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A Clean Life is a Better Life - Natural Products that WORK & a Giveaway (CAN 12/22) - Outside The Box

A Clean Life is a Better Life – Natural Products that WORK & a Giveaway (CAN 12/22)

A Clean Life is a Better Life – Natural Products that WORK & a Giveaway (CAN 12/22)

I remember years ago when I started to see “green” cleaning products come on the market. I thought it was a great idea and I totally bought into it. What I soon discovered was that I was paying more for products that did less. They may have been more eco friendly but they were anything but effective. So I put the idea of buying earth friendly cleaners on the shelf. That didn’t mean I gave up on the idea of being greener when I clean, I just tended to use more DIY cleaners using things like vinegar and lemon instead of harsh chemicals. And they do work for some things but not for everything. And they aren’t always convenient either.

Now it’s been a long time since I first tested out green cleaners. I realize that times have changed, technology has changed, and the drive for brands to be more earth friendly has also changed. So when I had the opportunity to test out a new line of safer, greener cleaners I was a little more hopeful, but not tingling with excitement, that they would be the latest, greatest thing.

Better Life. Natural Cleaning Products that WORK.

I know I should give you a little back story about Better Life. And I will. I promise. But as I’m sitting at my kitchen island writing this post I keep glancing over at my fridge. My stainless steel fridge. And tonight it looks completely different than it did this morning. This evening I began the task of testing out some of the Better Life cleaning products and starting with Einshine, the stainless steel cleaner actually got me excited about these products.  Here’s what my fridge looked like before I started:

Better Life Cleaners


And my little one helping scrub the grime away:

stainless cleaner


And here’s how it looked after using Einshine:

stainless steel cleaner


better life cleaner


As we were cleaning my husband asked how it was going. I told him this stainless steel cleaner is amazing. He raised an eyebrow at me. One of my least favorite things to clean is our stainless appliances. They show every little finger print. They are notoriously difficult to clean, especially our older first generation stainless appliances. Most cleaners on the market just leave a streaky ugly mess. You have to be careful to only wipe in one direction and even then it’s an art form. I have spent way too much money on way too many stainless steel cleaners that just don’t work. So I was honestly amazed at how well the Better Life stainless cleaner worked. I still am. Even with my four year old taking over (she was all over this cleaning project) we ended up with a kitchen full of clean, streak free appliances.

You’re going to see a few pictures here of my little one helping me clean. Not because I work the poor kid too hard, but because this is part of the appeal of Better Life cleaning products – they are safe. My daughter has allergies, asthma, eczema and an autoimmune condition. Now, we don’t have her living in a bubble but we are certainly vigil about the sort of things she is exposed to, especially in our own home were she spends most of her time.

Here’s why I feel confident about not only using Better Life products but even letting my little one (supervised of course) use them too:

  • They are hypoallergenic
  • They are free of synthetic fragrances and dyes
  • They are free of solvents and alcohol
  • They are cruelty free (not tested on animals)
  • They are made from plant derived ingredients
  • They work

If you have kids and/or pets in your home you are probably concerned about the chemicals you have laying around. And, really, even if you don’t have little ones, furry or not, around I think more and more we are becoming more conscience about what’s in the products we buy and use.  Many of us are reaching for products that are more natural, that are safe for our families and the environment around us. But if those products don’t work we are just throwing our money away. Better Life gives us the best of both worlds.

I want to tell you about a few more of the Better Life products.

sink cleaner

Even the Kitchen Sink  was another stand out product for me in this line up. Molly and I set out to clean the sink in the main floor bathroom. This is the bathroom that gets used the most in our home. It’s where she brushes her teeth (she’s not a target spitter), washes her hands and chocolate pudding covered face. Here’s what I love about this cleaner – first it has almost no scent at all. Most bathroom cleaners (at least most bathroom cleaners that actually work) smell horrible. Like burn your nose hair horrible. But you really have to put you nose in the bottle to smell anything with this one. The other thing I loved about it, besides the fact that it actually worked, is that it rinsed away easily. I rarely use a cream cleanser because they are so difficult to rinse clean. You think you have it all nice and shiny and then come back ten minutes later only to discover an ugly gritty film on your sink. Not an issue with the Better Life cleaner, even my four year old was able to rinse it all away with no problem and we were left with a shiny clean sink.

dishwasher gel

We switched from dishwasher powder to those little dishwasher packet things years ago. They have a few advantages. They are convenient and easy to pop in. When they work they work pretty good. But they have some issues too. They don’t always work. Sometimes I open the dishwasher after it’s done running to find the packet still sitting in the unopened detergent area, or even just sitting at the bottom of the dishwasher. And they are full of so many chemicals and things I don’t even understand – like those ones that are in a plastic like pod that dissolve during the cycle – what is that? That just can’t be good for anybody or anything. Better Life makes a dishwasher products that’s different from anything I’ve tried before. Automatic Magic  is a dishwasher gel. It’s ultra concentrated so you don’t need much. It has no scent which is awesome when the dishwasher is venting during a cycle. And, guess what? That’s right, it actually works.

better life glass cleaner


One more favorite that I have to tell you about is the Better Life I can See Clearly Now glass cleaner. We actually just replaced our living room coffee table with a beautiful new bent glass one this week. It’s very modern looking and goes perfectly with the rest of the decor. It’s also perfect for a four year old who loves to sit in the living room and do crafts. Nothing cleans up better than glass. And nothing shows dirt (and finger prints, and glue, etc.) than glass.  I see a lot of glass cleaning in our future. We certainly were able to put the Better Life glass cleaner to the test. And, once again, we were not disappointed. It shined up that table easily, and with no harsh and unpleasant smelling alcohol.

We were able to test out a few more of the Better Life line up. And we were impressed with each and every one we tried. If I went on and on about them all we’d be here a long time so here’s just a little peak into the other products we tried.

better life cleaner


Whatever all purpose cleaner which comes in unscented or Clary Sage and Citrus scented (the scents are from all natural essential oils).

better life dish soap

Dish it Out dish soap which also comes in unscented or Clary Sage and Citrus.

better life floor cleaner


Simply Floored floor cleaner. I adore the Citrus Mint fragrance (from essential oils) of this cleaner. I’m pretty particular about what I use on our hardwood floors and so far I’m liking this one. It gives it a nice sheen but not that super shine that you can only get from products that are laying wax or other built up products down on your floor.

better life granite cleaner


The Take it for Granite countertop cleaner is perfect for a wide variety of countertops like granite, marble, slate, etc. Its safe, leaves a great shine and requires no rinsing.

better life laundry detergent


Spin Credible is Better Life’s all natural laundry detergent. It’s available in unscented or lavender grapefruit and can be used in both regular and high efficient machines.

If you’d like to check out he full Better Life line pop on over to their website. Better Life is also sold in Canada exclusive at Target. Oh and if Better Life sounds familiar to you it may be that you saw them pitch (and successfully) on ABC’s the Shark Tank!  You can see the pitch here!

Win a Better Life Prize Pack!

I’m thrilled to be able to offer one lucky Mommy Outside reader a $50 Better Life gift back to experience these awesome all natural, and effective products at home! Just use the rafflecopter form below to enter.

Disclaimer:  I received product in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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