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Safety Round Up - Nut Recall, Christmas Tree Safety & More Dec. 6 - Outside The Box

Safety Round Up – Nut Recall, Christmas Tree Safety & More Dec. 6

  • 6th December 2012

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Latest Food Recalls:

For for information on all food related recalls please contact:
CFIA at 1-800-442-2342 / TTY 1-800-465-7735 (8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern time, Monday to Friday) or visit CFIA

Various Nuts – Salmonella Risk

This recalls began a few weeks ago and has been updated and extended several times.  Here are the details – in a nutshell…

Products affected:

In store bulk filberts (hazelnuts) at Loblaws branded stores in Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland & Labrador that were sold up to and including December 4th.

Prepackaged in-shell mixed nuts sold across the country at Loblaws stores.  Specifically:

454 g mixed nuts UPC 6 28721 20678 7
1.36 kg mixed nuts UPC  0 33383 70401 2

Prepackaged in-shell filberts (Hazel Nuts) sold across the country at Loblaws branded stores.  Specifically:

Filberts 454 g UPC 7 75636 10004 1

Compass Brand California Walnuts (in-shell) 300 g bag UPC  0 68297 20121 0.  These nuts have been sold nationally at various stores.


Reed Diffusers

Health Canada would like people with small children to be careful with the popular home reed diffusers.  These diffusers usually contain fragrant oils that smell pleasing and may be an attraction to young children.  These fragrant oils contain various chemicals and can potentially be very dangerous if ingested.  Please keep these out of their reach!!!

Christmas Tree Safety

You most likely already have your tree up and decorated, I know we do.  I think most of us have a fairly good idea how to keep our home, kids and pets safe around a tree but it never hurts to have a few reminders.  Here are some tree safety tips to keep in mind:

  •  If you put up a real tree make sure it’s fresh.  Water it daily to keep it from getting dry and becoming a fire hazard.
  • When you buy a real tree, make sure that the trunk has a fresh cut in it.  This is extremely important.  Without a fresh cut the tree will not absorb enough water and dry out quickly.
  • If you have kids and/or pets around make sure your tree is secure.  Use a base that is as wide as you have room for (the wider the better).
  • Keep all trees (real or not) away from heat sources.  
  • Remove real trees when the needles begin to fall in large amounts.
  • Use only CSA approved lights on your trees (or elsewhere in your home).
  • Do not use outdoor lights indoors.
  • If you have kids/pets skip the tinsel.  It’s a choking hazard.
  • Keep any small (choking size) or breakable ornaments at the top of the tree.
  • Always unplug lights before going to bed or leaving the house.
  • Do not put your tree in an area that blocks an exit.

Toddlers love Christmas Trees.  There is no getting around it.  Use common sense when decorating and, because it’s worth saying again, make sure your tree is stable.  What I have found quite useful for the little ones is to give them a basket full of their own decorations, that are safe, to play with  – non breakable Christmas balls with no hooks, larger felted balls (simple to make), shapes cut of of felt, etc.

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  1. thanks for posting these! I wasn't even aware that there had been a recall on any nuts…

  2. Thanks for the update! I wouldn't want to get sick this time of year!

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