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Crazy Little Thing Called Bliss #BlissDomCA - Outside The Box

Crazy Little Thing Called Bliss #BlissDomCA

Crazy Little Thing Called Bliss #BlissDomCA

Just in case you haven’t heard, there is a blogging/social media conference coming in just a couple of weeks.  And it’s kind of a big deal.

 BlissDom Canada brings together the savviest of social media personalities with the everyday blogger. The business and brands looking to expand their social media impact and those looking to hone their craft in the digital space.

Sounds awesome. Powerful.  Important. It is all of those things. But if you’ve never attended BlissDom Canada before you may be wondering – what will this actually do for me?  Well, in a nutshell – a lot.


The connections I made, or strengthened, at BlissDom last year have had a profound impact on my blog and in my life. As much as we live in a digital world, and that’s kinda what BlissDom is about, there is simply no denying that face to face connections can elevate a relationship tremendously. And that applies to personal relationships you develop with your peers and the connections you make with brands.  It’s your opportunity to be you and truly let yourself shine in a way you just can’t do online.


I promise, you will walk away from BlissDom with a whole new set of skills and tools that you will immediately be able to put into practice and elevate your blog (or other digital endeavors) to a whole new level. Just look at some of the topics being tackled this year:

It’s all in the pitch!

Learn how to create the perfect pitch to help you land that coveted ambassador gig, freelance article or national media tour.

Profiting from your Platform (Pro-Series Workshop)

Scott Stratten and Alison Kramer will share their experience with you, and show you how to take your online world and help create the business you are working towards.

Being the CEO of your Blog (Pro-Series Workshop)

In this series, Dan R Morris and Rachel Martin are going to talk about decision making. They’re going to teach you the tools you need to use to make informed decisions.

And there are also a ton of amazing microsessions that will give you an  intimate, face to face opportunity to learn from people in the industry who are enthusiastic about sharing what they know to help you succeed. In these small, round table sessions, you will have the chance to ask questions and get immediate feedback.


I think it may be impossible to leave BlissDom without feeling inspired on some level.  Maybe it’s the skills you takeaway that inspire you to take things to the next level or the people you meet that push you to reach higher.  Inspiration is around every corner at BlissDom.  And you can always count on at least one, usually more, keynote speaker or amazing panel to leave you speechless (or sometimes in tears).


A conference that connects, teaches and inspires is awesome.  But a conference that can do all of that and show you a great time too – well that’s spectacular.  And I can promise you a fun time at BlissDom.  Whether it’s at one of the fabulous sponsored parties, hanging out in the after hours room or just spending time chatting with other attendees – you will have a great time!


BlissDom Canada is a world class event. With amazing and expert speakers and organizers who truly know what they are doing.  But BlissDom really is for everybody.  It doesn’t matter if you are knew to blogging (or haven’t even written a word yet).  It doesn’t matter how many followers you have.  You will feel welcome at this event. I know it can be intimidating at first, especially if you have never attended in the past.  But it won’t take you long to feel at home.  And, if you need a little encouragement there are a whole team of Community Leaders (like myself) there to help you with that!  You can find out who we are here. So if you need us just reach out – and don’t worry we will be making our rounds reaching out to you too!

See You Soon!

I can’t wait to see all of you in two weeks at BlissDom Canada.  Find out all you need on the BlissDom website and follow BlissDom Canada on Twitter to keep in the loop!

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  1. Yes to everything you have written and some. So excited to get a chance to experience Blissdom with you again this year. 14 more sleeps…

    Besos, Sarah 
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  2. I'm SO looking forward to this year. I can't put my finger on it, but I know it's better than last year. 🙂 
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