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Stories From Moms - Outside The Box

Stories From Moms

Stories From Moms

Mother’s Day is a bitter sweet day for me and has been for some time. I actually have two mothers, neither of which are part of my life. That can be a bitter pill to swallow on a day devoted to showing mom how much you love her. But I am a mother now myself and having this amazing little girl who calls me mom more than makes up for the hurt of not having a supportive and loving mother myself. I am committed to being the best mom I can possibly be.

So, I have a story written about my mother and one day soon I will publish it but now is not the time. Because it is not a feel good story. It’s not a Mother’s Day story. But, fortunately, there are plenty of other women out there that do have stories to share and I am thrilled to be able to bring them to you in this Mother’s Day Story round up! So grab a tea or a glass of wine and a box of tissues. Be ready to cry. Be ready to laugh.

Stories From Moms

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Dear Mama To Be

This West Coast Mommy

Paradoxically you’ll feel more powerful and more vulnerable than you’ve ever felt in your life, all at the same time.

Dear Biological Mother. I Have Two Words For You.

Journeys of the Zoo

Since losing Alexander, I can’t imagine choosing to live without your child. I feel connected to all that you no longer have.

A Body Only A Mother Could Love

One Heart One Family

Now three years and three children later, I stare at my body in the mirror. It is no longer the beautiful body I grew up with, but replaced with a strangers body.

The First Time They Say “I Love You”

Tales of Mommyhood

Being pregnant and hormonal at the time, he had me near tears and I still remember the emotions of the day…

But I Am Not Done With You Yet

Thrifty Mommas Tips

You think of every last time, hold it in your hand and turn it around: was that the last? was it good enough?

If Your Daughter Could Meet You

Mommy’s Weird

I wish I could have played with you when you were younger…

Before I Became a Mother

Fab Frugal Mama

My nails are in need of tending, my downward dog could use a lot of improvement, and some days, I’m in WAHM hell.

Ten Things I Love About Motherhood

The Koala Bear Writer

I sometimes tickle my daughters just to hear them giggle.  It is such an infectious, happy sound.

My Mother My Best Friend

The Mommy Mix

All I could think was; she’ll never see me walk down the aisle, I never gave her any grand babies…

Imperfect Motherhood is Par for the Course

Maple Leaf Mommy

I have felt like a monster after snapping and losing my temper with my little one.

I Am Not Perfect

Mommy Outside the Box

I don’t always know what I’m doing, but you trust me without question.

The Birth of a Daughter and a Mother

This West Coast Mommy

I was never that little girl playing house and pretending to be a mommy. I was too busy climbing trees, building dams, and pretending to be a Transformer




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  1. So much awesome. Your first paragraph broke my heart. Your little daughter will cherish all the moments she has with you. 

  2. Like you, I also have two Moms and that half of my Mother's Day isn't the one that I choose to celebrate.

    Instead, I enjoy the one where I am play the role of Mother. It gives me a chance to remember all my kids, living and no longer of this world.

    Thanks for sharing a piece of my story with others and others with me. 

    Besos Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo
    My recent post Surprise Your Kids with Notes of Love from @PICKmeUPnapkins, US/CAN, 5/18

  3. Such a great compilation of mom stories – thank you!

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