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Meet Pom Pom - Molly's New Best Friend (and a Giveaway)

Meet Pom Pom – Molly’s New Best Friend (and a Giveaway)

Meet Pom Pom – Molly’s New Best Friend (and a Giveaway)

Like many little girls her age, my daughter has a very nurturing and motherly instinct. This past summer we adopted two kittens (we set out for one but ended up with two).



These little guys have had a big impact in my daughter’s life. We had a very rough summer with her being ill and her new kittens were such a source of comfort for her. Although both kittens are awesome, it’s the little orange tabby, Freddy, that really took a liking to Molly. He is the most gentle, tolerant kitten that you could imagine. They had an instant bond and he lets her do just about anything to him (of course we teach her to be gentle and loving to her cats).

Pom Pom My Baby Panda

When I first laid eyes on the FurReal Friends Pom Pom My Baby Panda Pet I knew this would be a toy my daughter would adore. Last year for Christmas at the top of her list for santa was “a walking, talking unicorn”. I wasn’t sure how I, I mean Santa, was going to pull that one off. But he did! Under the tree on Christmas morning was FurReal Friends Starbeam My Walkin’ Unicorn Pet. It was love at first sight.  The unicorn, which she renamed Unicornia, has been a favorite ever since she got it. It’s a fun an interactive toy but Pom Pom is different. This adorable baby panda lets little ones feed their nurturing side in a big way.

FurReal Friends Panda

Pom Pom is an adorable and very interactive little panda. She walks, she wiggle and giggles, and makes sweet little baby panda noises. She loves to be fed with her bottle and follow the sound of her rattle around.

Molly spends a lot of time caring for Pom Pom. Sometimes they just sit on the floor babbling at each other (I promise my four year old actually speaks very well), and she also likes to rock Pom Pom, singing lullabies to her and put her down in bed for a nap – We all have to be very quiet once Molly puts Pom Pom down for her nap. Pom Pom is the perfect toy for a little one like Molly who can be a little “high strung” (I say that with love) or anxious. There is just something about cuddling and feeding a baby that is soothing and calming, no matter what your age.  Picking up Pom Pom and feeding her while she coos in her arms has a pretty big calming effect. That is a huge selling point for us!

If you have a little one on your Christmas list this year Pom Pom might be exactly what you’re looking for. She’s sweet and cuddly and encourages imaginative play in little ones. Pom Pom is so interactive (she actually has over 45 responses) that she won’t be one of those toys that your child plays with for 5 minutes and then never picks up again. Kids will want to play with Pom Pom again and again.

Win Your Own!

I’m thrilled to offer my readers the chance to win their very own FurReal Friends Pom Pom My Baby Panda Pet. And just in time for holiday gift giving too! Just use the form below to enter. Giveaway is open to Canadian residents.

FurReal Friends PomPom My Baby Panda Pet

Disclosure:  I am part of the PTPA Brand Ambassador Program with Hasbro and I received compensation as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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  1. I'd give this toy to either my daughter or my niece! Either one would love it!
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  2. I would give this to my granddaughter Natalie

  3. I would give it to my niece because she loves animals & stuffies.  The fact that this she could interact with Pom Pom would thrill her!

  4. i would give to my daughter, she just loves Pandas.

  5. I'd give this to my little cousins

  6. I don't know yet.

  7. I would give this to my niece.

  8. I would give this to my niece because she'd love a real animal companion but can't have one right now. I think she'd really enjoy Pom Pom.

  9. I would give it to one of my nieces or donate it to the local happy tree.

  10. This would be gifted to my daughter.

  11. i'd give this to my kid because he likes pandas

  12. I would give it to my daughter because she loves Pandas.

  13. My daughter would enjoy this

  14. I'd gift it to my son. Because he loves anything cuddly and soft

  15. I would give this to my youngest daughter because she would love to cuddle and feed him.

  16. I would give this to my daughter because she has always wanted her own pet and this one is no maintenance!

  17. I would give to my daughter, she is a huge Panda fan and would delighted!

  18. This would go to my neice and I think she would love it . She is an animal lover just like her mom 
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  19. I would give to my daughter becasue she just love animals and stuffie toys!

  20. Definitely for my daughter – she'd love this one!

  21. To my daughter who is 3.

  22. My daughter would love this panda!

  23. My 5 yr old son!

  24. My niece because she loves animals!!

  25. Miss R because she loves anything and everything animal.

  26. I would donate it to our local thrift shop for a child in need.

    Besos Sarah

  27. I would give this gift to my daughter because she asked Santa for one this Christmas!

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