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Only At Shoppers - Win a $100 Gift Card (CAN 09/02)

Only At Shoppers – Win a $100 Gift Card (CAN 09/02)

Only At Shoppers – Win a $100 Gift Card (CAN 09/02)

Only At Shoppers

Summer!  It finally came.  I wasn’t sure for a while there if it would ever arrive. We had a winter that seemed to never end and a pretty dreary spring.  But one day it just happened and summer showed up in all her warm glory. We’ve done our absolute best to get out and enjoy as much of it as we can.  Because, well, summer tends to come and go pretty quickly around here.

If I could take the entire summer off I would.  But, like most people I know, that’s just not possible.  It’s business as usual around here regardless of how inviting it is outside.  During the week I am pretty much strapped to a desk all day long. Not only do I long to be outside soaking up some sun (as much as a redhead can) but when the weather is nice I love being active – going for bike rides, swimming or brisk walks around the lake. Keeping fit and active just makes me feel good.  So how can I balance being at a desk all day long and still stay fit?  Of course I have to make the time to stay active but there are also a few things I can actually do while I’m at work to keep me moving and motivated.  This article  – stay fit when you’re seated all day – has some great tips!

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This article has 248 comments

  1. I had a wonderful time at a mums and tots camp with my son and my girls enjoyed new adventures at summer camp.

  2. So far my favourite summer moment was going to the local antique car show with the kids

  3. Filling the time between daycare and bedtime with a splashpad picnic was the best – but hopefully having the kids meet their cousins next week will top it!

  4. Celebrating our dating anniversary with a lovely picnic, canoe ride and tipping into the lake with the puppy =P

  5. So far my favorite summer memory was spending a day at the lake.We went  swimming and the kids went waterskiing and we had a barbeque and it was great family and extended family time 

  6. My favourite summer moment so far has been our trip to Montreal.

  7. Seeing that I am healing perfectly from my surgery. Yahoo
    Also, seeing the sun which will be out for a straight 6 days…. so reading and a bit of gardening is a super summer moment.

  8. My favourite moment was when we finally had a nice, hot day after all the cold and damp weather.

  9. My favourite moment has been going canoeing with my kids.

  10. Symphony Splash and Fireworks!  Every year we have the symphony on a barge in the inner harbour with fireworks!

    RAFFLECOPTER NAME is Anne Taylor

  11. My daughters' house warming.So nice to see them settled in their new home!

  12. Carol M (Lushka S)
    Monday 18 August 2014, 2:33 pm

    50th wedding anniversary, so fun seeing everyone.

  13. Our road trip to Chicago has been my fav. summer moment 🙂

  14. My favourite moment so far this summer is going to the PNE fair with my kids. It's so great to take the kids to the same place I use to go with my parents when I was little.

  15. My favorite moment so far was the hubby and I's day-trip to Toronto. We went up CN tower, which I'm terrified of heights. We even went up to the very top in the Skypod, which is the second little ball up the tower. Then we went to Ripley's Aquarium. The shark exhibit alone is my fondest memory yet….

  16. going to the cottage with the whole family

  17. spending time with the kids at the park

  18. our family reunion this year was wonderful

  19. A lovely boat cruise and dinner.

  20. My best summer moment was the big family bbq we had a few weeks back

  21. going fishing on a boat 

  22. Going to Wanderlust in Whistler

  23. Taking my new kayak out on the lake for the first time.

  24. chillin out in the backyard with a big bbq and firepit with friends

  25. Tried glamping.

  26. Spending time with a close friend walking around the River and catching up! (Suzi)

  27. Our family vacation!

  28. seeing the steam whistle brewery

  29. Dinner with friends.

  30. Going fishing with my daughter. It was so much fun!

  31. Camping in June – love being out in nature. Weather was great!

  32. We had an amazing day at the local parade and "River Boat Days". Big day at the park for my little man 🙂
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  33. The backyard BBQ to welcome my brother and his family to our city and home for the summer! That was literally one of the best days of this summer for a BBQ, weather wise. It has been gloomy the past few days! Sigh.

  34. Swimming and relaxing at the beach with friends 🙂

  35. Hanging out with my family on the beach!

  36. seeing all my flowers bloom I planted in the Spring!

  37. My fave moment was a road trip to Tofino!

  38. PEI Vacation with the kids.

  39. Taking the training wheels off my sons bike!!!

  40. Taking my two year old to the amusement park for the first time!

  41. Spent time with family at a fishing derby and trip to a zoo.

  42. Spending time with my husband and family…my husband had a serious heart attack so every day is precious.

  43. My favourite summer memory so far is meeting up with a freidns i haven't seen in 3 years. It's was awesome!! 

    – Amber

  44. First summer vacay away from home with my kids… We spent a week at a cottage In Sauble Beach was amazing

  45. My favourite summer moment has been having family from the West Coast and East Coast of Canada visit.

  46. Welcoming my kiddos home after their week away visiting family. 
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  47. Judy C (Judy Cowan)
    Tuesday 19 August 2014, 2:38 pm

    Spending time with my family camping and enjoying the outdoors!

  48. taking the kids to calaway park for my sons 7th birthday

  49. The family reunion. Saw family that I hadn't seen in years.

  50. Taking my son camping for the first time!

  51. enjoying all of my sons first this summer

  52. my favourite summer moment was my family reunion with 75 family members

  53. A family reunion at Niagara Falls

  54. All of the cousins on my hubby's side got together this summer for the first time!

  55. I love visiting Jasper for the first time


  56. I loved watching my three year old ski for the first time 🙂 

  57. Hanging out by the lake, rest and relaxation.

  58. so far my favorite summer memory is when my son introduce to us his new girl friend. great girl.

  59. my train trip to Alberta was a lot of fun 

  60. going fishing with my wife and doggie 🙂

  61. Picnic with my husband and nature trail walks on our Anniversary.

  62. Bike rides with my husband

  63. Spending time in NS with my family by the campfire!

  64. bringing my kids to great wolf lodge was pretty fun!

  65. We went to Québec city and had a lot of fun!

  66. My favourite was my visit to see my mom in Winnipeg

  67. Just spending time camping! Its been so much fun!
    (entry form: Maegan Morin)

  68. so far, it was the day my hubby and i went out of town for the day with NO cell phones

  69. traveling to Alberta to see my brother , sister in law and my new baby niece

  70. going camping at a provincial park we hadn't been to before

  71. Watching my lil guy ride his bike with no training wheels for the first time~! 

  72. My most memorable moment was a 3 day trip to Moncton with my Mom and 6 year old great-nephew.

  73. Went antiquing all summer, still have a couple
    of weeks left.

  74. My fave summer memory is reading in the air conditioned  library; it is FREE ..   Thanks for the awesomeness, the contest, & generosity. Dear Santa: I have been nice.  My X-Mas wish this year is to win this contest.

  75. OMG, I became a Nana first time! My daughter had her little boy. So excited!

  76. Going to Kinsol Trestle with my son and his fiancee was a great day

  77. the John Legend concert at The Molson ampitheter

  78. Watching my team win the World Cup !!!!

  79. Watching my boys play together at the park, anytime. This summer is the first they were both old enough to really play outside

  80. I had so much fun with my family on our road trip to the Oregon Coast!

  81. My weekend away with the family 🙂 We went to Toronto and Niagara 

  82. The Camping Trips!  Sigh.. I am going to miss summer. It has gone by so quickly. 

  83. Hanging out at the beach with my toddler.

  84. camping was the only good thing this year

  85. Being well enough to meet up with friends and family!!!

  86. Daughter getting engaged!

  87. Spending the weekend at my daughters cabin! 🙂

  88. A family trip to new york

  89. My favorite summer moment is attending my sister's outdoor wedding!

  90. Days at the beach.

  91. Just spending time with my family

  92. camping with my fam

  93. My favorite summer moment thus far was the *Super Soaker*  adventure in our backyard with my husband/son.  Did I expect to be victorious over my 10 yr old son….*hah*. Smiles had by all – the ultimate *reward*. Thanks George/Evan. 

    Eva Mitton-Urban

  94. good weather in july

  95. Visiting my son and my grandchildren and going to the lake with them

  96. Favorite moment so far is just watching my kids enjoy every moment of the day and making lots of new friends. 

  97. Fishing with my kids

  98. We went camping earlier this summer and will be going again.  Those are always my favourite memories.

  99. I spent a week with my sisters it was wonderful

  100. taking my family to see walking with dinosaurs from a contest I won

  101. My favorite summer moment so far this year has been spending a lot of time with my family outdoors playing games and having lots of BBQ.

  102. When we got to be the royal family at the cne parade.


  104. Lori L. @Miss_Elles
    Saturday 23 August 2014, 2:14 pm

    My favourite moment this summer was the first time we went to the beach as a family. All 5 kids had a blast & Mommy got a chance to relax & enjoy the sunshine! WONDERFUL! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  105. canada day bbq/pool party

  106. Camping with my son and the grandchildren

  107. vacation time where I had a chance to spend time with family

  108. Spending 3 nights in Grand Forks with my Mom and kids.

  109. Had a pretty boring summer this year, due to funds and the best thing we did was go to Orr, Ontario and visit my nieces new farm.

  110. Went to Vegas! Loved every moment! 

  111. a music festival we went to 🙂

  112. Bonding day at the waterpark with my hockey team

  113. swimming with my son

  114. Our trip to Japan was fantastic!

  115. Backyard pool parties…Daily

  116. My favorite summer moment this year was definitely taking my Nana to the beach. It was so fun and relaxing, she loved it so much… that is the best feeling ever!

  117. i spent some time at the lake with my stepsister and her family – i was so much fun – i only get to see them once a year

  118. My favorite summer moment is picking up my husband at the airport this year and finally home with me for good. This has been the best summer. 

  119. We bought a boat and have been crabbing and I am also restoring another boat and just bought the marine plywood and sealant for the bottom of it today. 

  120. Going fishing on a boat with my boys!

  121. water park with the kids!

  122. We got to go to my parents house and were able to see two of my sisters and their kids! So fun! 

  123. Going to a friend's wedding

  124. i went picnicking with my cousins whom i never seen for years

  125. meeting my friend colin

  126. Garden tomatoes!

  127. visiting Toronto with my daughter

  128. August 15, 16 & 17th.. my birthday weekend.

  129. taking the train from Toronto to Vancouver

  130. Grilling with friends

  131. My daughter learning to walk!

  132. We we ziplining which was super fun! 🙂

  133. my favorite summer moment was a family wedding where my kids had all of their cousins at our place for the weekend. that happens very rarely.

  134. Playing outside with my kids and all the neighbourhood kids until nightfall. Late summer night fun!
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  135. Swimming in the ocean 

  136. My favourite summer moment so far was when my daughter returned home from her extended vacation!

  137. sitting on the front porch with a glass of Kool-Aid.

  138. my favourite moment is going for ice cream as a family:)

  139. Sandcastle competition in Cobourg Ontario.

  140. hot air balloon ride with my daughter

  141. Camping with my daughter for the first time

  142. Swimming and going to the beach

  143. Cottaging with my family 🙂

  144. I homeschool, so I do not get a lot of "breaks" from my girls -my best summer moment was day one of my two girls going to camp (they went for two weeks together) it was pure bliss, my husband took the day off work -a very rare thing, and we just enjoyed each others company for 7 hours! Just lovely.

  145. Road trip with my friends!

  146. Visiting Drumheller!

  147. It was definitely our family reunion.  It rained that day but that didn't matter.

  148. family time at the cottage!

  149. Going to a family party 🙂

  150. Going to the World Cup in Brazil

  151. Seeing my son in Kelowna

  152. Being at the beach.

  153. going to visit family. thanks.

  154. My favourite summer moment was walking through the gardens of the Legislative Buildings in Edmonton, AB

  155. My favourite summer moment so far was swimming in my buildings pool! 🙂

  156. wonderland with the children!

  157. Canada Day Fireworks was fun

  158. My favourite moment this summer was swimming in the ocean with all my kids and my husband.

  159. Spending time with family, and having an awesome barbecue party.

  160. when my 4 year old grandson got a hole-in-one at mini putt! 🙂

  161. Visiting my hometown and childhood friends 

  162. Going to the beach!

  163. My favourite moment was having time for myself to take online courses. 

  164. The few really summer days we've had this summer.

  165. My niece was born this summer!

  166. Boarding a tall ship

  167. My trip to Wonderland was awesome! perfect weather and short lines since I went midweek.

  168. Just finished having a garage sale so having that over and done with is probably my favourite moment!

  169. spending time with my grandson

  170. going to Canada's Wonderland with my husband and kids

  171. Visiting the Farmers Markets!

  172. Trip to PEI.

  173. I've loved the number of warm sunny days–and cycling with my husband.

  174. Road trip to the corn stand

  175. So far my favourite summer moment was going to see my new niece

  176. Watching 3 movies at the drive in!

  177. Going whale watching in Newfoundland with my family.

  178. Attending a fabulous food outdoor festival

  179. Going to the beach on my birthday.

  180. Almost every day is great when I walk the dogs by the river in the warm sunshine!

  181. My favourite summertime moment so far has been when all my grandchildren were visiting

  182. just hanging around home with the family

  183. Going to Autofest.

  184. Going to las vegas has been my favorite moment

  185. Searching for sea glass with my husband in St. Andrews

  186. Elizabeth Matthiesen
    Sunday 31 August 2014, 12:14 am

    meeting my latest grandson in Europe.

  187. My 12yr. old daughter crawled in bed with me for a cuddle and we spent about 1hr. talking and laughing so hard I thought I wouldn't breath again.

  188. Exploring new places whether locally or on road trips

  189. when my son go over his fears and started skateboarding again.

  190. Meeting the new guy in my life 🙂

  191. camping with friends is always a summer highlight.

  192. exploring the paths around my city

  193. I had a wonderful time at my best girlfriends trailer this summer.  Lots of swimming and forest hikes.  Great food and awesome campfires at night.  It was a blast.

  194. My favourite summer moment was a walk with my sister through the Cheam Wetlands.

  195. My favourite was seeing the Trews in Sarnia. 

  196. My summer moment is visiting my family, they live in 3 different places.

  197. tubing at the cottage

  198. Spending time in my colorful magical garden every afternoon reading the newspaper.

  199. taking my family on our first family vacation!

  200. taking a train trip with our kids

  201. Taking my dogs through mountain hikes every single night

  202. My favourite moment was my grand-daughter's first birthday party–outdoors.  Perfect day, all the family.  Fun!

  203. Randomly meeting Adam Sandler during dinner one night.

  204. My favourite summer moment was going to New Brunswick to spend time with my family.

  205. Had a nice pool party where most everyone showed up. Got to catch up. Kids were in their element and everything turned out great. 

  206. Sitting on the beach watching my 12 year old learn to surf in the Atlantic Ocean.

  207. Finding out that I'm going to be a first time grandma!

  208. Sleeping in a tent in our backyard 🙂 There was a thunderstorm …so Fun.

  209. Fishing with the kids.

  210. Spending time with family, having the little cousins all together was so much fun for them

  211. My favorite summer moments are spent with my grand daughter @ the park.

  212. I won a trip to Montreal this summer and I haven't had a vacation since the mid- nineties.  Ii guess my favorite moment would gave to be when we landed in Montreal.

  213. Just sitting on the porch with my Son, Daughter-in-law, and Grandson talking, laughing, relaxing

  214. our trip to Niagara Falls!!

  215. Going on our family vacation with with the whole family. It was awesome

  216. Going to different farmers' markets every weekend! Wild Blueberries!

  217. camping with the family

  218. We have had some really great park trips, going to parks we haven't been to before. 

  219. Berry picking with the family, I figured 20lbs of blueberries would last us the winter… we are out of blueberries… 🙂 

  220. Seeing my daughter swim in the lake for the first time!

  221. My favorite moment of the summer was taking my 4 yr old son fishing for the first time with Papa. His face catching a fish for the first time was priceless, I think hes hooked on fishing 😉

  222. Finding out I'm having a baby GIRL!!

  223. Spending days playing cars in the sand with my boys

  224. My favorite summer moment was last weekend when my little grandson stayed with us.

  225. Going camping with my family!

  226. My Divorce Party was all I expected it to be! Fun with my friends, and a great start to my new life.

  227. Birthday party at the campground!

  228. Going for a bike ride with my husband

  229. I loved watching my daughter swim competitively. 

  230. spendng time with my family at the cottage

  231. Modest Mouse concert.

  232. I got married on June 14th my best summer moment in fact my best moment ever!

  233. Watching the fireworks on the beach 

  234. Going on a road trip with the kids to see my In-laws new place

  235. taking the kids swimming

  236. Participating in my 8 month old son's first swimming lessons!

  237. Spending time with family that were visiting

  238. I think my fav summer moment was my daughter making and trying her first smore ! it was priceless 

  239. I recently went on a road trip to Osoyoos. The scenery in the mountains is beautiful. Thank you!

  240. My favorite summer moment has been mini golfing on the gulf coast of florida

  241. Going to the Toronto Zoo with family

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