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The Ups and Downs of Spring #Achoo #Onatural

The Ups and Downs of Spring #Achoo #Onatural

The Ups and Downs of Spring #Achoo #Onatural

Spring is finally here!  I think… After about 6 long months of winter the arrival of spring is more than welcome. The grass is getting green. The tulips are getting ready to bloom. The robins are back. The apple tree in the back yard is budding. My eyes are watering and I sneeze all day long. Oh yes, spring has arrived. It starts with a couple of solid months of snow mould. And then the tree pollens come (not to mention the lilacs). Finally summer arrives with grass and spores. There have been times I’m not sure which I dread worse – six months of cold and snow or six months of relentless allergies.

My almost five year old daughter takes after me in so many ways. A perfect stranger could pick her out in a crowd as my daughter. And, unfortunately, along with my curly hair, blue eyes and fair skin, she got my allergies. And to make things worse she also has asthma. Although I don’t have asthma myself, the fact that I have allergies made her far more likely to have asthma. Lucky us. This time of year I could live on antihistamines. I also take a lot of ibuprofen to help with the extreme sinus pressure that I get.

I don’t like to give my daughter antihistamines. She’s definitely old enough for them and they are pretty safe. But my daughter also has an unrelated condition that requires daily doses of other medications and some supplements so I just try to avoid having to give her extra medication if I can get away with it. Don’t get me wrong, I would never avoid giving her something she needs and if she really needs an antihistamine she will get it. However, we take a preventable approach to allergies as best we can. Every little thing can make a difference – watching pollen counts and staying indoors on bad days, keeping windows rolled up and the AC on in the car, running an air purifier at home, bathing often and always putting clean clothes on her – all of these things help.

But as hard as we try we just can’t prevent allergies completely. And before we reach for the antihistamines we tend to try more natural remedies first.

orange naturals allergy

Orange Naturals has seasonal allergy homeopathic remedies for both kids and adults. Both formulas help with the most common seasonal allergy symptoms:

  • congestion and runny nose
  • itchy eyes
  • fatigue
  • Sore throats and difficulty breathing

I don’t know if you have ever suffered with the fatigue that comes with seasonal allergies but it can be pretty debilitating. There are days that I can barely make it through dinner I’m so exhausted from battling allergies all day long. And unfortunately even the best and most expensive antihistamine (and boy are they ever expensive) barely even touch my allergies some days.  Those days I need something more and I turn to Orange Naturals for that extra something to help me through. And for my daughter I usually will start with the homeopathic remedy so I can avoid giving her antihistamines unless absolutely necessary. Although her allergies seem to happen as frequently as mine, so far they don’t seem to take the same toll on her little body as they do on mine.

The Orange Naturals Homeopathic remedies for adults and kids are made with all natural active ingredients. Both formulas are non drowsy and contain no artificial flavours and the kids formulas is in a glycerin base that makes it taste good. I’m really thrilled to have another natural way to help us both through allergy season.

Be sure to visit the Orange Naturals website to see their full range of natural supplements and remedies for the entire family. Orange Naturals is a Canadian company and all of the products are designed by licensed, Canadian Naturopathic doctors. You can also visit the #onatural blog for more advice on treating allergies and other great tips.


Disclosure: I am part of the Orange Naturals Mom Ambassador Program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.



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  1. My son has been clearing his throat a lot and I'm not sure if it's a tick or allergies. My husband has allergies so unfortunately, it might be that. I'll definitely look into this product. Thanks for sharing.

    Besos Sarah.
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