27. One time I was baking and left the bag of flour on the counter unattended after  I went to answer the phone. II came back to an entirely white kitchen and 3 year-old son when I got back!

  28. spring planting when everyone 'helps'. thanks.

  29. well, the latest one involved acrylic paints that were awfully hard to wash off and some stuff is forever stained. I think my child has some kind of sensor to find anything shes not supposed to get into. hahaha

  30. My daughter smashed a whole carton of eggs all over the kitchen what a mess

  31. My kids make a mess everyday! They seem to forget forks are for eating, not fingers! Then they walk around with sticky messy fingers and make a mess in the house 

  32. The messiest moments in our house is when my baby spits up all over his clothes.

  33. The last one was her eating raspberries and getting them on everything near her.

  34. Carving pumpkins on our kitchen floor always gets very messy.

  35. My boys looking for snails in our backyard first thing in the morning. Two boys, aged 5 and 3, digging through grass and dirt to see how many snails they can “collect”. You can imagine the dirt!

  36. One day my son was getting the butter out of the fridge and accidentally he hit a can of soda with the butter knife in his hand. The little hole from the knife sent pop spraying everywhere, in and out of the fridge. He ended up soaked in cream soda!


  37. dropped a glass of milk on the floor

  38. let us say I was potty training my son yesterday and it got pretty messy with a no 2

  39. The messiest moment around our house is dinner time! There is always food everywhere! 

  40. Oh gosh, I have 5 boys so it would be easier to tell you about a time when there wasn't a mess LOL. 

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