Safety Round Up (March 12) Latest Recalls & Safety News

Product Recalls

Various Children’s Sleepwear – Choking hazard, Flammability hazard
(in each case parent’s are advised to stop using the sleepwear immediately)

There are six different brand/styles of children’s sleepwear that have been recalled:

Nevada Girls Shirt with 3D Attachments – Choking Hazard
This is the Sears branded clothing line and the pajamas were sold between September and December 2012 across Canada in sizes 6 month, 9 month, 12 month, 18 month and 24 month. They have ribbons on the shirt which can pose a choking hazard. They include the following styles and item number:
Pink shirt with bird design – Item #56154
Purple shirt with ballerina design – Item #56153
Vanilla shirt with heart and ballerina shoe design – Item #56155
Go here for more information or pictures
Children’s sleepwear by Bête pas Bête Design – Does not meet flammability requirements
These were primarily sold online in Canada between May 2012 and February 2013. The following styles are included in this recall  (all size 18 month):
Style – H13-09M – Boys navy blue with green check kimono style polo pjs
Style – H13-20F – Girls mauve with black check kimono style polo pjs
Style – E11-20M – Boys alien printed boxer and “Cette nuit, destination galaxie” on a white shirt
Style –  E12-35F – Girls pink, green & white stripe pjs
Go here for more information or pictures.
Nevada 2 piece girl’s pajama set – Does not meet flammability requirements
Another Sears product, this one was sold from August 2012 to February 2013 across Canada.  This is fleece pajama set and comes in sizes 4 to 16.
The pyjamas are style number 21560 and have the marking CA 29504.  Model numbers included in the recall:
41181 C, 41191 C, 63703 R and 63698 R. 
(Only the top of the red pyjama set is affected by the recall.)
Go here for more information or pictures.
Parade Sleepers – Does not meet flammability requirements
These were sold in Canada between January and June 2012.  This is a cotton sleeper with a green giraffe print in sizes 6-12 months with item number 40019.
Go here for more information or pictures.
Girls Flannel Coquine 2-Piece Polo Pyjamas – Does not meet flammability requirements
This is a girl’s two piece set that came in pink or mauve with unicorn and ballerina prints. They are style number ACGR2426 and are marked with CA 03599 or CA 42346.
These pajamas were sold from September 2011 to February 2013 at L’Aubainerie and other Canadian retailers.
Go here for more information or pictures.
Angry Bird Chilren’s Pajamas – Does nto meet flammability requirements
These come in 2 colors – peach and green and sizes 10 to 14X.
They were sold between October 2012 and March 2013.
Go here for more information or pictures.

Sesame Street Learn to Play Drumset – Choking Hazard
This is a 4 in 1 set that has a bass drum, a medium and a small drum along with sticks a cymbal and a stool and is labelled for kids 2-5.  There is a paper tab used to put together the drum that can come detached and pose a choking hazard.
There were 2,177 of these sold at Sears across Canada from July 2010 to February 2012.

Consumers are warned to take this toy away from kids immediately and return it to your nearest Sears store for a refund.

sesame street drum set 

Health Canada Reminder – How to Safely Handle Leftovers

With the Easter holiday coming up soon Health Canada is reminding Canadians about the importance of handling leftovers safely to avoid food born illnesses.

Please go here to read all of their safety tips!

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