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Christmas Gift Ideas for 3 and 4 Year Old Girls

Christmas Gift Ideas for 3 to 4 Year Old Girls

Christmas Gift Ideas for 3 to 4 Year Old Girls

Well it’s getting to be that time of year again.  It’s hard to believe.  And although I am not embracing the thought of cold and mountain of snow, Christmas with a little one in the house is a whole lot of fun.  So what do you buy a three,  almost four, year old?  To be honest I’m not yet sure what we are going to get our little princess this year but I thought I could share some of her current favorites for others that may need to buy a gift for a little girl in this age bracket.

I already have two posts up with ideas for three year old girls.  You can find them here:

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They are full of some of the gifts that have been a hit in our house.  You will find a variety of ideas with a wide range of price tags to suit most budgets.

Leapfrog LeapPad2 – about $100


Image from

If you check out my other gift idea posts you will notice that I have mentioned this one before.  But it is such a hit that I had to list it again.  It continues to be a favorite!

This is a little bit on the pricier side so probably a gift for your own little one or grandkid.  We are big fans of Leapfrog in this house and this is another favorite.  It’s very intuitive for the preschool set and is loaded with lots of cool features, applications, videos and games.  Another thing I love about the LeapPad is that it grows with the kids.  There are activities and games for kids ages 3-9 so, although it’s a little bit more money I know it’s going to be used for quite a while. It also has a built in camera and video camera for your budding photographer.

Games for the LeapPad run about $30

Lego Duplo Disney Princess Sets – about $15-$50

disney princess duplo

Image from Toys R Us

We have a couple small sets of the Disney Princess Duplo.  I love that there are sets for pretty much any budget – ranging from around $15 up to $50 and the sets work with each other.

If your little girl isn’t in to princesses there are plenty of other interchangeable Duplo sets for this age bracket! 

Barbie Rolling Case – about $35

barbie rolling case

Photo from Toys R Us

If you have a Barbie fan on your list this is a must have.  It can hold up to 15 dolls and the lid has storage for accessories. Just a note that the case does not come with the dividers they show in the picture.  Your Barbies will not neatly stand up in the box.  But there is plenty of room and the wheels and pull handle make it easy for the little ones to move it around.

Little People – about $10-$65

Little People

Little People are another huge hit with our daughter.   We have several play sets from the Disney Princess Song Palace to the Wheelies Stand ‘n Play Rampway as well as several others. Again these come with a wide range of price tags and the characters from each set work well with others.  Little People are an awesome toy for encouraging imagination and independent play which is so important at this age.

Train Set – about $45 and up

train set

Image from Chapters Indigo

We don’t actually have a train table at home but there just might be one under the tree this year.  Our local Chapter’s store always has one set up and she makes a mad dash for it every time we visit the store.  Another great toy for imaginative play and also great if you have more than one little around since 2 or 3 kids can easily play with it at the same time.

Watercolor Paint Set – about $10 for a quality set


Image from Ikea

Most kids love painting and it’s messy.  But once you move out of the finger painting stage it gets better.  Water colors are awesome.  Far less messy then bottled paint and allow budding artists to get pretty creative.  This set from Ikea was an instant hit with our little artist.

World of caution – do not buy “cheap” water color sets.  This is not something you want to pick up at the dollar store. Crappy paints that don’t go on well will just end in frustration and the garbage can. Fortunately even a good set will only run your around $10 so make sure you splurge on this one.

Movie and Live Theatre Tickets – price varies

cineplex gift card

Our three and a half year old really loves going to movies and to live shows like Koba Entertainment shows. We buy tickets to almost every one of the live shows that come to town that are age appropriate for her and go to a movie theatre a couple of times a month.  This is a great family activity that we all love.

Hopper Ball = $10 and up

bouncy ball

Image From Toys R Us


I have a big Pilates ball that I use for workouts and the little one always wants to bounce on it.  But it’s far too big for a little kid.  One day when we were out shopping I spotted one of these kid sized balls WITH a handle and picked it up.  The kiddo loves bouncing around the house on this thing.  It’s a great way to get rid of some energy and work on coordination at the same time!

 Stocking Stuffers

stocking suffers

 A few ideas for stocking stuffers:

  • Kinder Surprise eggs.  Not too heavy on the sugar for a treat and my little one has a little container of Kinder Surprise toys that she frequently plays with.
  • Kid friendly nail polish.  I’m talking about the nail polish not full of formaldehyde and other crazy chemicals that wash off with a little effort.
  • Character bandages.  You can find bandages with Hello Kitty, Disney Princess, Dora,etc. for all those little booboos.
  • My Little Pony.  You can pick these up for less than $10 and to be honest by daughter has a whole set of  “off brand” ponies for a fraction of the price that she loves every bit as much as the real thing.
  • Harmonica. You can find a decent kid’s harmonica for somewhere in the neighbourhood of $7.  I’d take the sound of the harmonica over a recorder any day (although we have both in the house).
  •  Seeds.  If you have a little gardener in the family a few packages of seed to plant in the spring makes a cute stuffer.
  • A deck of cards. This is a great age to start teaching simple card games (like fish) to.  You can also buy kid specific card games – again like Fish or Old Maid.
  • Barbie clothes/accessories.  If you have  a Barbie girl clothing and/or accessories make a great stocking stuffer.
  • Lip balm.  Perfect for dry winter air.
  • Temporary tattoos and stick on earrings.
  • Cookie cutters.  Kids this age love helping in the kitchen.  Giving them their own cookie cutters to help with baking is a real treat.
  • Electric toothbrush.  You can pick these up for next to nothing these days and there is just something about a new toothbrush that makes everyone want to brush.
  • Socks.  This is a long standing tradition in our family and it’s easy to find some cute socks your little one will like.

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  1. I love that you've highlighted products that work for you and aren't just sponsored posts. My daughter loves her train set too and sometimes it's the small things that they really love. Or the box… Besos, Sarah Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo
    My recent post Your Bum Will Thank You for Trying The Cottonelle Care Routine #LetsTalkBums

  2. Hopper Ball.. is THAT what it's called? I've been looking for that for ages.. I had a red Mickey Mouse one as a kid and it was a fave! Haven't seen any since moving here and was waiting for the excuse of kids to get one for me.. err.. I mean them! hahaha 

    • lol yes I had a hard time finding one at first and had no idea what it was called!  But now I see them everywhere.  I picked up one for my kiddo at Superstore and I have recently seen them at Winners (cute character ones like Hello Kitty).  The one pictured above is from Toys R Us.

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