Summer Snacking with Dare #REALFRUIT & a Giveaway (CAN 08/13)

Summer Snacking with Dare #REALFRUIT & a Giveaway (CAN 08/13)

Whether you’ll be relaxing at home or embarking on a road trip adventure, nothing beats a summer stocked with snacks! 

Summer seems to be a very busy time for most of us.  There are weddings to go to.  Camping trips to enjoy.  Family reunions to attend.  The list goes on and on.  With such short summers here we take every opportunity we have to get out and take in the warm summer weather. We are always on the go and we love every moment of it.

With a four year old in the family, and being on the go a lot, snacks are pretty important.  There is nothing worse than a hangry kid when you are trying to get everything done.  We usually reach for sensible, healthy and filling snacks in our house. A piece of cheese, a bowl of yogurt, maybe a peanut butter sandwich.  These are all really great snacks to put keep a kid (and a parent) fuelled up and stave off the crankiness that can come with being hungry.  Of course I’m also not against a “sweet” treat once in a while too. But when I shop for sweet treats and snacks I’m still a little picky about what I choose. I look for products that aren’t full of things like artificial colors and a ton of fat.

Dare REALFRUIT Berries & Chews

dare real fruit

We are no stranger to Dare products in our home.  A quick look in the pantry and you will find BearPaws, Simple Pleasures cookies and Grainsfirst crackers. Dare has been making family favorite foods for a long time.  It’s definitely a name that I recognize and trust.

Dare has recently introduced a couple of new products to their Dare Candy Co. REALFRUIT line up.  You may have tried some of the REALFRUIT products that were already on the shelves.  We were already fans of the gummies.

dare gummies

I knew, at first glance, that my daughter would love the REALFRUIT Berries.

dare berries

She’s tried other “berry candy” in the past and enjoyed them but these raspberry flavour treats are hands down better than any other.  First, they are made with real raspberry juice.  And that’s pretty obvious from the first bite. They are also much, much softer and easier to chew than comparable products.  This is a pretty important factor when you are serving them to a four year old.  We still tell her to take small bites and chew well but these REALFRUIT Berries are definitely easier for her to chew.

Besides tasting great and being soft and chewy there are a few other things that I , as a mom, love about the REALFRUIT Berries. As I mentioned above, the are made with real raspberry juice.  Not only does that make them taste great but it also means there are no artificial flavours – or colors – in them.  They are also free from some other things like gluten, gelatin, peanuts, fat and cholesterol. These little berries are also low in sodium which is another things I always look for on our food labels.

Another new product in the Dare Candy Co REALFRUIT line is the Chews.

dare chews

 If you like something with a little longer lasting chew (but still soft) then these are a great option.  The REALFRUIT Chews are individually wrapped (which means they are great for tossing in your purse or beach bag) and come in a bag with 5 yummy flavours – strawberry, cherry, raspberry, orange and lemon. These seem like a little more of a grown up treat to me. It might just be that I wanted to claim these as my own I’m not sure! My little one does enjoy them, I just have to cut them up for her because they are quite a bit bigger and chewier than the gummies and berries. The Chews are also made with real fruit juice – no artificial colors or flavours and are gluten free. Just a note – the REALFRUIT gummies and berries are labelled peanut free but the chews are not.


I am thrilled to be able to offer one lucky Mommy Outside winner the chance to try these yummy new treats from Dare Candy Co themselves!  You can enter to win a Summer Snacking Essential Kit valued at $100!

dare giveaway

The prize pack includes:

  • Assorted Dare Candy Co. REALFRUIT Candies
  • Summer tote bag
  • Sunglasses
  • Travel board games
  • Snacking container
  • Dare branded water bottle

Giveaway is open to Canadian residents (excluding Quebec) age 18+. Enter using the Rafflecopter form below.

Visit for more information and FUN promotions!

Disclosure: I am participating in the Dare REALFRUIT blogger program with enCompass Media and received product and payment as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinion on this blog are my own.


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