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Spring Clean Giveaway (CAN 05/28) - Outside The Box

Spring Clean Giveaway (CAN 05/28)

Spring Clean Giveaway  (CAN 05/28)

It’s spring!  It’s spring! Or so the calendar tells me. I have to admit it doesn’t feel much like spring where I am but I do see signs. The robins are in the back yard, the tulips are blooming and the grass is starting to green up. So, you know what that means – time for some spring cleaning.

Some people love spring cleaning, starting fresh and new with the season. And some people, like me, love the idea but aren’t all that keen on the actual job. But over the years I have picked up a few tips and trick that help keep me motivated and on track to get the job done:

Start with closets

There is something very rewarding about cleaning out the clothes closets. Out with the old, and my favorite part, in with the new. And the nice things about purging and organizing the closets is that it isn’t undone with the first sticky hand print.

Wash the walls

This is probably a job that most of us don’t do all that often. I know I don’t really think about (or see) the walls being dirty, except maybe in the bathrooms or kitchen. But they collect a surprising amount of dust and grime. Giving the walls a good scrub down helps make your home look and feel fresh.

One room at a time

I know sometimes it can be hard to focus on just one thing but if you can complete one room, or even one area, at a time the satisfaction of seeing a job complete is great motivation to move on to the next.

Make it a family affair

Crank some tunes and make spring cleaning family time. If you have a little one that’s too young to really pitch in or maybe helps a bit but gets distracted, make sure you have an activity handy that they can do while you clean. Cleaning time can also be the perfect opportunity for story time (so have some in mind or make them up as you go along) with the little ones.

Clean the windows

This is not my favourite job but it might be the most rewarding. There is just nothing better than the warm spring sun shining through sparkling  clean windows. I generally leave this task until close to the end so I can sit and enjoy the view afterwards.

And the curtains

There’s no sense in having bright clean windows if your drapery is dirty and dingy. If your curtains are able to be laundered now is the time to do that. If not then clean your windows treatments as best you can.

Put away winter

I don’t know about you but my closets and drawers just aren’t big enough to hold clothes for all four seasons. So when the spring and summer stuff comes out the fall and winter clothes get put away. I always give them a wash before I pack them up so when it’s time to take them out they just need a quick spin in the dryer with a fabric softener to freshen them up.

Take care of carpets and rugs

We don’t have carpeting in our home but we do have a few area rugs and door mats so they get a good cleaning this time of year. If they aren’t really soiled but just need to be freshened up they get a good sprinkle of carpet freshener and a thorough vacuum and any rugs that need more attention get cleaning with our little carpet cleaning machine.

Get outside

This is actually the one part of spring cleaning that I love. The yard work. It’s a chance to get the family outside and enjoy the spring weather. Again have fun with it, put the music on (just not so loud it bugs the neighbors), make sure everyone has work or garden gloves (the dollar store is great for that), bring your water bottles and enjoy it.

Spring Cleaning Giveaway:

oxi clean giveaway

Whether you love or hate spring cleaning, chances are you have to do it so you might as well make the most of it and one lucky Mommy Outside reader is going to win a Spring Cleaning prize pack (valued at $70) to help out. The prize pack includes:

  • OxiClean™ Laundry Detergent Fresh Scent, 24 paks
  • OxiClean™ Coldwater Laundry Detergent Fresh Scent, 24 paks
  • OxiClean™ Dishwasher Detergent Extreme Power Crystals™, Fresh Scent
  • OxiClean™ Versatile Stain Remover
  • Arm & Hammer™ plus OxiClean™ Carpet Odour Eliminator, Meadow Fresh
  • Arm & Hammer™ Clump and Seal Multi-Cat Litter Coupon
  • Scrub Free™ Bleach Mildew

The giveaway is open to Canadian residents age 18 and over. Enter using the Rafflecopter form below.

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  1. My least favorite part is cleaning the walls. Thanks for the chance!


  2. My favorite part of spring cleaning is the feeling when something is clean, tidy, de-cluttered and organized. I also donate any reusable goods that we don't need anymore.

  3. My least favourite part is going through all the stuff we've collected over the year, all the toys, all the clothing the boys have outgrown…but it sure feels great once its done!

  4. My favourite part is when it is finished and the least favourite is just before I start a room or when I have to muster the troops to begin  (Vesper Meikle)

  5. All the cleaning involved.  Moving the bigger furniture to get the dust build up, cleaning the windows inside and out.  Decluttering all items.

  6. My favorite is gardening, least favorite is washing windows.

    ~ Stephanie La Plante

  7. I don't mind washing windows or cleaning out my closets and mudroom, but when it comes to washing walls and scrubbing down the bathroom, ugh hate it!!!

  8. My least favourite is cleaning out the garage.

  9. My favourite part of spring cleaning is hen we are done! I enjoy sitting in our clean and less cluttered home admiring all the work we have done!

  10. My least favourite part of spring cleaning is cleaning the windows.

  11. My least favourite part is going through all the stuff we've collected over the year and clearing out room for new stuff!

  12. I don't really like cleaning the windows.

  13. Least favourite thing is cleaning because a few days/weeks later it ends up the same.

  14. I'm not a fan of cleaning in general. My house is always neat though. I'd say that getting into the corners is my least favourite part and that applies to all rooms of the house. Scary things hang out in there…

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo
    My recent post WIN at the Canadian-Friendly Giveaway Linky, CAN, 5/19 #canwin

  15. cleaning the bathrooms

  16. My least favorite part is windows 🙁  But I do enjoy the newness of Spring 🙂  Peace 

  17. I just like those first days when you can open the windows and clean out the air. The smell of spring and cleaning together is delightful.

  18. I love doing spring yard work and purging out closets. My least favourite spring cleaning task is washing walls but it’s not awful

  19. My least favorite is dusting.

  20. My least favourite is windows and favourite is when it's done.

  21. bathroom, ugh hate it!!!

  22. My least and most dreaded are the windows! I just dont seem to have that knack for a streak free shine!

  23. I hate doing the basement. Everything gets thrown down there. Ughh.

  24. I love to have clean baseboards,probably cuz I am so short!

  25. My favourite part of spring cleaning is when I'm done! Lol my least favourite part is cleaning the bathrooms ugh 


  27. I love washing and hanging everything outside. I don't like cleaning windows.


  29. My favourite thing is purging things from the house that are not needed anymore!

  30. I hate cleaning my kids rooms and sorting all the toys and clothes to keep and donate. 

  31. My favorite part is when it is all done,and you can see and smell how clean everything is! 🙂

  32. My favourite part is being proud of myself at having survived another spring lcean.

  33. I hate doing the kitchen, that's my hubby's domain

  34. I hate doing the basement, everything ends up down there

  35. My least favourite part about spring cleaning is the windows and my favourite part is when it is all done.

  36. washing the floors..lots of bare feet in our house

  37. My least favorite cleaning job is the toilet.

  38. I hate cleaning the blinds

  39. I dislike cleaning the bathrooms

  40. My favourite cleaning jobs are laundry and hand washing dishes. My least favourite would be cleaning behing the stove or fridge.

  41. my fav part is seeing results least fav is not getting to do it all at once

  42. Dusting is my least favourite since I have a Dust Allergy

  43. billiondollarprincesss
    Friday 15 May 2015, 1:10 am

    I hate dusting.

  44. I'm not a fan of getting rid of things!

  45. My lease favourite is washing the walls

  46. My least favourite part of spring cleaning is washing the windows.

  47. I have a love hate relationship with the annual purge that we do in the spring.

  48. I really hate doing the blinds and ceiling fans!

  49. spring yard work 

  50. My least favorite spring cleaning chore is cleaning the windows.

  51. i am generally not a cleaning fan but at the same time I love how the house looks and feels after a really good thorough spring clean!

  52. my least favorite part is washing all those windows

  53. My least favorite part about spring cleaning is doing the kitchen floors.  My favorite part is having everything so fresh! 🙂
    My recent post Tea Tin Herb Garden

  54. My least favourite thing is cleaning ovens.

  55. My favourite part of spring cleaning is opening cupboards after they are cleaned out and knowing exactly what is in them and where. Things always end up at the back and abandoned until then.  

  56. My fav part is when I can look out the nice clean windows 🙂

  57. I would say my least favourite part of spring cleaning is doing the baseboards and corners, maybe the windows too…but hubby will do them for me..
    My recent post Victoria Day Weekend

  58. I love Spring cleaning! In with the new and out with the old!!! 🙂

  59. My favorite part of spring cleaning is that the house gets decluttered!

  60. windows and walls. thanks

  61. My least favourtie part of spring cleaning is that some years it feels never ending. 

    – amber y

  62. My least favorite is cleaning the windows and curtains.

  63. my least favourite part of cleaning are all the sore muscles aftewards

  64. I hate cleaning the winter clothes and shoes out of the closets.

  65. My favorite part of spring cleaning is having my hands in some hot sudsy water (with gloves on)and washing walls windows and whatever.I love that! My worst ever cleaning project is doing my oven.I am going to have to get a self cleaning oven.

  66. The garage!!  oh my what a mess,  damn kids!!! lol 

  67. i hate cleaing

  68. My favorite part of spring cleaning is when I am done it.

  69. My least fav. chore is cleaning the oven. The fav. aspect  to spring cleaning is
    knowing that stuff is organized and clean.

  70. My least favourite part of spring cleaning is cleaning/organizing the basement.

  71. I don't like cleaning the windows! We have a lot and it just gets tiring real quick. I love cleaning/purging the pantry though.

  72. I love cleaning out my car. I seriously love it. 🙂

  73. My least favorite part is cleaning up the yard,  just so mucky.

  74. My least favorite part of spring cleaning is my allergies after.  My favorite part is knowing it's done.

  75. My least favourite part of spring cleaning is washing the ceilings.

  76. I hate washing floors – my knees get damp and sore, which is a bad combination.

  77. My least favourite partis moving all the big heavy items out of the way to clean underneath and behind them.

  78. my favourite part of spring cleaning is the first time I open the windows, was all my curtains and bedsheets – the cool breeze, the wind blowing in, then the fresh summery smells is when it all starts ! 

  79. my least favorite is parting with stuff.  I will clean, no problem, but discarding of our keepsakes is a challenge.

  80. Putting everything back is my least favorite part

  81. Cleaning my yukky floors!

  82. The only part I like is when you're finished, and everything is sparkling and organized!

  83. All the dust  and really hate the bathroom ! 

  84. My least favorite is cleaning the oven 

  85. I'd have to say windows is the worst!

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