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Purify in Style with Lampe Berger - Outside The Box

Purify in Style with Lampe Berger

Purify in Style with Lampe Berger

Do you use air fresheners in your house? I personally have a love hate relationship with traditional air fresheners.  I love infusing my home with fresh, clean scents but I have terrible sensitivities to fragrance so I just can’t use them.  And, as nice as they might smell all they really do is sit on top of any other smells in the house – they are like an air bandage and don’t really do anything to get rid of those smells you would rather not have.  Recently we were visiting and staying with my inlaws and they had this lovely and intriguing glass bottle on display.  It turns out it was a Lampe Berger and I discovered a whole new way to freshen up my home without just masking odors.  And not only that – I can do it without the nasty headache and stuffed up nose that other air fresheners give me.

Lampe Berger

The Lampe Berger system is a simple yet extremely effective air purifying system that allows you to add your favorite fragrance to your home while cleaning the air at the same time.

lampe berger


Lampe Berge is easy to use, you can control how much fragrance you put in the air and it’s far more stylish than any other air freshener. I love this classic frosted white bottle, it blends in perfectly with our neutral decor.  With a huge selection of lamps it’s easy to find the perfect one that fits your style – whether you like something simple and understated or want more of a colorful accent piece.

So how do you use the Lampe Berger? It’s really very simple.

lamp berger


First, pick your favorite fragrance and pour it into the bottle.  What’s your favorite scent? I tend to go for fresh fruity scents myself. Maybe you like floral or citrus or even chocolate? Whatever your pleasure is you will find a Lampe Berger home fragrance that is perfect for you.  That I absolutely love is that, with my sensitivities, I can customize how much scent I’m using.  I mainly use So Neutral, which is fragrance free and just add a small amount of my favorite home fragrance (I’m partial to grapefruit).

lampe berger


Once you’ve poured your fragrance into the lamp you just insert the wick with the catalytic burner and allow it to sit so the wick can soak up the fragrance. If you are using it for the first time or your wick has been dry for a while let it sit for about 20 minutes.

lampe berger


Now you just light the burner and let it burn for just two minutes, blow it out and place the top back on (not the stop but the vented top).

lampe berger


Let the fragrance diffuse for about 20 minutes (you can use less time if you have a smaller space or just want less fragrance) and then put the stop on.  That’s it.  The Lampe Berger actually cleans your air as it adds fragrance. This revolutionary technology has actually been around for many years and Lampe Berger has continued to perfect that technology over time. What began as a system to purify air in hospitals has evolved into a stylish and functional home system. Today Lampe Berger is distributed in 56 countries and 7,000 retails outlets around the world.

I honestly never thought I would be writing a post to tell anyone how much I like a home fragrance product. I can’t go near the air fresheners you find in most stores – the aerosol cans, the plug ins, even many scented candles just aggravate my allergies and sensitivities. But with the Lampe Berger I have total control over how much goes into the air, or I can just burn So Neutral without any scent at all to help clean the air in our home.  And I absolutely love how stylish the lamps are. I don’t have to hide it in a corner (or find an outlet to plug it into).  With the holidays coming up I can think of  a few people on my list that would love to get a Lampe Berger for a gift (and I’d be happy to see them toss the smelly air fresheners).

Do you have fragrance sensitivities like me?  Do you avoid air fresheners and have to load up on antihistimanes before you visit certain houses? Might be time to try something new!


Disclaimer:  I received product in order to facilitate this review.  All opinions express are 100% my own.

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  1. Wow! I never knew they cleaned the air too? They have such a beautiful selection of lamps!!!

  2. I love mine even though I originally bought it for my brother to clean the air in his apartment (he's a heavy smoker). He didn't like it. I love it, and use it regularly because I too am allergic to most of the other crap on the market. ps green apple is my favourite scent 🙂

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