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  • 29th March 2013

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I love to cook.  Seriously love it.  I’m very comfortable in the kitchen and am always up to try something new.  That doesn’t mean every single dish I whip up is perfect.  When it comes to cooking (like most things in life) there is always something new to learn and techniques to master.  That’s part of the fun of partaking in culinary arts.  If at first you don’t succeed just try and try again.  Most times you will eventually get it and sometimes you will exceed even your own expectations.

No two cooks are the same.  Everyone has a slightly different palat, techniques and tips for cooking.  But there are some basics that every good cook needs to know and it’s always helpful to turn to the experts when you want to master any skill.

When it comes to cooking beef there is no better place to look for advice than the pros at Canadian Beef. To make learning fun and easy the beef experts and Canadian Beef have put together an awesome array of cooking videos.  There is no easier way to learn something than to see the steps and techniques actually put into action. That’s really why I watch Chef (Dreamy) Michael Smith, I swear. Ok, yes I have a bit of a celebrity chef crush.

The Canadian Beef videos are just a great way to learn and if you happen to have older kids who are eager to learn how to cook (or maybe you are eager for them to learn how to cook) these videos are a great teaching tool for the junior chefs in your home. The videos are short so you don’t have to worry about those short attention spans that our busy little bees tend to have sometimes – or yours too for that matter.

So what exactly can you learn from watching these videos?  Well first off you can learn how to cook the perfect roast. Whether it’s a pot roast, an oven roast or even cooking a roast on the grill – you’ll find a helpful video for each.  Are you planning on cooking a roast for your family Easter dinner?  The “Easy Oven Roast Beef” video will help you pull off the perfect dinner.

Or maybe you’ve always wanted to know how to take the roast outside and cook it on the grill.  Yep, there’s a video for that!

Of course there’s much more to beef than roasts. You’ll also find tips on grilling (or broiling or pan searing) the perfect steak, how to make an easy beef stir fry or, another of my favorites, how to grill the perfect burger.  Spring is right around the corner (ok technically it’s here but someone forgot to tell mother nature) so it’s a great time to start perfecting your barbeque skills!

Whatever your needs are, when it comes to cooking the beef the Canadian Beef experts have you covered.  Check out their YouTube playlists and get cooking today!

For some quick 30 second tips tune in to the Quick Canadian Beef Cooking Tips.

For some slightly longer (but still only 2 minutes) cooking lessons you will want to check out the Easy Cooking Lessons with Canada Beef.

And if you are looking for even more great beef tips and recipes be sure to give this month’s issue of Eat in Eat Out magazine a read. You still have a couple of days to enter the contest to win 1 of 4 iPads too!

Happy cooking!

I am a proud Canadian Beef Brand Ambassador

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  1. I love cooking too but my dishes don't always turn out as expected. It's great that you can watch videos for instructions and inspiration!

  2. MMMM, beef. I am a steak lover. Thanks for the videos, I'm always down to learn new techniques and ways to cook! 🙂

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