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Bringing Art to Life with Crayola & A Giveaway (04/10 CAN) - Outside The Box

Bringing Art to Life with Crayola & A Giveaway (04/10 CAN)

Bringing Art to Life with Crayola & A Giveaway (04/10 CAN)

I have boxes full of my daughter’s crafts and art work. Literally boxes full. Every now and then I go through them and try to weed them out but it’s so hard. I love them all. I love going through them and watching the progress my budding little artist has made over the years. And, even if I wanted to toss a few here and there she gets so attached to them herself that it makes it even harder. And yes, I can do it when she’s not looking but she knows. Oh yes she knows. The kid has a memory like an elephant. If I threw out the snowflake she made at daycare two years ago she will, without a doubt, notice it missing and call me out on it.  This girl can and does spend hours drawing, coloring, coming up with most fabulous creations. Her imagination is incredible and I envy it some days. But the paper. So much paper.

And then I was introduced to a few new products from Crayola that changed everything – Colour Alive, Virtual Design and Drive and My Virtual Fashion Show.

Crayola Colour Alive

crayola colour alive


Imagine your drawings coming to life. That is exactly what happens with Crayola Colour Alive. The process of bringing your drawings to life is actually pretty easy but the results are incredible!

You just color a page from one of the Colour Alive books

barbie color alive

Take a picture and upload it to your phone in the Colour Alive app and watch it come to life and even interact with you!



Once you have the virtual character uploaded to the app you can literally take her anywhere with you! As you can see here, virtual Barbie decided to pay a visit to “real” Barbie. Molly loves to pretend that once you put the virtual characters somewhere they stay there until you get them back. So right now virtual Barbie lives in the box with all the other Barbies and we have a virtual fairy that lives under a throw cushion on the couch.

colour alive


As you can see the app also makes it really easy to snap a picture of your Colour Alive creatures where ever you put them.

I would have loved to capture the live action on my iPhone but it’s just not possible (well not easily) but luckly Crayola has a quick little video I can share so you can see it in action!

Each Colour Alive Colouring Kit includes six regular Crayola Markers, one Special Effects Marker, 16 Action Colouring Pages, and FREE app download. There is a Colour Alive kit that is sure to be a hit with your little one – Barbie, Enchanted Forest, Skylanders and Mythical Creatures.

My Virtual Fashion Show and Virtual Design and Drive

I knew, out of all these amazing products, that My Virtual Fashion Show would be Molly’s favorite.

my virtual fashion show


Molly absolutely loves creating her own fashions and having the ability to see her designs come to life was so exciting for her! Once again the process was very easy.

Just create your fashions on the templates provided.

my virtual fashion show


Upload it to the app by taking a picture of both the front and back of your design and watch your outfit come to life on the runway!

my virtual fashion show


Molly can’t get enough of this! The pride she has when she watches her designs being modeled on the catwalk is incredible. The kit comes with 20 designs and you can always download more from within the app or online from your computer so the fashion fun never runs out. Your smart device stores all of the fashions you upload so you can have a fashion show full of your own original creations.

Although My Virtual Fashion Show was definitely the top pick for Molly she also has a ton of fun using Virtual Design and Drive.

design and drive


The concept here is the same except with cars. You design your car using the templates in the kit, upload it to the app and into your virtual garage.

design and drive

Once it’s in the garage you can do some further customizing – changing wheels, spoilers etc and then you are off to the races!

crayola design and drive


The Design and Drive App allows you to take your car to the track. You can do crazy stunts, time trials, destruction challenges or just free drive. Fill your garage with your own hot cars and take them to the limit on the track!

Wondering if your device is compatable with these new Crayola products?  You can find out on the device support page here. 

We are in love with these virtual Crayola products. Molly loves, loves, loves, seeing her creations come to life and I love the fact that in the end it means less paper. Once the creations are uploaded to the app I am free to recycle the paper instead of trying to find another place to store it. I think these will also come in handy for travelling as well. It’s like a coloring book and video game all rolled into one! Anything that entertains on long flights and road trips is a bonus!

Enter to Win

I’m really thrilled to be able to offer one lucky Mommy Outside reader the chance to win their very own Crayola prize pack including all of the products featured here – 4 Colour Alive kits (Barbie, Enchanted Forest, Skylanders and Mythical Creatures) and My Fashion Show and Design and Drive.

Enter using the Rafflecopter form below. Giveaway open to Canadian residents age 18+


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  32. We have recently been hearing a LOT about Colour Alive and I know that Thing 2 would LOVE it!

    We are hoping the EB knows this. 😉
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