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Homemade Tea Bags - The Perfect DIY Gift Idea - Outside The Box

Homemade Tea Bags – The Perfect DIY Gift Idea

  • 1st December 2014

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Homemade Tea Bags – The Perfect DIY Gift Idea

Huge thank you to my good friend Jessica for this awesome, and of so pretty, DIY gift idea.

My mother-in-law is impossible to buy for (like actually, seriously impossible). She’s very appreciative and grateful for everything, but finding something that she’ll use is a whole different ball of yarn. Add in the fact that we don’t have an unlimited budget, and a lot of the gifts in the Gollub house are going to be handmade this year and you’ve got a conundrum. I’ve made her scarves and mittens before so I wanted something different. This year she’s getting (shhh, no one tell her) handmade tea bags!

Making your own tea bags is a pretty simple process if you have some basic sewing experience, and let me tell you, they’re a heap of a lot cuter than other tea-based gifts (at least in my own, personal, non-biased opinion). All you need is some plain muslin (under $5/yard, and you can make about a gazillion from a yard), some loose tea, tags and some pretty string.

DIY tea bags

I grew up in the home of a quilter (who also kindly cut my fabric into even strips for me with her fancy rotary cutter) and while I am pretty hopeless at quilt making, I can sew a muslin bag like a boss. The quickest way to do it is to sew a long tube, cut that into tea-bag-sized pieces and sew one end.

DIY tea bags

Once you have the bags sewn, flip them inside out, and fill with your choice of loose tea. I know my MIL likes peppermint tea, so I made some of that, and also some chamomile and cranberry hibiscus. I was pretty generous with the tea, because nothing is worse than weak tea, and the holidays are no time to be chintzy!

homemade tea bags

Fold in the top corners to make a point, fold the point down and tack it shut , either by hand or using a sewing machine (I picked the latter because I didn’t feel like stabbing myself today), add your string and tag and tada! TEA!

It almost makes me want to start drinking the stuff.

homemade tea bags

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  1. Love this idea as i love loose tea too! 

  2. I love tea. Drink it every day. The only problem is that these are too pretty and I wouldn't want to use them.
    Besos Sarah. 

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