Lottie Dolls and Happy Girls

Lottie Dolls and Happy Girls

My house is full of dolls.  We have Barbies, Disney Princesses, baby dolls, mermaid and ballerina dolls, even a flying doll.  I am the mother of a four year old, doll crazy girl. I believe that dolls are a fantastic toy for both young girls and boys.  They encourage imagination and creative play.  My little one also happens to have a bit of anxiety and imaginative play is an excellent tool to help her get though that .

There are a couple of reasons that imaginative play helps the anxious child.  First it gives them the opportunity to “act out” their feelings in a safe and productive way.  And other times it’s simply a means of immersing themselves in something fun where they can take a break from obsessing about their own perceived problems. At four years old my little one has a huge imagination.  She can dream up stories and scenarios that absolutely fascinate me.  There are few things I enjoy more than sitting back and watching her get creative.  It makes my heart sing.

When Butterfly Protector Lottie arrived in our home I knew she would be an instant hit.

lottie dolls


 A Little About Lottie


Lottie™  is all about celebrating the different ways to be a girl; exploring inspiring, empowering and adventurous themes as well as more conventional activities – in short, doing all the activities that real children do. 

Lottie has been around since 2012.  In this short time she has won 12 awards in the USA and the UK and has won the hearts of thousands of kids and parents. What’s different about Lottie?  Well a few things actually.

  • Lottie’s size is perfect for little hands (she was designed for 3-9 year olds).
  • Lottie was created to look more childlike – with no makeup and more realistic proportions. She doesn’t wear high heels or jewellery either.
  • There is a Lottie doll (or outfit) that appeals to every little one – from princess to pirate to robot.

A lot of research and development went into the making of Lottie. Consultations with kids, parents, retailers and health experts helped make Lottie who she is.

Lottie’s Motto:  Be bold, be brave, be you.

Love at First Sight

There are currently 12 Lottie Dolls to chose from, as well as additional outfits and accessories. We were lucky enough to receive Butterfly Protector Lottie.

lottie dolls


How awesome is she?  Butterfly Protector Lottie comes dressed in an adorable (yet functional and appropriate) outfit complete with socks and those awesome boots! She also has the essentials any good butterfly protector needs – a butterfly net, binoculars, butterflies and cards all about the life cycle of the butterfly.  This was a perfect match for my butterfly, lady bug loving little girl!

We also received the Raspberry Ripple Outfit set.

lottie dolls


This sweet little outfit – that includes the dress, bag and adorable pink shoes, definitely appealed to Molly’s fashionista side.  By the way I don’t have Lottie propped up in these pictures, she really does stand on her own.

Lottie is absolutely a hit in our house.  Molly loves everything about her and she really does bring out that imaginative play that I was talking about – and the play is very much “little girl” play with Molly and Lottie. The fact that Lottie actually looks like a little girl completely changes the way she interacts with her.

Lottie is available at retailers across Canada including Mastermind Toys, Toys R Us and many independent stores.  You can find the complete list of retailers here. She is also sold in 30 countries!

If you have little one who loves dolls as much as mine does I can’t recommend Lottie enough.  She is exactly what a young girl’s doll should be.

Disclosure:  I received a doll and outfit in order to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed here are 100% my own (and Molly’s).



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  1. Journeysof TheZoo
    Monday 28 July 2014, 4:01 pm

    My four year old daughter would love a butterfly protector! Great that the company has stepped out of the gender roles by offering a pirate and karate doll too. 

    The attention to detail on the clothing and accessories are great and my kids would find other ways to play with them. 

    I'm always interested in finding age appropriate birthday gifts. Thanks for sharing. 

    Besos, Sarah
    My recent post A Boy and His Trampoline #StopMotion

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