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Wordless Wednesday - Creepy Bird w/linky - Outside The Box

Wordless Wednesday – Creepy Bird w/linky

Creepy Bird

I came home the other day to this on my patio. He was just standing there, on a patio chair, scowling at me like he owned the place. That is not a zoom lens either. Creepy!

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  1. Haha, amazing that we get visited by strange things when we least expect. Did he decide to say? We have ducks that are frequenting our backyard to eat bird food. Hope you can join us Wordless Wednesday In a Zen Way
    Have a great day!Karren
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    • We had a bit of a show down, well I approached him and he just sat there, almost nose to beak glaring at me. But he eventually decided the big apple tree a few feet away would be a better place.

  2. Well, I was going to say it doesn't look that creepy, but the fact that isn't a zoom lens makes me change my mind. Weird he let you get that close!
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    • Yes I was pretty surprised. We have lots of bird seed in our back yard and a pond so we get a lot of birds but that's the first time one almost let me pick him up.

  3. What a cute bird

    Have a beaktastic week

  4. Bird are the most interesting and most fearful animal. Can they be trusted? Or are they going to just leave you alone? This one is a bit too ominous for comfort. hahahahaha

  5. He knew that chicken you ate the other day.
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  6. lol looks like a grump old man!
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  7. Awww, he looks cute to me. 🙂

  8. That is definitely creepy! We had a lot of creepy birds hanging out at our house. You can see a pic here:… , if you like.
    My recent post Loads of Bubble Fun

  9. He may be a creepy bird, but sure is cute!

  10. That IS creepy…yet kinda cute! Funny…I just watched Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" the other night. LOL!
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  11. Do you know what type it is? My hubby would be excited to have a feathered friend come up so close! He's always grabbing his little birdwatcher's book to identify new visitors!
    My recent post (Almost) Wordless Wednesday: A Not-So-Sad Goodbye!

  12. hehehe probably fresh out of the nest, our baby robins took their first flights on Sunday!
    My recent post Wordless Wednesday ~ Maple Leaf Mommy {linky}

  13. I think he's kind of cute. I like your patio furniture.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo
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  14. You got a good close up shot! Thanks for hosting and Happy WW!
    My recent post Cool Me Down! – Wordless Wednesday Linky

  15. Aw, poor thing – he's not creepy, he's a very young recently fledged little baby bird! You can tell he's a baby by the wide shape of his beak, and the tufty feathers – he was probably more scared of you!!!!!

    My recent post Wordless Wednesday 2013 #25 – CraftBritannia at the V&A

    • I think you had to be there to appreciate the creepiness. I've actually raised a young sparrow, from an ugly little featherless creature that fell out of a tree so tall there was no way to get him back in his nest to a cute full fledged flier. Had to hand feed him every couple of hours which meant I had to take him to work with me every day. I'm no stranger to baby birdies. This guy was creepy 🙂

  16. Did you call the police and report him for trespassing?
    My recent post Wordless Wednesday: Haircuts

  17. lol He does look like he owns the place!

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