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How Clean is Your Air? - Outside The Box

How Clean is Your Air?

How Clean is Your Air?

Take a deep breath. How does it feel? Probably pretty good. Filling your lungs with fresh clean air. It’s relaxing and calming. How does it smell? Does it smell clean and fresh? Hopefully it does. And the thing is, even if that nice big breath of air smells clean, it may not be. Most of us spend close to 90% of our time indoors. And even if the air in our homes or offices smells good it may not necessarily be clean. In fact indoor air can be 2 to 5 (or even more) times more polluted than the air outside. That’s pretty significant.

Most of us don’t think twice about using hand sanitizer, cleaning and sanitizing surfaces in our home or even drinking purifier water – but what about doing something to make the air we breathe cleaner? In our home we have two cats, a little one with asthma and I have some pretty nasty allergies. Keeping our air clean is a pretty big priority. And with cold and flu season upon us it’s even more important than ever. When you have a respiratory infection breathing in air filled with dust and other irritants is the last thing you need.

So what can you do to make the air in your home cleaner? Obviously you need to keep dust under control by frequently wiping down surfaces where dust lingers, and keeping floors (especially carpets if you have them) vacuumed. But that’s not always enough, and cleaning can actually temporarily make the air worse in your home while you move all that dust around. In our house we use air purifiers and the difference it has made to our health (especially with asthma and allergies) has been significant. We have one on the main level and one upstairs to keep the air in our bedrooms clean.

How do you know which air purifier is right for you?  Well the most important thing to look for in a purifier, like the Febreze Air Purifiers,  is that it uses HEPA filter. Only HEPA filters capture tiny particles and impurities in the air like mold, spores, pollen, dust mites, smoke and other airborne microbes. The next thing you need to consider is how big of an area you need to clean.

febreze air purifier

The Febreze FHT190 Tower HEPA-Type Air Purifier is designed for medium to larges size rooms up to 170 square feet. It’s slim and stylish and comes in white or graphite gray to suit any decor.

febreze air purifier

The Febreze FHT180  Mini Tower HEPA-Type Air Purifier is ideal for smaller spaces up to 85 square feet. The mini tower is compact (yet effective) and perfect for bedrooms. It also comes in white or graphite gray.

febreze air purifer

The Febreze FHT170W Tabletop HEPA-Type Air Purifier is perfect for small spaces like offices.  I am extremely sensitive to thing like heavily scented lotions and perfumes and even though we promote a scent free environment where I work it’s extremely hard to enforce so the tabletop air purifier is perfect for that situation.

Another feature you want to look for in an air purifier is one that is easy to maintain. You don’t want something that requires an hour and a degree in engineering just to get to the filter. The Febreze Air Purifiers make changes filters quick and easy, no advanced degree required.

One of the features that sets Febreze Air Purifiers apart from many others is the optional Scent Cartridges that can be used with them.

febreze air purifer



If you like clean air and also like the addition of a pleasant scent in your home Febreze Air Purifiers allow you to do both at once. The Scent Cartridges come in Spring & Renewal and Linen & Sky. What I really like about this system is that it enables you to use just one appliance to clean AND add light refreshing fragrance to your home  (you can also control the level of fragrance with an easy to adjust dial) and I also love that using the scent cartridges is optional as well.

The addition of air purifiers in our home has really improved our air quality. The improvement in my allergies and my daughter’s asthma when we are at home has been significant. Even with the addition of two kittens to our family we have been able to keep the air pollution level in our home down and can all breathe easier.

Do you use an air purifier at home or in the office? 


Disclaimer: Although this post contains some sponsored content all opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. I don't use an air purifier but all of us have allergies so we're in the market for one. Two dogs, a cat, and carpeting in a small home doesn't help either. I love that the air purifier scent is optional. I'd definitely put it in before friends shows up.

    Besos, Sarah
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  2. I've never used an air purifier, but you make some excellent points. It's something to consider.
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  3. WE all have allergies in my house. My one son gets them soo bad that they bring on asthma attacks. I have an air purfier but Ididn't realize you could get Febreez inserts! AWESOME!

  4. I opened the windows briefly today cause I couldn’t take the indoor air anymore. I’m pretty sensitive to air conditions, though I’ve never done anything about it before. Had no idea that Febreze had air purifiers, but am going to have to check them out for sure. My office in particular doesn’t get enough air circulation compared to other rooms in my home. Thanks for the heads up!

  5. I had no idea Frebreze made these inserts, such a great idea! We actually have a purifier but rarely use it. We should get in the habit of leaving it on

  6. I have never used one before, but I have started looking into them. I live in an older home, and I'm sure the vents have accumulated a few dust bunnies. I'm finding that I'm getting more sensitive to my surroundings as I get older and it would be great to have something like this to clean my air. 

    Thanks for the suggestions. 
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  7. It is ridiculous how much I need this for my house.  I really wish we had one at home.  

  8. We need clean air.

  9. Great writing

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