3 Years In – What I’ve Learned as a Mom

  • 27th May 2013

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What I've learned as a mom

My little girl turned three today.  It is so amazing how the time flies when you are a parent.  Three years ago today I was a new mom who had entered a world I was completely unprepared for. I didn’t know I was unprepared.  I read all the books, had all the necessities, went to the classes.  It didn’t matter. I don’t think there is any way to be completely prepared for the reality of being a parent for the first time!

Now, three years into it, I know a few things. But, of course, I have no idea what is yet to come.  Just when you think you have a handle on this parenting thing, it all changes.  These little creatures change so fast and are constantly throwing curve balls. And every kid is so different.  Even if you are a parent to more than one little monkey you don’t always know what’s coming.  They each have their own, often dramatically different, personalities.

So, looking back over my short time as a parent I’ve learned some valuable lessons:

  • Labour and delivery is nothing to fear.  I know I was a little scared of the whole process.  The classes helped a little but I was still pretty freaked out about the whole thing.  But when it was time, well, your body just knows what it’s suppose to do and does it.
  • A mother’s instinct is about 99% accurate.  Trust it. It might take a little time to learn to trust it because being a new parent is pretty overwhelming and you are going to second guess things but before long those instincts will kick in.
  • That incredible bond they tell you about that happens the moment you lay eyes on your baby, well, it isn’t always “as seen on TV” and that’s ok.  It will come.  I promise you it will.
  • There is no way to describe the love a parent has for a child.  There are no words.
  • Talking about poop will become just as natural as talking about what you are going to make for dinner.
  • When you become a parent your life will change in ways you never imagined.
  • You cannot reason with a toddler.  You can, however, bargain with a toddler.
  • You will become “that parent” and your kid will sometimes be “that kid”.  You know the one you said you would never be or never have before you became a parent.
  • Little girls will love princesses and want to be one even if they have never seen a Disney princess movie.
  • Moms can be incredibly supportive of one another and moms can be incredibly hard on one another.
  • No two days will ever be the same when you have kids. If today was hard, tomorrow will probably be better.  If today was awesome, brace yourself!
  • You will say things like “because I said so”.
  • You will never cry as hard or laugh as hard as you do when you are a parent.
  • No matter how craft challenged you are, you will amaze and delight your toddler with your crafting abilities.
  • The phone or doorbell will ring the moment you finally get your baby to sleep.
  • Diaper blow outs and/or copious amounts of spit up will happen as soon as you and/or your baby are in your best outfit and ready to head out the door.
  • Heading out on any outing for longer than half an hour with a kid under three and not bringing a snack is a mistake you will live to regret.
  • You will see beauty and wonder in things you never imagined when you look at them again through your child’s eyes.
  • Sometimes you might miss the freedom you once had, and that’s ok, because you also won’t be able to quite remember what your life was like before you you became a mom.

What are some of the lessons, good or bad, that you’ve learned since becoming a parent?

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  1. They are all so true! And yes, time goes by too fast! Sometimes I want to hit the pause button. Everyday is something new. I was prepared for how much I am already dreading them growing up. I want to hold on to the baby years just a little longer. I have a 3 and 1 year old and they are the most entertaining little beings.
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  2. Oh my little one is certainly a source of entertainment too! It's amazing the things that come out of her mouth these days!

  3. I love this post Shayna, all so true!
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