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Gift Ideas for 3 Year Old Girls Part 2 - Outside The Box

Gift Ideas for 3 Year Old Girls Part 2

A few months ago I wrote a post titled Birthday Gift Ideas for 3 Year Old Girls.  I thought it would be a helpful article to give people some cool ideas for the little angels in their lives.  I had no idea how popular that post would be. It seems a lof of people are looking for the perfect gift!

More Birthday Gift Ideas for 3 year old girls

Since I wrote that post I have attended birthday parties for several three year old girls, including my own darling daughter.  I thought this would be a great opportunity to do a follow up post and share some more favorites! I’ve put the approximate retail price of each item but I’m a sale shopper so I don’t think I’ve full price for any of these items.

Gazillion Groovin Bubble Flower (around $20)

We have a couple of bubble machines in our backyard and they both get used quite a bit.  This is the current favorite.  Why?  Because it dances!  It has a very kid friendly on and off switch (just push the lady bug in the front), it places music and the flower sways from side to side as it spits out hundreds of little bubbles.


Groovin Bubble Flower

Image from Chapters Indigo

Fisher Price Little People Wheelies Stand ‘n Play Rampway (about $55)

This was the “big” gift we bought for our daughter’s third birthday and she LOVES it.  It’s the perfect size for her and a great playset to help build her imagination.

Little People Cars

Picture from Toys R Us

Hungry Hungry Hippos (about $20)

Here’s a blast from the past!  I have very fond memories of playing this as a kid and my daughter is loving it too. It’s great for playing with mom and/or dad or other kids.

Hungry Hippos

Picture from Toys R Us

Standing Easel ($40 and up)

We actually bought our daughter an easel quite some time ago and it gets a lot of use.  One side is a magnetic chalkboard and the other is a white board.  Our budding artist spends time at her easel just about every day.

We actually bought ours second hand and with a little scrubbing with a magic eraser it cleaned up like a dream!  Ours is the Crayola 3-in-1 Easel (pictured below) but there are several to choose from.

Kids Easel

Picture from Toys R Us

My Little Pony Remote Control Car (about $20)

This is a great first remote control car for a little one.  The buttons are easy to press and the car is pretty sturdy and can get out of some tough spots!

My Little Pony Car

Picture from Toys R Us

Little People Disney Princess Song Palace (about $65)

What’s not to love here?  A doll house full of Disney princesses that sing and dance?  Another great play set that lets the imagination soar. You can also buy additional princess (and prince) Little People to go with it.

Little People Disney Castle

Photo from Toys R Us

For more ideas on gifts for 3 year old girls check out my original post.

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  1. These are all fabulous ideas. My 3 year old niece has the My Little Pony car, and you are right. It is a huge hit. Even my 9 year old daughter likes to play with it when she is at her house. And the art easel. I can get behind anything that encourages artistic creativity!
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  2. where do you get these toys at toys r us?

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