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New Year's Resolutions Reminder & Giveaway (CAN 03/27) - Outside The Box

New Year’s Resolutions Reminder & Giveaway (CAN 03/27)

New Year’s Resolutions Reminder & Giveaway (CAN 03/27)

We are well into March now. The sun is a bit warmer and the snow is starting to melt (and the pot holes are showing up with a vengeance). You’ve had almost three months to put all of those amazing and inspired new years resolutions into action.  So, how is that going? It doesn’t matter what you resolved to do – eat better, get fit, take more time for you – the important thing to remember is that if you fall of the wagon it is never too late to get back on! Change doesn’t happen over night and we all encounter set backs along the road to achieving our goals.


Whether you are right on track or maybe need a little shove to get back in the right direction I have a little bit of inspiration for you. It’s a New Year’s Reminder Prize Pack. Once lucky Mommy Outside reader will win this awesome gift back containing:

·         Vitafusion™ Vitamin D

·         L’il Critters™ Gummy Vites™ for kids

·         Gravol™ Natural Source Ginger Liquid Gels

·         Rub A535™ Natural-Source Arnica Gel Cream

·         Glass travel mug (with removable tea infuser)

To enter just use the Rafflecopter form below. Giveaway is open to Canadian residents age 18+

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. I suck at resolutions, so I usually skip them. I am, however excellent at making and postponing goals!
    My recent post The Dark Side of Dark Sides.

  2. mine was to walk more but i haven't kept up with it

  3. My resolution was to get more sleep and it's coming along but there's plenty of room for improvement.


  4. My resolution this year is to eat healthier! It's going pretty pretty well, but I have hit a couple of speed bump.

  5. I made a resolution to eat healthier, and for the most part it has been going well.  I still have a weakness for sweets though 🙁 ..trying to keep that in check.

  6. I made a resolution to finish building my new wheelchair and find ways to become an independent woman again.
    So far the seating is nearly done. Next is learning to drive a completely different way than I've been used to my whole life. After that's done, the fun part begins…assistive devices. So excited!

  7. I want to be happier this year and have been doing pretty good!

  8. I wanted to eat healthier. Doing good, but need to still cut back on nighttime snacking.

  9. I made a resolution to love myself more than I did last year; so far, so good!


  10. Mine is to quit smoking, haven't fully quit yet but have cut down on the amount I typically have per day

  11. I didn't make any new years resolutions.

  12. I don't usually make resolutions but this month, I decided that I needed to start drinking more water. I'm not getting any younger. Would love the Rub a535 too…

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo
    My recent post WIN a Mike the Knight Prize Pack! CAN, 3/23 #canwin #giveaway

  13. i don't really make serious resolutions in January, but i always consider it as a fresh beginning. I am needing a fresh start again, in March!

  14. my new years resolution is to stay active i am using my fitbit to help me rafflecopter charityk

  15. I made one to stop spending money and to budget more wisely, so far so good!

  16. my resolution was to eat healthier and so far it is going well

  17. I didn't make one this year persay, but I've hoped to keep up with my workout regime as well as increase veggie intake, and I'm not doing well with either, but especially the workout one. Dropped the ball and watched it roll across the room… 

  18. My resolution was to exercise 5-6 days a week and I am keeping up with it

  19. I made one I and I am sticking to it I joined the gym 

  20. I made a resolution to eat healthier, and for the most part I've stuck to it.

  21. I didnt make a resolution this year

  22. My goal was to reduce the amount of salt in our food and it seems like so far so good for us.

  23. I don't do resolutions.  Yet I always have goals which are something I always strive to do.  Keeping sugars and carbs at bay are the tough ones for me.

  24. I did make a resolution to manage my time better but it's not going great.

  25. I don't usually make any but this year I did and it's not going very well.

  26. I made a resolution to eat healthier,,it is going okay 

  27. It would be great to win this New Year’s Reminder Prize Pack.
    In response to your requirement to tell you one of my New Year's resolutions and how it's going.
    My  New Year's resolution was to eat healthier and it's going okay so far.
    Thank you for having this giveaway.

  28. no resolutions – just small goals. thanks

  29. Rather than make one big goal that is hard to stick to, I do at least one thing each day that will improve my life or my family's each day. Sometimes it may be a big goal for the day like cleaning out the pantry and other times it might be as simple as eating healthy all day and going to bed early. I start my day with a goal by how I am feeling that day and complete it so it is easy to stick to.

  30. mine is going well..trying to get back on track with my step at a time!

  31. excercise-i'm working on it!!

  32. My resolution is to pay down debt and drink more water and I am on my way.

  33. I made a resolution to eat and cook healthier and so far it's going really well.

  34. I decided I wanted to lose 30 pounds. I managed to lose the first ten but then I got stuck so I've going up a couple pounds, down a couple pounds. Time to really stick to it and get it done!

  35. One of my resolutions was to reduce my sugar intake.  I'm not doing too well with it!

  36. My new years resolution was to give up drinking diet pepsi. I have been less than successful so far.

  37. I resolved to be more actively engaged with my kids and so far so good!

  38. I didn't make any resolutions!

  39. My new years resolution is to loose weight and keep it off. I started juicing and feeling great.

  40. My resolution is to eat less carbs  and it's going good.

  41. My resolution was to drink more water and so far I am doing well with it!

  42. My resolution was to start running again, and so far it's been a non-starter 🙁

  43. I resolved to continue the walking step goal and so far it has been going great

  44. Mine was to work on my house and so far I have lots of projects done.

  45. To eat more fruits and vegetables

  46. Mine was tom play outside more, and it was going well, and then we all got sick and haven't been outside in a week. Oh well It's getting warm soon and it will be easier. 

  47. I am eating more veggies and drinking more water daily, so far i'm being successful! 

  48. I don't make resolutions.

  49. mine was too keep eating REAL food, and get the packaged crap out of my pantry.. I'm doing ok! post like these help me to remind myself! thanks!

  50. Mine was to run more and I am happy to say I am finally getting the hang of it.

  51. Mine is to focus on my health – mentally and physically. I have been doing okay on this but definitely could be doing more. Always feel too exhausted to focus on me!

  52. One of my new years resolutions was to eat healthier and drink more water. And so far I think I'm okay in accomplishing my goals.

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