Wordless Wednesday – Hungry Hippos w/linky

Wordless Wednesday – Hungry Hippos w/linky

Hungry Hippos

Who remembers this game from their childhood?  I’m thrilled that my little one loves it as much as I did when I was her age.

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  1. A favorite game of mine growing up. It's clearly a classic….and so freakin' noisy.
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  2. I always loved playing that game growing up!
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  3. Aww! Hungry Hippos heheh!

    Have a hippotastic week 😉
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  4. How fun! I remember playing Hungry Hippos way back in the day. I really should introduce it to my children. I'm sure they would love it too!
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  5. I LOVED that game as a kid. I really need to get it for my boys. 
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  6. So cute!  I wish I got a chance to play this game when I was young. Thanks for hosting.
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  7. I just had this conversation with my kids. We are packing and packing up the games and decluttering and I found this great but loud game in my daughter's room and I asked her if we could pass it on. "No way Mom, said my youngest girl. I still love that one."
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  8. Oh my goodness! I used to love this game! I should get it for my kids but they'd probably break it the first game lol

  9. we had that game for the kids until one winter we got mice and they ran off with all the marbles lol 

  10. Classic game!!! Have you seen when Dr. McStuffin has to fix them? Great episode and it was on today! lol

  11. I loved this game as a kid. Why don't my kids have this one?!?!
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  12. It is a classic, my kids loved it too!
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  13. Can I tell you that Hungry Hungry Hippos was one of my fave games when I was a kid? That and Operation and Connect Four. What was that game that was in a box that had a timer and you had to put the puzzle pieces together before they all popped out?? Those games stressed me out! LOL!
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  14. Yes! I loved this game as a child too!

  15. Yup I remember it! Though wasn't one of our favourites. We were all about Perfection and Ker-Plunk. 🙂
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  16. I got that game for my LO on her last birthday. She loves it!

  17. I remember that game, it was one of my son's favourites (he'll be 30 next month, LOL!)

  18. I never had that game, but I'm sure it's fun. Your kids must love it.

    Happy WW 🙂

  19. We love it! I need to find some spare balls though.. our cats steal them!
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  20. Loved this game! My sister owned it (and made it very clear that it was HER game). We're getting it for our kids for Christmas this year

  21. I loved that game (still do). I really need to buy it for the little ones this Christmas.
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  22. Oh my goodness!  That was one of my most FAVORITE games!!  I would LOVE to get this for my little one!  
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