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Conspiracies, Lies and Laziness - Outside The Box

Conspiracies, Lies and Laziness

  • 12th March 2013

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This morning, as I was browsing my Facebook newsfeed I noticed that someone on my friend list had “liked” a link to a tweet.  Curious, I read the tweet.  The tweet stated that a well known fast food restaurant served hamburgers that were 15% beef, 85% filler and that filler contained “pink slime” and ammonia.  I questioned my friend, asking him if he really believed this information that he was spreading.  His answer was that this business is out to make money and they will never tell us the truth.

I am so sick and tired of the conspiracy theorists prancing around the internet spreading their so called theories as fact.  And I’m even more disgusted by the people that buy into this trash.  Would it be acceptable if I started spreading rumors about you? How would you feel if I went on every social media channel I could think of and starting posting  some fictitious “truth” about you or your family? I don’t suspect it would feel very nice. Yet somehow people think it’s ok to say ridiculous, even vicious things about people or entities that are bigger than them.  We’ve taken the Napoleon Complex to a whole new level.

There is always someone out to get someone else.  We have no faith in “big business” because the owners make more money than we do. Somehow that makes them evil.  Here’s some truth – being successful and/or wealthy does not give you an automatic ticket into the slime ball club. Yes, some people are lucky, and I’m sure there are some that maybe ruthless, but most of the people who are successful in life and in business worked their butts off to get there. Maybe it’s time to stop and learn from them instead of sniveling because it’s not you.

Not to long ago I read several Facebook posts (Facebook is full of useful information) claiming that someone, somewhere has found the cure for cancer but we will never see it because it is unable to be patented by a pharmaceutical company (so they can’t make money from it) and/or the pharmaceutical companies (depending on what version you read) are hiding this information because they only make money in a world full of sick people. People read this garbage, and they believe it.  And they pass it on and more people believe it.

I’ll be the first to admit that we live in a world that is full of problems.  War, greed, illness, poverty, the list goes on and on.   But I do not for one second believe that if someone held a cure for an illness that sickens and kills people, every day, and all over the world, that it would still be a secret simply because a drug company will not profit from it.  How have we become so jaded that we could possibly entertain that as the truth?

So, yes this old world of ours has some issues.  But it is also full of beauty, generosity and even miracles. Goodness is all around us but it is sometimes harder to see because we are becoming programmed not to notice it.  We are becoming programmed to be suspicious, to be jealous and envious of those with more than us and to blame our problems on someone or something else.  It’s time to pull up your big boy shorts and your big girl panties and 1 – be grateful for what you have because there is ALWAYS someone who has less and 2 – If you don’t like what you have put your back into and achieve more.

If you need a little perspective head on over to the Global Rich List, plug in your income and gain some perspective.

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  1. Well said!

  2. hear hear!!

    great advice, "1 – be grateful for what you have because there is ALWAYS someone who has less and 2 – If you don't like what you have put your back into and achieve more."

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