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Father's Day Craft - Camera Picture Frame - Outside The Box

Father’s Day Craft – Camera Picture Frame

Father's Day Craft


Since I rarely print pictures just to have at home I thought it would be nice for my daughter and I to give her daddy one for Father’s Day to put in his office.  Since she is very much like her mother and always has a camera in her hand this seemed like the perfect gift!

Camera Picture Frame

What you need:

  • a camera sized block of wood – I had mine cut 5 x 3 x 2 inches
  • a lid for the lens – I used a sealer ring but use whatever you have
  • a small lid (like a pop bottle lid) for a button
  • a sandwich bag (to cut and cover the picture with)
  • black paint and paint brushes
  • glue (a glue gun or crazy glue work best)
  • if you want to add a “flash” you need a small bock of some sort and tin foil
  • stickers if you want to add some decoration (like “dad” in the photo)
  • a picture

Craft Supplies


How to put it together:

Paint your block of wood with black paint.  We just used tempera paint because it’s easy to clean off a three year old.  If you’re block of wood is raw just about any kind of paint will stick to it. Again use whatever you have on hand.  If you have an older kid helping spray paint also works well and can be fun. Let the paint dry completely.

Cut your picture slightly bigger than the diameter of the lid you are using. If you are using a sealer ring like we did then attach the picture right to the block of wood with a small piece of tape on the back of the picture.  Cut out a circle of plastic from your sandwich bag slightly bigger than the picture.  Put a small amount of glue around the picture (on the wood not on the picture) and cover with the plastic circle you cut out. Allow to dry for a bit and then apply glue to the back rim of the ring and place over the picture and plastic.  If you are using a lid (as opposed to a sealer ring) then   you will have to glue the picture and the plastic covering to the inside of the lid and then glue the whole thing to the wood.  I would probably skip the plastic covering all together if using a regular lid because it might be a little tricky applying it without getting glue on the picture.

Glue a pop bottle or other small lid on top for the button.

Cover a small block with tin foil.  Do it like you are wrapping a small present.  You shouldn’t need any tape or glue, the foil will stay nicely on the block.  Glue it to top, opposite side of your button.

That’s it!  We are sticker crazy in our house so we also put on some monogram stickers to spell “dad”.


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  1. That is super cute!! I love it.
    My recent post Do you KAL?

  2. Great craft. I don't know if I'm talented enough to put it together but I bet my kids are 😉
    My recent post Chicks Dig Trucks

  3. Since I was blessed to see it in person, I can honestly say it came out GREAT!! What a beautiful way to not only welcome the party guests, but my mom too LOVED it!!
    Dave Barnhouse

  4. What a great idea! It turned out lovely!
    Dave Barnhouse Prints

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