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Miss Molly and Me - Strong and Stylish - Outside The Box

Miss Molly and Me – Strong and Stylish

Miss Molly and Me – Strong and Stylish

Being active is just part of my life. As much as eating, sleeping and breathing. I need it. To be healthy physically and mentally. And becoming a mother has not changed that. In fact I feel it’s more important than ever now. I worked out and stayed active throughout my pregnancy. It helped with my energy levels. It helped me not gain extra weight that I (and baby) didn’t need and made it easier to lose the baby weight afterwards.  And now I have a little one that looks up to me. And being active and living a balanced, healthy lifestyle is just something I want her to grow up believing (because it’s true) is just the way thing are suppose to be.

A month or so ago I was getting set up to do some Pilates at home. I had changed into my workout gear and was ready to go when Molly informed me that she wanted to work out with me. No problem. I went and grabbed another mat and ran to her room to get some more comfy clothes for her to work out in. She was not the least bit impressed with what I came back downstairs with. There was nothing wrong with the stretchy pants and t-shirt I grabbed but they were not “work out clothes” and that (in her words) was just not fair. So after a little persuading I convinced her that these clothes would do for now. Of course that came with the promise that I would get her some dedicated Yoga/Pilates/Exercise clothing.

I really wasn’t sure where I was going to shop for her. I had seen some kids workout clothes in a few of the stores we shop in but they weren’t nearly as stylish as what I normally wear and the quality seemed mediocre at best. As luck would have it I was browsing through my twitter feed a few days later and noticed a friend of mine talking about the gear she had for her little girl (who is only about a year older than Miss Molly) from Jill Yoga. Her little one loved it. And since I am constantly amazed with the similarities between our two little girls (Hello Kitty lovers with gourmet tastes and a passion for cooking) I knew I had to check it out. After spending some time browsing their website I knew this clothing would be an instant hit with my little fashionista.   And when I realized they also have a lady’s line with some of the same colors as in the girl’s section I knew I was really onto something here.

The look on Miss Molly’s face when she opened up the package with her very own yoga gear was awesome. She was so excited! The colors were perfect and the size 5 fit her really well (the pants are a wee bit long but that’s nothing a couple of quick stitches can’t fix).And when she saw that there was almost matching clothing in the package for me she immediately decided that we must stop everything and put them on!

jill yoga

Showing off the stylish backs on both of these pieces.


I was instantly  impressed with the quality of the fabric and the finish of the Jill clothing. The clothes have a great weight to them. They are not that thin, super stretchy fabric that looks almost shear by the time you get it on. The Jill clothes look and feel like quality.

jill yoga

I love the stitching detail on the little girl’s pants.


jill yoga

The colors are feminine without being over the top “girlie”


They have just the perfect amount of stretch (because of course workout clothes need some stretch) while maintaining the structure that quality work out clothing should have. It’s always disappointing when you put on a pair of new yoga pants and by the time you are done your first work out they are stretched out and baggy. That didn’t happen there. With either of us. Miss Molly and I put our outfits through the paces and they held up great. No sagging or bagging at all.

jill yoga

The same but different. I love the subtle difference in these girl’s and lady’s jackets.


Getting Molly to get up and get active is rarely an issue but she’s even more enthusiastic about it now that she has a couple of awesome outfits (especially since they look like mommy’s) and let me tell you the cuteness factor of Miss Molly in her adorable Jill Yoga gear getting her zen on is out of this world.

jill yoga

Jill Yoga has a full line up of workout clothing for girls starting at size 2 all the way to size 16 as well as women’s gear. The styles and colors are flattering and feminine with lots of options if you aren’t a “pink” girl. These pieces are affordable, well made and so stylish that they get a big thumbs up from both Miss Molly and me!

Be sure to visit the Jill Yoga website to see all of the styles and accessories. You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

jill yoga


I received product in order to bring you this review but all opinions expressed 100% to me and Miss Molly.

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  1. These look great and Miss Molly is as always adorable. Glad that you two get to workout and stay healthy together 🙂

  2. Comfortable (and stylish!) clothes really help with a workout. You need to be able to move freely and skin have air to breath. She rocks those clothes! I am so happy you two get to do such an awesome activity together 🙂 Enjoy!

  3. You guys are absolutely adorable. Artemis dreams about us dressing alike and yoga pants are her thing. I'll definitely check out this great Canadian company.

    Besos Sarah. 
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