Wordless Wednesday – Chopsticks w/linky

My almost 3 year old’s first attempt at chopsticks.  She wasn’t keen on the pot stickers but later did quite well with french fries!

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  1. Isn't she clever heheh!

    Have a chopsticktastic week

  2. I use my chopsticks in a similar fashion. she is super cute!

  3. Nice work!! I suspect my own 2-yr-old wouldn't be so keen on the chopsticks but would be on the potstickers! 🙂

  4. What an absolutely adorable moment caught on camera!!!!

  5. It looks like she s doing so well with them!

  6. SOOO cute!!! I'm horrible with chopsticks, no matter how many times my hubby tries to teach me! LOL

  7. I didn't attempt to use chopsticks until well into adulthood – well done!

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